Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shoot the Piano Player, Too !

(UPDATE! On Friday, Jan.1, 2010, the Transpotation Safety Administration, with craven embarrassment, WITHDREW the subpoenas reported in this post. Someone suffered brain flatulence, Obviously.)

Despite the plight and pleadings of the Honorable Gerald Walpin (see my immediately past posting) we still have some lively whistleblowers harrying and pestering the idiots and ditzoes in the Obama administration.

And that is a good thing, for ALL of us, because every time someone blows a whistle, the Obaminable go crazy half-cocked and try kill them—or at least shut them up.

The latest victims are two travel writers who innocently circulated a Transportation Safety Administration (Homeland Security) memo of immediate change in TSA search / scan rules and regulations that were promulgated and “leaked” to the two writers while the Detroit bomber’s hypo syringe was still warm.

DHS Big Sister Janet Napolitano was so INCENSED that her security attempt to close the barn door after the herd was loooooong gone, that she sent TSA “agents” fanning out to subpoena all travel agents who wrote about the memo.

“They took my Laptop”, one writer said. “I thought it was an announcement by TSA. It was just “there” in my inbox.

The other travel writer got an attorney and told the TSA “agents” to “fly-of”...or something like that.

What IS it with these Obamanatives. They don’t want to kill the messengers of bad news.

They have now started killing piano players.

And THIS is delicious...the memos they are so silly crazy about being “leaked” were prepared for public distribution ! (On dizzy Janet’s timetable.)

The phrase “Don’t kill the piano player...he’s doing his best” has been attributed to Mark Twain, but Oscar Wilde reported it from a Leadville, Colorado saloon on a visit to America in the 19th century.

“Don’t kill the messenger” goes back to Sophocles in the fourth century B.C., but was picked up by William Shakespeare for use in “Henry iv” and also in “Antony and Cleopatra”.

During the past year, in this administration, there has been a lot of it.

Tea Party protestors who actually ADDED UP and complained about the national deficit ($13 TRILLION); a slip of a girl and a video-wielding boy who exposed ACORN corruption in three cities; Fox News Channel (in general); Glenn Beck (specifically), and Rush Limbaugh —all these were “shot” by an uptight administration that could not pass the LOOK-SEE test.

Americans will probably wait forever if they expect an hones cleansing of the soul mea culpa from this crowd.

They seem Hell-bent on magnifying their lies, miscreances and screw-ups by loosing the hounds of pre-Hell on the heels, souls and freedoms of the Truth-Tattlers.

It is good for all of us that they do so.

This way, all of the shameful and scandalous tyrannical inner-angst of these monsters will be exposed in court documents—even if they holler “calf’s rope” and quash the trials at the last minute.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Excitements Loom Ahead...

Several excitements Loom !

Even though I personally believe the wrangling among Democrat lawmakers will go on until nearly summertime over the “healthcare” bill that must now be “reconciled”, I am still awed that the administration will hazard hurting nine tenths of the population while allegedly “guaranteeing” med “coverage” for one-tenth.

There will be other outrages to consider, however, so get some popcorn for the microwave and sit back.

Gerald Walpin’s suit to get his job back as inspector general of Americorps, is going to be the hottest ticket as the court records are enlarged and enlivened by further filings by Walpin and his attorneys.

Walpin caught Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson using Americorps federal grant money ($800,000) for unauthorized purposed and blew the whistle on him. Among other things, court filings show that Walpin caught Johnson, a former NBA star and a close friend of Michelle Obamas before he supported the president in 2008, was using federal money to pay personal slaveys who ran errands, took messages and washed his personal limousine.

In addition to this, Walpin ratted out the City University of New York University for mishandling and misapplication of chunks of federal grant money.

Americorps’ Board members had been rattled by their investigator’s findings, and shut off all communication, information and contact with him last Spring.

Then, President Obama’s “ethics Czar-counsel” called Walpin and gave him an hour to resign, then called him back in 40 minutes and fired him

Inspector General Reform Legislation of 2008, written and co-sponsored by then-Senator Obama REQUIRES a full report of reasons and a 30-day period for Congress to approve any such action.

It has always been that all Inspectors General are appointed only with the advice and consent of Congress, to protect ethical standards and fair employment.

That wasn’t done. The White House brushed off that detail with an accusation that Walpin (aged 76) was “confused and not coherent”.

Thus, age discrimination rears its formidable head in Walpin’s suit.

All he wants is his job back. He wants to jail thieves, evaders and offenders before he leaves his job. On his own terms.

This will be a “Doozy”. That 1920s term comes from the most beautiful car of those times, the Deusenberg, which appeared to be half a block long.

And the Walpin trial will NOT be abbreviated. His lawyers promise a continuing spate of “amended pleadings”.

Cap and Trade

Having put off the carbon valuation, limiting and swapping shell- game until after the Copenhagen farce, and the unexpected whistle blowing of an insider scientist at East Anglia University (the emails were not “hacked” but DELIVERED !), the U.S. Senate will tackle “Cap and Trade”.

Known by the cognoscenti on Capitol Hill as “the crap and tax thang” this legislative log-roll will strip bare all the fools and whores in the manmade global warming religion.

Hot Air Harbinger

A harbinger of sorts was sounded on Christmas Eve by one of the most unlikely realist-journalists in the United States, Alexander Cockburn.

Fired from his VillageVoice job for taking $10,000 in Arab oil money, and now at the ancient darker-thanpink The Nation magazine, Cockburn is an Israel Hater, and has recently attacked Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders as well as President Obama. Cockburn was critical of Bush and both his wars.

But he opines that Copenhagen is a farce begotten by the besotten. If some of his progressive followers actually investigate and then have another reason to subvert Obama from within ?

I am going to keep my earphones on.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trash Timidity...Build a FIRE !

Reflections on Homework...

Here is this wrinkling, withering octogenarian who paid a great deal of attention to the exploits of Ahmed Massoud, the Lion of the Valley of Five Lions when he coalesced the bloody tribal ethnic-enemies in Afghanistan to chase the Russian communist invaders home.

Although this charismatic leader was later assassinated just two days before “9-11" by Taliban and Al Quaeda conspirators, he is permanently revered by Afghans speaking every dialect of all three major languages with disparate tribal and ethnic loyalties.

All true Reagan lovers know all about this. So do readers of Ken Follett’s “Lying Down With Lions”—a great illumination of a pre-patriotic Afghanistan jelling into (almost) Nationhood as long as Massoud was alive.

But, since President Obama is everything except a Reaganite and since he has apparently not read Follett’s novel OR apparently, anything in Wikipedia about Massoud, Afghanistan, the rise of Taliban and the internecine conspiracies of the alien Arabian bin Laden and Taliban clerics...he made a rather off-handed speech before the cadets at the United States Army Military academy (which the president’s worshiper Chris Matthews (MSNBC) called “the enemy camp”) which will accomplish nothing good.

