Friday, November 01, 2013

Can You Hear Now ?

In times of crisis, close, incestuous entities such as political parties tend to  first dissemble and then, to disinmtegrate.

We are at one of those times...a very clear and impressive moment of
near-laboratory science density.

The so-called "Obamacare" legislation  faced tough sledding to begin with. But the Obama administration's mosdt  dedicated obfuscators came up with a 1,000-plus page "bill" of legislation that was read by nobody except the congressional drudgery monger proofreeaders.

The democrat speaker of the house, Madame Pelosi  announced: We will HAVE to pass it to see what's IN it !!!"

Not all of the opponents of the bill agreed on a single "drawback".  But every republican lawmaker voted against it.

Some said it woould strip everyoe of ther "present" coverage.  The president promised that would NEVER happen, and so on and on and on.

Then, a Republican majority was elected in the House and this year, we went through the drama of a freashman senator from Texas, Ted Crus, leading  filibuster against funding the healt law in the budget   Remember, only the House can  originate budgets and expenditures. So Crus, the "tail" in a minority Senate was "wagging"--- that is, Leading,  a majority conservative House.

This time, they all agreed on ONE reason:

"We must save America from this calamity by defundng.  If we do NOT, the USA will be strangled, disappointed, and finally be halted, frozen in impotent anger because no one really knows what wiill happen  in October.

Well,  October is gone.

This morning I saw where Pelosi and others are now claimin that the Republicans "sabotaged" the AHCA legislation.

If crying "HAVOC",  and incurring thewrath of the New York Times, et al, ad mauseum is "sabotage"  so be it.

This colyum has just one thing to matter HOW distatesful and impolite:

We Told Ya So, morons !!!