Sunday, October 06, 2013

Petty Posturing Perfidy

When I went to the Library of Congress website on October 1 I was advised that we blind people who sought to download books on digital carrier would not be served and that only members of Congress and their staffs would have access to the Library of Congress until the "shutdown" was over.

Having done quite a bit of research at  the Library of Congress in the past and having found it rather a lonely exercise, I was somewhat aghast that all blind people in the United States were victims of presidential and bureaucratic patty  intransigence.

But I never dreamed the nether  extent to which these pea-brained, solipsists could burrow.

Some other sightless or visually- challenged folks must have alsocontacted their Congress critters and lobbyists because by Saturday the automatons at the library had opened the book downloading site for business. Albeit with embarrassment.

But on the same day, minions of the bureaucracy were attempting to close the Atlantic Ocean, announcing that charter boats would be barred from 11,000 mi.² of saltwater fishing area. Surely, I thought, this is somebody's idea of a joke for headline purposes.

But no! The Internet was flush with videotapes of the occurrence and the proud pronunciamentoes  of the pygmy oppressors.

Even furloughed, the federal employees blindly-following Gubmint
orders, announced they were "following orders to make life as difficult as possible for all citizens in all situations".

Well, in the words of that great Oriental philosopher Lois Lerner: 
"What's new about that?"

The Park Service had already tried to keep World War II veterans out of the unmanned  area of the World War II  Memorial. When the old Octo-and-Nono-Genarians had plowed on to their sacred area the fellers in the Smokey-Bear hats wired the barrier securely. 

Then, Far away in Normandy's Pont du Hoc, they closed the cemetery where dead of the 1944 summer invasion lie.

Of course, all golf courses and Camp David were untouched 

Apparently oblivious that this sort of activity, more than anything, was driving the president's "approval" percentages down, they had one marvelous and laughably feckless attempt remaining.

On Saturday and Sunday they were patrolling  the roads radiating from Mount Rushmore in the South Dakota Badlands, making sure that no one could SEE the mammoth  sculpture of four revered American presidents, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and Lincoln.

I just hope some of these simpletons try to activate the absolutism of Algorian "green" dicta: limiting the amount of CO2 emitted by human breathing.

Just so they leave my digital download site alone. They're losing now and will lose all in the end.