Hurriedly, in a pique of boredom that explained his seven months pf dithering Nero-like, the president–laid an egg–in showbiz lingo.

In essence he said that this (30,000 new troops) is NOT a “surge” and that he’s going to bring them back (what’s left) in a matter of months.

We are going to get the job done, he said.

And what is the job?

Pull out as soon as possible.

In 1979 and 1980, the Afghan anti-Russians were few and scattered and more interested in killing their historical; tribal enemies. They all agreed on only ONE thing: absolute institutional misogyny—oppression and suppression of women in the name of historical tradition and Islamic Sharia law.

Along came a deal with all disparate rebel “freedom fighters” and Reagan& Co. sent the surface-to-air missiles and rocket propelled grenade materiel to wipe out Russia Soviet helicopters Arms flowed from America through Pakistan to Massoud and his allies. By 1989, when the Soviet Union melted away under the weight of its soulless fraud, the Reds were back home in Russia and Afghanistan was its own nation.

That took a lot of guts and blood from a lot of martyrs. It opened a window.

Piecemeal lip service now ten years later, will serve no purpose but to feed the pustule of fascism inherent in attitudes and projections of Massoud’s murderers.

My prescription is that Camille Paglia and Sarah Palin fuse their dignified, logical and pragmatic feminism into a blazing force that will fuel an INFORMED uprising to educate, disrupt and destroy all appeasers of Talibanic liberty-hating, anti-feminism.

Maybe the scairdy-cat left-winger will wake up to that. Killing Taliban is good, mind you. Capturing bin Laden alive would be good, too.

But Massoud and Reagan and Maggie Thatcher—and Winston Churchill--- changed history by changing souls of the iniquitous, jaded appeasers in seats of Power.

Any Takers ?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Will This Scandal Turn "Green" to a Big Red Blush ?

Bad week for the left wing liars and hypnotists....And Geithner hasn't been nailed...yet.

The really Big Bad news for the socialis looters is that some genius reportedly hacked into the computers at Hadley —(where the United Kingdom’s Climate Research Unit abides)—and found a treasure trove of hypocrisy, outright lying and falsification of scientific and historical data.

It reportedly included emails gloating over the death of John Daly a respected, effective and outspoken skeptic of man-caused climate change.

The ALLEGED evidence was fully aired in the columns of the Telegraph by a famous author-journalist James Delingpole. Go to

That these revelations exploded on the heels of the demise of the Copenhagen treaty and the announcement that President Obama is taking “Crap & Tax” legislation off the table is not surprising.

Obviously, the bit dogs at the center of the conspiracy gave all their tools a heads-up that ...well...the JIG was up, also.

Maybe we octogenarians, having long acquaintance with such skulduggery on a much smaller scale in Joisey and Chicago and Vegas tend to be all to ready with our “I-Told-You-So’s”.

My view that this scandal, if it fleshes out, will send many “degred” climate experts to jail, embarrass, if not destroy Al Gore, and put the brakes on a runaway UN-Third World cabal that has been using phony moral blackmail to conjure abject fealty from limpwristed international media sheep.

A rearrangement of perspectives by plain old Main Street Americans might even bring about some honesty in Washington D.C.

But, then, there are al lot of computers and emails THERE just ripe for hacking, Eh ??!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Idiotic PeeCee Now Deadly

Do you remember, as I do, the first bomb attack on the World Trade Center, in 1993 ?

It took a while, but finally Ramzi Youseff, a New Jersey Islamic "extremist" was fingered by law enforcement. He is serving time now.

But at the time, President William Jefferson Clinton did not identify it as terrorism, or visit the site, or make any commitment to sorting it out. His then-advisor, Dick Morris remembers the reaction as "low key".

What "goes" with these Democrat politicians? They see murderous terrorists as a law enforcement issue ?

President Barack Hussein Obama spent several minutes hailing a "medal of honor winner" who, incidentally, was NOT, before he murmured condolences for the slain and injured and warned all of us NOT to "jump to any conclusions..."

What are these guys smoking ? Do they inhale ?

A psychiatrist who jumps on a table and screams a DeathCall reserved for bloody Jihadists of the Muslim faith, "ALLAHU AKBAR !!!" after regalinmg his fellow soldiers with terrorist sympathies for years is NOT to be recognized by sane people as a terrorist slaughterer ?

Chris Wallace on Fox Sunday asked "Did Political Correctness cause the Fort Hood bloodbath? I have been sayinmg for years that PeeCee will destroy our society.

Even George Orwell could not bend that Islamic War Cry into Newspeak.

Michigan congressman Peter Hoekstra said Monday, November 8, that U.S. intelligence agencies KNEW this U.S. Army Major had been in contact with al Quaeda, but were "stonewalling his committee on details.

While the FBI and the CID are looking into this thing, will they have enough time to educate the Chief Magistrate ?

I'll wager that the fiery desire is there. In the task force I mean.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An American Reach

Mark Tuesday, November 3 on your calendar and reminder.

We will learn a lot about America’s Excellence, her Vigilance, her resilience and her ability to differentiate between watercress and raw meat.

There are three elections coming up, and I suspect their imminent concatenation is at least one reason for the president’s dithering on Afghanistan and other matters, even though he is more accomplished as a campaigner than a decision maker.

According to Scott Rasmussen’s New Jersey polling (of CERTAIN voters, not “breathers”), Democrat Jon Corzine is down at least three points to Republican Chris Christie, in the race for governor and a third “independent”, Cris Daggett, is fading fast. New Jersey votes caught on to the “Cris” name similarity “split-factor” pretty quick.

And another less well known poll has the margin at 4.8.

In Virginia’s gubernatorial contest, Rasmussen has Bob McDonnell, a conservative Republican, up 14 points over Democrat Creigh Deeds. That is a show of independents fleeing the party of the left for less turbulent policies and spending restraint.

Virginia is where the guru of political junkies, Dr. Larry Sabato lurks, and he has used the voters there to knell the hazards for the GOP...until now.

Most important, and most exciting of all is the race in the 23rd Congressional District of New York, where GOP party hacks have a liberal in a Halloween Fright-Mask (Dede Scozzaflava) running against old line Democrat Bill Owens.

Republican congressional campaign money has poured into Dede’s camp and she has just rested there, plopped, like a stone.

Until the past three weeks, that is.

Enter Rush Limbaugh. Enter Glenn Beck. Enter Fred Thompson, Dana Rohrbacher, and Sarah Palin, raising money and proclaiming endorsement.... NOT of Dede, though.

All political addicts know that New York has a “Conservative Line”, valid in all state elections.

And in the 23rd district, the Conservative candidate is longtime conservative activist Douglas Hoffman.

And Hoffman is on the receiving end of the thunderous movement of fiscal and social conservative principles that has energized millions of Americans since the August Town Halls and the Tea Parties that climaxed in the nation’s Capitol the second week in September.

