Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter Invitation

If this is your bunny time, don’t bother.
If you’re headed for the Avenue and a parade, go home.
And, the White House egg roll, you can avoid, also,
Along with the bellyache from those sickening lumps of sweetcheesy discoveries
In the grass and bushes of your pallid churchyard.

Do something simpler ..and fraught with pain:

Behold the tortured, Risen Son of Man and God
Bearing eternity for your quaking pleasure.

Go and see how HE tastes.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Call for CENSURE !!!

I have profound respect for law enforcement officers.

I have always been on their side. Even when they arrested me for traffic offenses, and once for serenading young ladies at Agnes Scott college when a buddy came home from the Pacific in 1946.

I purely loved riding with vice squad detectives and police captains and the first black detectives in Atlanta in the 1950's when I was on the police beat for the old Constitution.

I still keep up with the statistics, too.

In the year 2005, for instance, 59, 373 law enforcement officers were assaulted in the United States. Exactly 16, 563 were severely injured. Eighty per cent of these attacks were with fists, hands, feet. Firearms were used four per cent of the time, knives in two per cent. In 13 per cent of the attacks "other" weapons (including automobiles, I guess) were used.

Now, in all my life, I never even ARGUED with a policeman. The first time I got drunk, I asked one in my home town to take me home, in fact. Murphy was his name.

But my "blind" love affair with police is over. Having been accused, even by my deceased son, Victor, of being inordinately and overweeningly pro-COP, I am now asking for sanctions !

I call for CENSURE without any prior investigation, of the U.S. Capitol Police officer allegedly attacked with a fisted cell phone by Atlanta's U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKiney !

The charge? Dereliction of Duty.

He should have handcuffed her and called the wagon to the Longworth Building without pause or adieu.

Case closed.