Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Will PC Destroy ISIS ?

Marie Harf,  a spokeswoman for Secretary of  State John Kerry seems to have created some entertainment among even the Lie-stained wretches of the downstream media by suggesting that the only way to defeat the ISIS Caliphate-bound terrorists is to provide a comfortable entitlement environment like the one her boss loves and sustains.

She told Chris Matthews on MSNBC that we cannot kill our way past the terrorists. She said poverty, inequality, deprivation and  ignorance force these people into I S I S, Al Qaeda and Boko Harum !

(Well,  one out of four gives her a score of  25/100. That is "F" for fail, is it not ?

If this were not such a tragic and expensive lie ( to herself as well as to us), it would be grist for standup comedy.

But she was serious and when she was challenged she doubled down and suggested again it's a waste of time to fight terrorism with anything other than jobs, comfort and alms.

I'm glad that I know George Washington hanged a traitorr-terrorist-spy,  Major Andre , instead of feeding him or bedding him down !

I suggest that La Harf is just another poster girl for the corrupt, untruthful  wussification of Ameruica. She makes Madeline Albright look like  Chancellor Merkel !

We are in a cauldron of lies  and all the history and legacy of  American gallantry is being  reduced to ash and blown away by the convulsive hiccups of  traitors who lie in plain sight.

One's mind reels, watching the truckling and bowing to Iran's Ayotolla Kahmeini.

Would Spruance, Halsey and Nimintz have asked Hirohito's permissio to visit Iwo Jima and Okinawa ?

Would Ike and Patton have asked Rommel if June 6, '44 fit in his schedule ?  

And how about killing Jews?  Is it now allowable as long as  the beheaders just "do a few" and not six million ?

Just watch.  We have stark evidence that in the past,  these kinds of people pretend, in the face of incinerating  cinematic evidence, that they never lied, or ate the excrement of tyrants.

But when none of us  is "bothered" by the Marie Harfs--vipers at our bosom--we are  dozing out of the Cauldron of  Lies and into another Holocaust.

Or Armageddon.