Hoffman is being buoyed aloft by the same people, in and outside of the 23rd district, who have been reviled by frightened Democrat hacks and things...whose fervor has provoked a “War” on talk radio and on Fox News Channel, and an attempt to lock certain newsmen out of presidential news briefings.

Contestants in Virginia and New Jersey are prominently Republican or Democrat. Winners in these races will send “messages”.

But, if the most recent poll in Upper New York is anywhere close to the result...if Hoffman beats Dede Scozzaflava, then its shock therapy for the tired old GOP hangers-on.

And, were Hoffman, now with more campaign cash than both of the others, to beat the Democrat candidate Bill Owens and win the Senate seat ? With dollars and dimes from Tea Partiers nationwide ?

Why, that would mean the White House has lost TWO wars ! Maybe, three.

And even the most blind and biased media maggot would then understand the “uprising” is not partisan.

It is, totally, an American reach for Excellence.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who's the Fooler ? Who the Foolee?

Everybody's repeated the Mark Twain saw about getting in a fight with someboy that buys ink by the barrel...and dodging anyone who does noy NEED ink.

But the stupid, MonkeyMedia, struggling in its devouring tarpit of leftwing ideology, has been burnt again by a slip of a girl named Hannah Giles.

Yesterday, all the lovers and defenders of A C O R N, the most UN-Excellent thing in America these days, reported that the ACORN office in Philadelphia had "kicked out" Hannah and her "pimp poseur", Jimmy Okeefe.

Not so fast there, boobs !

Andy Breitbart posted 42 minutes of video and audio Thursday evening that tells a different story. The muckraking duo had an extended meeting with ACORN people in the City of Brotherly Love office, lasting three quarters of an hour!

And, it ended very harmoniousy and graciously, contradicting the video account given by ACORN that was gleefully received, swallowed and endorsed by mouldy media..

Check out the latest Okeefe-Hannah Giles video-audio here:

Why do they try to outsmart Hannah and Jimmy?

My guess is that they're acting out the definition of derangement: Try the same thing again and again and again ...until it works!!.

But the odds are ALWAYS against "false witness"...Pathetic.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Prize for Neda...Next Year ?

When Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter and Al Gore were announced as Nobel Peace Prize laureates, I felt betrayed and a bit queasy in my entrails.

When Mother Teresa of Calcutta was honored with the award, I laughed and wept.

But when President Obama was announced as the 2009 choice, I just suspended belief. Then I went to the files and came up with the calculation that the nominations for this year’s “election” closed eight days after Obama was sworn in.

Who knew ?

Well, even though my favorite woman commentator on the passing scene, Peggy Noonan called this happenstance “absurd”, "wicked" and “mischievous”, I reserved the right to call it Nefarious Extortion” and “ Bill of Attainder Blackmail”.

Like Ms. Noonan, I am innured..yea, bored with the procession of vacuous “liberals” with whom the Nobel people are preoccupied. Carter hated Jews and built boxes for the poor to live in. Gore invented the internet and a new, false religion to scare hell out of ignorant people.

But every Nobel Peace laureate until now, has done something besides talk !

I cannot get the sight out of my soul of Neda Soltana, an Iranian lady who was brutally pummeled and then shot to death on June 20, this year by Ahmadinejad’s thugs in black for protesting against oppression and asking for a reassessment of the just-past election.

Her name, incidentally, translated from Persian (Farsi) means “Voice”.

I watched the video of her murder over and over again last June and July, especially on my 84th birthday a week after her shameful murder.

My first reaction to the Nobel announcement was “Why Not Neda ???”

But, of course, she had not “qualified” or been nominated last February.

That is Very, Very important to these people in Oslo, Norway.

Maybe (like the Dodgers in pre-World War II Brooklyn) or the Pittsburgh Pirates of today...

Maybe Next year for Neda ????

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sharing Corruption, Not Accountability

Of all the things that are wrong in our nation’s capitol, I can find nothing worse than the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives voted not to remove a man from the chairmanship of what is arguable the most important committee in Congress, even though he was guilty of:

(1) Failure to report over $1 million in outside income and $3 million in business transactions as required by the House,
(2) Failure to disclose at least $650,000 in assets he had previously failed to list on his House financial disclosure forms,
(3) Failure to disclose to the IRS or on his financial disclosure forms $75,000 in rental income for a beach villa in the Dominican Republic,
(4) Violation of state laws by claiming three primary residences and breaking New York City regulations by maintaining four rent-controlled apartments,
(5) Violation of House rules by using congressional letterhead to solicit donations for an education center bearing his name at City College of New York, and
(6) Delinquency in paying his property taxes on two New Jersey parcels and failure to report the sale of a $1.3 million brownstone.

This is of course, Charles Rangel, Mogul of the Ways and Means committee, where every single disbursement of every single taxpayers’ dollar is written / originated.

Doubtless, all of these discrepancies or lapses in ethical and moral judgment are traceable to RACISM on someone’s part.

Either that, or it’s Bush’s fault.

Print this and save it for next years political season.

The Monkey Media will not bring it up again. That is a certainty.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Is Your Congressman your LEADER ?

I am having a very hard time with someone I really love and appreciate who has a discerning mind and deep unexploited understanding about national and international policies and governance.

She INSISTS that when we elect someone to a political office, they become our "leader".

I insist that the person I vote for, if elected, becomes my "servant" and that my role is employer to the extent I share employer status with thousands, and the elected person must make some sense of our cacophony. That is a JOB, and not an easy one. But he is an employee and not a leader.

That's why he / she gets the Big Bucks, right ?

Here is what Merriam Webster says:

Main Entry: leader
Pronunciation: \ˈ'lēe-də?r\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : something that leads: as a : a primary or terminal shoot of a plant b : tendon, sinew c plural : dots or hyphens (as in an index) used to lead the eye horizontally : ellipsis 2 d chiefly British : a newspaper editorial e (1) : something for guiding fish into a trap (2) : a short length of material for attaching the end of a fishing line to a lure or hook f : loss leader g : something that ranks first h : a blank section at the beginning or end of a reel of film or recorded tape
2 : a person who leads: as a : guide, conductor b (1) : a person who directs a military force or unit (2) : a person who has commanding authority or influence c (1) : the principal officer of a British political party (2) : a party member chosen to manage party activities in a legislative body (3) : such a party member presiding over the whole legislative body when the party constitutes a majority d (1) : conductor c (2) : a first or principal performer of a group
3 : a horse placed in advance of the other horses of a team
— leaderless \-lə?s\ adjective

In the beginning of this Republic, the authors of the Constitution (none of whom was T.Jefferson---he was in Paris) had the idea that congressmen in the lower house were answerable to the voters in the district in the state they came from; and the Senators, who were supposed to be wiser (Senator comes from the same root as "senile") would be answerable to the state legislatures that elected them.

This certainly iplies that the founding fathers generally took the John Marshall and Patrick Henry view that the legislators were servants of their electors.

Now, when one of these legislators was chosen to chair either the whole Senate (as president, pro-tem) or the House (as Speaker, THEN that member became the "leader" of that restricted entity which so chose him.

But not the "leader" of the people.

In a republic, the citizens pay the bills and the citizens are the bosses....At least that is the way it was dreamed of and originally fleshed out.

In what time remains (for me or for the Republic), I will still treat things that way.

I only wish my Sainted Friend could see it my way. For, SHE really IS a "leader".

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey, Craven Crowley, Here's History 101

When Henry L. Stimson first served in a President’s cabinet, he dismissed espionage by famously and fatuously saying:

“Gentlemen do NOT read one another’s mail !”

In early 1917, President Woodrow Wilson was presented with an intercepted diplomatic message from German Kaiser Wilhelm to Mexico promising all of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California to our southern “Neighbor” if they would declare war on the United States and he pooh-poohed it until a friendly Mexican official confirmed its validity.

Sadly, this is the way we WANT to be in “peacetime”. But we have come a cropper every time we played Wishful Wonderland.

Military and diplomats argued about signals they were receiving from the Pacific the whole year of 1941, until the Empire of Japan struck Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Even in the months before September 11, 2001, while the Jihadist Murderers-Assassins were rambling over the countryside of the United States prepping for their Gotterdammerung Downtown, the knowledge that they were up to something was floating around, dismissed in counter-intelligence limbo.

All this history, which has been collected by men who were there---most elaborately by Allen Dulles in his “The Craft of Intelligence”—is apparently never taught in the Ivy League Bastions or, for that matter, in Congress or the State or Justice department.

Speaking to the press this week, in answer to the question of what is being don with the terrorists detained at the Guantanamo Bay Naval base, one of the Foggy Bottom’s “brightest, best” referred to these rapacious marauders as “Refugees”.

His name is Philip J. Crowley, and I want him to answer for it. I want Hillary Clinton to answer for it. Who was this moron trying to “please” ??

This attempt to lull everyone to sleep, treat people who would consummate Ahmadinejad’s Dream and bring down ALL of America as if they were mere scofflaw guilty of some minor disgusting misdemeanor in the Metro.

If we refuse to sit silently and allow Big Government to ram down or shove up a venal plan to dissolve and co opt 0ne-sixth of our economy—and we DO so refuse!—why do we accept docility in the face of this OTHER summons to serfdom ?

The school system may be lost to the indoctrinators temporarily. But history is irrevocable.

It is there to be learn from....or repeated.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spores of Tyrannical Suppression

Did you know that the narcissistic impulse to statist censorship is aggressively contagious?

It appears that the spores or viruses or whatever other carriers of Hunger-to-Coerce-and-Suppress free activity and speech can leap a whole half-continent in a nanosecond.

From the offices of ACORN in Maryland where the corrupt seek to punish those who unmasked them and from theCongressionally de-funded precincts of ACORN in California to Washington D.C., the Kill-Messenger Malady has spread to Austin, Texas.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that Art Acevedo, the Chief of Police there, is announcing a full investigation of internet postings which Acevedo claims threaten public trust of police and undermine authority.

Acevedo claims some city employees may be parties to the defamation and suspected subversion, and that his investigators will seek search warrants and subpoenas to root out the offenders on the Internet.

This is just another tin-badge Chavez type who has read more liberal claptrap than he has digested American Constitutional Law. And, of course, his yammerings will come to naught if the columns of comments from, Austin and other Texas citizens count for anything, ( SEE

This is NOT the Tiny Teapot Tempest it appears.

Non-success to the contrary notwithstanding, the suppressors of free speech is all around you. They have been comfy with the indolent and corrupt Monkey Media that hides truth and dispenses haft-truths, untruths and insincerity daily.

There is a large hunk of the citizenry who actually resent the truth telling of the free Internet and the whirlwind world wide web that embarrasses the ancient dying slavish “libruhl” .

Horror is that these people WELCOME Art Acevedo’s attack on Internet freedom. They are eager to accommodate the silencing of Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Michael Savage, David Horowitz, Neal Boortz and Laura In graham.

Vigilance is the only antidote. Mow the Acevedos and the FCC bullies down as they raise their tyrannical tentacles. The spores are in the air.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do You Smell What I Smell ???

When the New York Times broke a story Tuesday, September 22 that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is going to seek a bailout for itself from "healthy" banks it is tasked with protecting from failure, I actually sobbed.

It was easier than laughing.

Just the day before, the United States attorney in Manhattan got a Grand Jury to augment its indictment of an Iranian slush-fund donor of millions to Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry while he defrauded banks of $297 million-plus.

Hassan Nemazee, who is listed as a half million contributor to the president’s successful campaign, $100,000 to Hillary's primary fight and $200,000 to John Kerry in 2004 was first fingered by Citibank for taking $75 million of its money in loans for which collateral was nonexistent.

Then, Bank of America and HSBC joined the whining, raising the reported theft-cum-fraud to four times its original tote (or $297 million).
You can read all about it here: .

We must smile when we learn that the U.S. DA in charge of the case is one Preet Bahara.

Now add to these two "banking" stories that have all kinds of "bailout" and political implications another bubbling cauldron of investigation into thick and indigestible ACORN coddling by the U.S. federal government, and you have a really burgeoning backlog of smelly stories for the Monkey Media" to catch up on.

They are the Monkey Media because they do not SEE, HEAR, or SPEAK OF evil in the present administration. We are about to discover if their olfactory receptors are intact.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Darrel Issa of California and Lamar Smith, Texas all oversight committee members in Congress asked nine independent Inspectors General to investigate U.S. government funding and involvement with the embattled community organizing group ACORN by the respective agencies / bureaus overseen by the IGs.

The Department of Justice is first on the list. That should burn Eric Holder a new one. Then comes the Treasury department (Geithner), and several that I had never even heard of.

This blogger has been one of many to forecast that sooner or later the logjam of misinformation and indolence on the part of the alphabet TV and the craven AssPress will be broken by sheer tonnage of the sleaze and corruption
So far, only Bloomberg and Reuters wire services carry all the information above. The UK Telegraph and Times of London have had better coverage than 99% of US papers.

We will soon see if the stink will pry them out of the trance.

Meanwhile, here's a late Flash !!! The left wing British paper "Guardian" Tuesday morning called our president irrelevant and "impotent". Spot on, old chaps....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Subverted By the Blind Pretenders

When I was in my second or third year at Emory, our Abnormal Psychology professor—and that is NOT necessarily ambivalent syntax—took us to the State Hospital for the Insane at Milledgeville, Georgia.

That was before all suspects were totally medicated or homeless.

We saw one man all bandaged up with blood soaking through the bandages. He was moaning unintelligibly. The attending psychiatrist told us they had found him with some broken glass sawing away at his genitals around midnight the night before.

The White House today provoked the stark memory of that mad man.

Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton just resign and make space for the senile jew hater who is now seeing things that are not there? He descends daily into puerile pusillanimity.

Carter is a natural for this administration, having emasculated himself long ago with the help of Zbigniew Brezhinski, who did not believe—and would not let Carter believe—that the Ayatollah Khomeini had won Iran, until long after he had arrived in Teheran from Paris and the Sha was gone. Check our ambassador there at the time, William Sullivan, in his memoir.

Now, the administration in Washington is “killing” the missile shield deployment in Poland and the Czech republic.

Left wing liberals have hated the Strategic Defense Initiative since the late Teddy Kennedy misnamed it “star wars”. That it is working efficiently, that Japan is very happy with its performance and promise means nothing at all to these haters of America.

Bent on some crackpot carnival mirror image of “revenge”, these people have:

(1) Renounced our close kinship with Israel, in place for 61 years of Democrat and GOP majorities and presidencies.

(2) Cozied up to statist and fascists, both in this hemisphere and the Mideast.

(3) Agreed to “talk” with Iran’s unbalanced leadership which has promised to “end America”

(4) Allowed the Homeland Security secretary to blunt and dull its mission and malign American citizens.

(5) Play sycophant to Vladimir Putin’s Russia instead of calling him on his slide into totalitarian rule. .Now, if that is not self-mutilation, then no man or nation has ever done it.

And the “alphabet” TV nets and the newspapers and wire services of record applaud.

They are pretending (In Peril, I fear) that the Mass Tea Party in the Capital did not occur.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fallout Abounds....Mostly Good

Fallout abounds from posts here, the 9-12 protest in Washington DC and PEW research on News Media acceptance in the United States released Monday September 14.

First of all, this viewer of the passing media moneys ( hear-no-see-no-evil) is not alone. Pew researchers, who check out many thousands of people—not just 600 or 900 like most pollsters–say that only 29 per cent of the public BELIEVES what they are fed by newspapers and television news and news magazines. Even 59 per cent of Democrats are leery of media content.

And, it has not to do with bias in policy matters alone. The bulk of Americans question the accuracy of reporting on ALL subjects: crime, courts, legislation, book reviews and “celebrity”
reportage. Here’s a link to the whole report:

I had three friends attending the Big Tea Party protest march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Saturday, September 12. Two came away overjoyed and energized.

One was a bitter man when he called me Monday.

“The freebie USA Today newspaper at the Hotel had not one word about the protest march. The London Mail, Telegraph, Times all had huge stories, according to my laptop. One London paper said there were one and one half million people in our march. But this US daily with the largest circulation (they say) in our country has not a word on it ?! Is this Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, or the USA ?”

While only one Baltimore radio station (WBAL) carried the story about ACORN counseling the phony pimp and hooker on money laundering, it HAD to quote the DA’s threat to “prosecute” the secret taping by the whistleblowers.

Meanwhile, at the White House, a double barreled POW! Reaction ensued. The CENSUS of 2010 broke all ties with ACORN and the White House kicked the census out of the White House.

Despite no Media coverage. So, maybe when a tree falls in Maryland, only the White House hears it.

And, then on Monday, in Brooklyn, N.Y., a borough of the Big Apple, a third video surfaced of the pimp and hooker getting money laundering counseling from ACORN officials, and this time a metropolitan daily newspaper with 700,000 circulation broke the story—the NY Post.

Will the Borough District Attorney prosecute the ACORN people? Or the investigative journalists posing as brothel-keepers-to-be ? It is better than any soap opera tease.

And just think...n alert, non-lazy, unbiased Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, or New York Times could have broken the same story any time within the last year or so.

That is what continues to be scary to me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Will They Swaller Themselves ?

The BIG scandal about the people at the National Endowment for Arts (and for the Humanities) is NOT that they “reassigned” Yosi Sargeant, who intimidated and hustled recipients of federal grants—instead of just firing the offending Obama appointee.

The horror is that you could only read about the corrective action on the Internet.

None of the alphabet networks and none of the “journals of record” reported the story. It WAS available here on E I A.

And, looky here ! It took TWO hidden-camera videos surfacing on successive days to attract any media attention to the scurrilous activity of the ACORN subsidizers of pimps and prostitutes and phony tax preparing money launderers in Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Sure, it is exciting to be part of the blogosphere that shakes things up and gets the truth on the information superhighway.

But the deepest, most fetid and rancid scandal in the United States is not the rapacity of the “progressives” like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and Harry Reid in congress. Nor is it the misleading jig-bob-and-weave of the White House TOTUS (None Dare Not Call it All A Lie !)

It is, as was the case in Watergate, the Cover Up that is worse than all the corruption, power overreaching and insidious assumption of unconstitutional powers.

But this time, Bob Woodward’s newspaper is NOT in the vanguard of the gadflies and scum-sifters. Woodward is gelded...silent. And the holy altar of investigative journalism has been usurped by the World Wide Web.

And the newspapers bleed and shrink. I am reminded of James Whitcomb Riley’s
Skwidgey-cum-Skwees” that “swaller themselves...”

Can;’t wait to see the AssPress perform that trick.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Dirty Tricks by George and Ben

Academic as well as anecdotal historians have pretty well established the fact that information gatherers in Naval intelligence, Army G-3, and the State department all had scraps of information that, cobbled together by a fifth grader, would have forewarned the U.S.A. about the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan on December 7, 1941.

That’s why we have the CIA today. That’s why FDR tasked his Harvard classmate and political adversary Colonel “Wild Bill” Donovan to create and develop the CIA’s precursor Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

This infuriated the Army, Navy and Diplomatic establishments all of which laid claim to the important job of analyzing and evaluating information from overseas for the Chief Executive’s National Security Council.

America had never had a central clearing house for espionage, covert operations or “dirty tricks” before, and it all tehn accreted rather like “Topsy” in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

But the military intelligence and espionage work has a long history, of which many Americans in 2009 are not aware.

George Washington was a magnificent and successful Spymaster—as every one of his biographers attests. He hanged every British spy he caught, despite whimperings of many lily-livered colleagues, who begged him not to. We only have full account of the handsome, debonair John Andre’ who was very popular among America’s new politico-military elite.. He was General Benedict Arnold’s cohort on the Hudson and elsewhere.

But General Washington had a genius for disinformation and strategic and tactical legerdemain also. He could “shuck and jive” with the best of them, poker-faced.

That is one of the secrets behind his losing so many battles and winning a war of revolution.

His manipulation of the Hessian mercenaries was one of his masterstrokes.

Well, they weren’t REALLY mercenaries, because they got none of the paid money. King George III, who was Hanoverian Prussian himself, made a deal with Prince Frederic II of Hesse-Cassel for about 30, 000 soldiers to bolster the British expeditionary force in the “colonies”. In the deal, the Hessian Prince received a flat sum for the lot and a BONUS payment for each Hessian killed by the Americans.

Having learned all this from some of the 900 Hessians he captured on Christmas Day at the Battle of Trenton, General Washington got Benjamin Franklin to craft a letter, in the best traditional Teutonic-Hessian style, (and in diplomatic French) ostensibly penned by Prince Frederick, complaining that “not enough of our officers and soldiers are in harm’s way” and “we are not receiving the promised amount of bonus” agreed upon for use of our army”.

Dissemination of this letter, printed by Franklin in Philadelphia and circulated throughout New York and Pennsylvania brought about the disaffection, mutiny and surrender to Washington of 6,000 Hessian officers and troops in 1777 and 1778 and declining morale on until 1781. There were only 13, 000 of the original 30,000 Hessian troops remaining to be captured at the final battle of Yorktown in 1781.

The rest were already either supporting Washington’s army or setting on their 50 acre far-acre farms in Pennsylvania—in the heart of what is now “Pennsylvania Dutch” Country.

Therefore, the CIA did NOT (as the bed wetters would have you believe) invent horrid, nasty, ungentlemanly, unsavory “Dirty Tricks” in U.S. armed combat.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Prescient Policeman ?

Tonight, it has been difficult to grasp real things.

First within a few hours I heard of the deaths of two people close to me. I was able to digest those with some aplomb.

Then, I saw a VERY unsettling video posted on YouTube of a protest at Reston, VA outside Democrat Congressman Jim Moran’s “townhall” meeting.

A man was carrying a poster opposing “Obamacare”.

A policeman started hassling him, ordering him to “put down” the placard, or else he would be arrested for “tresspass”. They exchanged questions and the policeman got VERY agitated and threatening.

The protester asked, plaintively, “Isn’t this America ? ”

“No !” the policeman announced, “It aint no more…
Okay ??? !”

I have played it four times. Is this cop a prophet ? He IS of pro-Obama persuasion, apparently.

Does he know a secret the rest of us have not been told yet ? Or is he just a prescient seer ?

See the video at:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Captain! O My Captain !

When George Stephanopolis on ABC’s morning show divines from an “in-house” poll of bodies on the street (showing approval for Obama at 56%) that “Americans think he’s in over his head...”.....

AND, when liberal pollster John Zogby’s Interactive Internet poll comes up with only a 47% approval rating for Obama....

And when, for nearly two weeks, Scott Rasmussen’s daily tracking pool of 1,000-plus Likely-and-habitual” voters hovers between 47% and 49% for the president....

THEN you may pay attention.

And you may be sure that the president and David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are paying attention, because THEIR “in house polls” are producing much more dire information that ABC Steffy’s or Gallup’s historically tortured figures.

Then you hear Obama using words like “wee-wee” and savaging Sara Palin and “Republicans”. We get intimations that the president has not read ANY of the five “health” bills stalled in Congress when he must be corrected or have his slaveys explain “misspeaks”.

And this is just the third week in August.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer is explaining that while there are no “death panels” actually spelled out in Section 1322 of the House “health” bill, there IS a provision to pay physicians a bonus for “counseling” the elderly REGULARLY on living wills and life-end choices. A tortuous exercise, and irrelevant Dr. K agrees.

And finally, Peggy Noonan a level headed and generous patriot, has decided that the best decision is to “pull the plug” on Obamacare.

From This day, Friday, Aug. 21, the fog is definitely clearing for the passengers on this Ship of State.

There be BERGS!..Large, craggy, threatening monstrosities, fully visible:

Unemployment in California at 11.6 %.

Cash for Clunkers on the ash heap–an awkward and costly failure.

A “ruling” majority party chasing its tail and cannibalizing.

And, who is in charge of the ship ? Its Amateur hour, with mutterings about “wee-wee” !

And as the fog thickens again, we can only see one-tenth of the icebergs’ bulk.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pressure ? Sure...But Whose ?

First the White House solicited myriad sneaky snitches, spies and trolls to rat out their neighbors and co-workers who opposed DeatCare.

Next, the Chief Magistrate and all his sycophants averred that there was no provision for end of life counseling in euthanasia for the elderly. (THERE IS ! IT’s Section 1322.)

Then, He and They dismissed Townhall protestors as “orchestrated” yawpers.

Next, this servant of the Republic's citizenry announced he did not want people talking…he wanted them “out of the way”.

Now cometh his slavish lower house legislators in a SUNDAY newspaper editorial branding all who oppose DeathCare as “Un-American”.

Will all this work?

Well.... I am an ancient watcher of the American “passing parade”. I can remember in 1941, when every third adult in Georgia was suspected of being a Klansman, and the Governor threatened and intimidated and, finally, PHYSICALLY removed professors from their University positions. It did not work. The voters threw him out.

FDR tried to enlarge the Supreme Court to bypass SCOTUS edicts that his policies were unconstitutional. At the zenith of his popularity, he was trumped and sent to "reset" by a national uprising and despite some media hysteria in his favor.

There are all kinds of overreaches in American history that were rebuffed. World history is cluttered with them.

The best known and most grimly impressed on our political psyche is the Richard Nixon crowd’s stupid, blind, tonedeaf exerecise in Hubris.

It just will not work, no matter how hard they try to fix the wheel with union thugs, Acorn and media whores.

In this republic, the embers of Liberty always flare into a blaze of Triumph.

Tyrants are always tone deaf, and eventually defeat themselves. Watch !

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wake up Frank and Sam...Their Law's Broken...

This is where I came in.

Are they changing reels yet ?

Where are Frank Church and Sam Ervin ?

They broke all records for hurry-up legislating, back in 1974 collecting a consensus in Congress to pass statutes making it illegal for ANYONE in the Untied States Federal Government to send out a clarion call for a list of enemies, or to collect such a list...OR to expunge one once it is / was collected.

Now we have the ward rat hustlers in the White House and the Chief Magistrate also, using the White House Internet Site (paid for by taxpayers) to recruit sneaks, snitches and tale bearers to spy on and , probably, defame ordinary citizens availing themselves of the protection of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I do not remember even Jimmy Carter or Lyndon Johnson doing this.

When Code Pinksters assailed George W, Bush with unfounded lies I do not believe his White House ever sought to take names and do dirt in return.

Even the Clintons' Craig Livingstone did not "recruit". Whatever computer files he had around were collected during political campaigns and NOT with taxpayer funds.

This may seem a smudge of smoke from a distant Native American's blanket signal right this moment .

But I have seen this show before. Put my slippers on. I'm outta here !

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Orwell & Jane; Mike & Charlie

“In a time of Universal Deceit, telling the truth is a Revolutionary Act.” runs a quote from George Orwell that I use in my email signature.

I was thinking about this...again...and I remembered another precis on the subject.

It’s a short story by W. Somerset Maugham titled “Jane”, about a rather plain lady who became the toast of the upper crust society salons as a superior wit and humorist. The story’s raconteur was baffled at this phenomenon, until the “secret” exploded on him:

She spoke the truth, always, and in matter-of-fact manner no matter what the subject being discussed, without artifice or subterfuge !

Voila !, she was absolutely unique in those circles.

This accounts for the indestructible and devastating effect of a select few commentators on the political scene these days. Two are especially noteworthy.

Michael Barone, a former Democrat pollster, researcher and author of the seminal political Encyclopedia of American Politics is rarely off base. He is so effectively honest and detailed in his analyses that he produces pain on the Left that is palpable.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, whose years as a psychiatrist of note, published in the journals of that discipline long before he wrote speeches for a Democrat presidential candidate, is another truth teller of note. His epeé intellect is both disarming and unassailable.

Here is an exercise for you. I do it regularly, utilizing the Real Clear Politics website.

On days after a Barone or Krauthammer tour de force appears, survey the output of the bedwetters. Like frog carcases assaulted by galvanic current, they will jerk and snatch and twitch with paroxysms of defensive dudgeon.

This liars' drivel is often veiled, but it is always there. They are so very afraid someone will take Mr. Barone or the Good Doctor as “gospel”.

It is good that some of us do. And it is good for the corps politique bon nationale, also.

Strange indeed are the masks of confirmation.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perversity IS Vulnerable...

There is a perversity that persists in this society that tends to restrict the free play of common sense and logic.

Small nuggets of truth are presented almost secretly by researchers, scientists and historians, and are constantly and willfully ignored, in really bad faith, by persons and institutions who boast that they are “Opinion Makers”.

Here are a few facts that have not been widely disseminated by any of the vaunted wire services or “journals of record” :

1. About 60 nations recognize English as their national language. The United States is NOT one of them.

2. More people may have voted in the presidential election in 2004, won by George W. Bush than voted in the 2008 election won by Barrack Hussein Obama. Until now, only "estimates"of 2008 have been available. Latest expert compilations show fewer voted than the enthusiatic talking heads claimed originally.

3. The most accurate opinion polls in the past six national elections query only “habitual and likely voters” , rather than “adults”. Screening for these “likely voters” is NOT based on whether they “plan” to vote, but on their dedication to voting in ALL elections, habitually.

4. Congress maintains the highest negative rating , compared with the executive (past or present) in ALL opinion polls.

5. News reporters rank below auto salesmen and telemarketers in all opinion polls.

6. In a recent UNSCIENTIFIC poll of readers, with nearly four million respondents, A USA Today / Gannet poll reported that 97% of those responding believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution “guarantees the right of an individual American to bear arms”.

That last one was not touted or spread widely by the AssPress, Reuters ----or even Gannett and USAToday. They were apparently poleaxed.

Which more or less begs my question.

If the media “powers that be” do not accept the population’s disagreement with distortions and prejudices so dear to the heart of the communication media, then who is doomed ?

The free public? Or the Liars?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aha ! Dickens Lives !

One of the strangest episodes in my life occurred during a strategy session involving approaching a politician.

To one of the very closest friends and mentors I ever had, I suggested, brightly:

“We might be able to get some real inside track in Washington if we can get Senator (Bob) Graham interested....He’s Phil Graham’s half-brother, you know...the late husband of The Washington Post publisher, Kay Graham....”

“THAT’S NOT SO, “ was the immediate reply.

Well, I KNEW it was so, having delved into the lives of the half brothers through my interest in old “Cap” Graham, the Miami wheeler-dealer who sired them. Phil was born, however in South Dakota, Bob on Miami.

My friend was a bright professional man, an innovator and a risk taker. But he did not know what he did not know.

This country is at the mercy of people just like that right now.

The Great Charles Dickens, in “Little Dorrit”, caused quite a row in Parliament when he set up these people in the Department of Circumlocution.

They were all specialists in HOW NOT TO DO IT. (Finding out how to do it would have put them out of business.) And none of them know what they do not know.

Sound familiar ?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yo' Lyin Eyes ?

There is something very comforting about being convinced that it is okay to believe one’s own “Lyin’ Eyes” rather than some spastic knee-jerk scam from a jive Con.

There are a lot of them around, even teaching in gubmint schools and in academe.

This whole country has been hammered by a plethora of globaldygook for more than 16 years about the melting of the ice caps and subsequent inundation of Boston, New York, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego ALLEGEDLY attested to by “30,00 scientists” (some without a degree) whom no one can find or identify now that the ice caps are growing.

A young "college man" of 42 started to “uncover” something a CIA director had allegedly done; speechifying to me, but he did not know that the man he was about to “nail” served for only an event-less nine months more than 34 years ago. Whe HE was eight.

The worst disease our society—--our whole COMMUNITY, to use a revered term----is the bold pronunciamento with authority of something that is not true, is without foundation or reason, and the sheeplike acceptance of it and subsequent dissemination of it as “fact” by a lazy, whorish communication elite....the DriveBy Media.

Veritable fountains of WISDOM hold sway over us , who do not even BELIEVE in anything that happened before 1968----and would be shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to have to admit that it is Historical Fact that John Fitzgerald Kennedy sent the first 35,000 U.S. men into VietNam combat.

Well, I am sick of it.

As annoying as it may offensive as it appears to be, I will begin to isolate and bring to the attention of this page a succession of these travesties, for as long as I can.

The first one is that our president was never enrolled in an educational institution as “Barrack H. Obama” until he matriculated at Columbia University. All the records that I have been able to pry lose have him listed as “Barry Soetoro.”

Did you read that in your local fish wrapper?

Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nocturnal Visitations

Visitations and bad dreams, escalating into nightmares are plaguing me, although I haven’t eaten any Thomas de Quincey opium, or consumed a Doctor Jekyll potion in 34 years, now.

They always begin the same way..with my grandmother, “Mur-Mur” opening her illustrated volume of Bullfinch’s Mythology . Or the classical History of Athens.

“Here”, Charlot Miller Allen announces in her rich contralto that she cultivated by smoking Murad Turkish cigarets, “ is Prometheus !”

When I looked at the illustration of the “Titan” it was a Michael Ramirez cartoon of a sad Ol’ Uncle Sam, dressed in Old Glory uniform, chained to Washington’s monument, with his liver being eaten by flying Congressmen...The liver regenerates and the carrion feed on.....

WHAM ! I wake up.... and am really afraid to go back to sleep, so I run to the computer, go to Wickipedia and check my memory of Prometheus. This is worse than the nightmare. Prometheus really COULD do anything. He stole fire from Zeus / Jupiter, the Chief God of the Athenians and gave it to mortals. But he was subverted and chained by Zeus, angry with Envy. ENVY...

My eyes faded and back on my pillow, I dropped off.

Only to be confronted by Mur-Mur again, this time with her classical history tome. She opened it languidly and pointed to ANOTHER frightful Mikey Ramirez cartoon. I shrieked, and could not hear myself.

It was Uncle Sam in his Stars and Stripes garb again. He had a coon-hunter’s long-john six cell flashlight in his hand, wandering around the Mall in D.C., gazing at the capitol dome. The sun shines brightly at its zenith.

My grandmother asked, “ This is Diogenes, at the center of Western Civilization. Do you want me to read the words in the Balloon over his head ?

“It says, ‘I been searching around here a long time. These are the last of my batteries, and my light is almost out, and I can’t find ary- one !”

In a cold sweat, I woke up again. I didn’t have to check Wikipedia this time.

We all know Diogenes never found his “honest” man...And he wasn’t foolish enough to search Sodom-on-the-Potomac.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My "Tolerance" Wager

It was certainly informative to hear the president speak at Cairo Thursday.

I obsessed on just one statement that was more grievous than just misleading.

It was a Lie.

He told the crowd and everyone that heard him that "Islam has a long history of Tolerance..."

Well, I did not have to look it up, but I did, in the Free Online Dictionary. But..Dean E. Heber Rece first taught it to me in 1943 at Emory University.

The word "Islam" in Arabic translates to "SUBMISSION" in English. And, according to the Prohet that is on the pain of Death. That is how the "religion" got its jump-start in 622 A.D. Submit or...adios !

So to ingratiate himself with Muslims, our president would try to lie to us and to the whole world.

Well, if this is some kind of poker game, I will see his "Tolerance" and raise him, one suicide bombing mission (say, 9-11 frinstance ?) and two beheadings, three fatal stonings and a cloakroom full of Burkhas and a chorus of mutilated teen girls.

That;s my bet and I believe I win the pot.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How's Yo' MANDATE, Kiddo ?

Despite the speed of the world wide web, the blogosphere, all the TV news channels and thousands of pseudo reporters underfoot, everyone appears to be asleep to my way of seeing it.

Neil Cavuto gave 'em all a shot in the head, as Milton Berle used to say, when he pointed out Friday that the Congress, the Media (such as it IS) and even the Hip White House is following a seven month old "Mandate".

I mean, what has the Populi VOXED lately ?

On April 15, somewhere between a half million and three quarters of a million people turned out to protest runamok spending and stratospheric taxes in cities (San Antonio and Atlanta, markedly) and hamlets (Lima and Lake Azu) all over America.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet (II) Napolitano warned of "dangerouus terrorist right wing extremists" and MSNBC yammerheads made nasty homophobic jokes. The president pretended he was "unaware".

Then, just this week---last Tuesday, the citizens of California (the most "Hip" of ALL states and the "Garde" than which there IS no more "Avant" --voted hugely, 66% to 30% (Two to One) against four large tax increase and spending propositioins.

So, are MY ganglia more raw than the average American? Is Neil Cavuto an alarmist, right wing extremist BOO!-boy ???

Or has the paradigm of the popular mandate shifted...and is it still hurtling ?

We will probably find out for certain on July 4, Independence Day.

And, September 11. Another painful day of memories for America-Lovers.

Do stay tuned for the mating call of the Mandate.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vast, Indeed

Among the many sentences this struggling scrivener wishes he had come up with is this description of an itenerant farmhand by Stanley Taylor:

"His mind was a vast and hollow cavern with small crannies of resolute ignorance...."

We were re-introduced to this phenomenon recently with the re-emergence of Janeane Garofalo giving America a glimpse of her wasteland.

Content of her dribble-babble is less important than the fact that a cable television network obstensibly attempting a commercial presentation of discussion would allow her a michrophone-platform.

My exposure to this hag was on YouTube. Like millions of cable watchers, I prefer even the Mississippi simpleton Shep Smith to the cellar dwelling molerat Ms. Garofalo was visiting.

What baffles people who think like me---indeed, people who THINK at at all, is how the ailing, failing media (and NBC eminently qualifies), continues to grimly clutch and cling to these suicidal practices.

Maybe like the people they hustle, they look forward to a "stimulus" or "bailout" from the new Socialist-collectivist theroriticians in Washington. It beats thinking and working, they opine.

But... wouldn't that be morphing Socialism into Fascism, just like Jonah Goldberg of the LATimes predicted, in his bestseller "LIBERAL FASCISM" ?

That's the only way these helium heads will get another gig, right ?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is the Law the Law ?

Frequently, posting here, it has been stressed that Islam is more correctly defined as a SYSTEM than as a "religion".

New and scary evidence erupts that this fact will sneak up and gnash---if not, indeed, CRUSH---some clueless, nice people in the very near future.

"It" can happen in the USA, you know. Look around.

Over in Pakistan, a very articulate and literate member of the "moderate" muslims being appeased by the new Pakistani Regime, on Saturday, Apeil 18, announced to the Appeasers and to the World, that Sharia Law will not allow him to "lay down or relinquish" his guns or those of his Taliban cohorts, no matter what Islamabad says.

Now what this means, my children, is that when the Hope and Change administration makes nice with the so-called "moderste Muslims" in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security,(Janet II), will disarm all the EXTREMIST RADICAL demobbed military veterans, under emergency unconstitutional "regulations" while the "nice, moderate Muslims" invoke Sharia Religious Law to keep their AK-47 cache (s).

Thus, the SYSYEM, under guise of religion, trumps Constitutional guarantees WITH constitutional guarantees.

Hey !!! Was that Alice and the Red Queen I just saw on stage ?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Vote For the Green Death & Kicking "A"

For some time now, I have suspected that the PeeCee virus and state socialism are cut from the same cloth.

An encroaching choking globbby fog of Nannyistic cold shoulder and tin ear to natural giggles, chuckles and simple sense of humor has accompanied the trend.

Everyone knows fascists, communists and similar doctrinaire totalitarian types are humorless.

As, a matter of fact, very serious historians believe the anti-statist jokes in Spain, Italy, the Soviet Union and East Germany to have been as important as western efforts in dismantling the dictators' yokes and chains.

Now we have, in the American state of Taxachuesetts, a prime example of the death dealing unsmiling joykillers of the stupidity so unaware of its own unlovliness.

A wittyu young man coaching a kiddies' soccer team of six-and-seven-year-olds in Quincy, nicknamed his charges The Green Death and, in an email to the parents, enthused that he expected them to consistently "KICK ASS!"

For that, he was forced to resign as coach of the Kinder Kickers.

Somewhere the ghost of Mark Twain, who lived his last days in New England, is sobbing...if not blubberiung.

A society that has lost its ability to relax and smile is already in the throes of death.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Old Media Flunked Math

They do not teach math in journalism schools...

If we take the 2008 election results, 53% of the adults agree with and believe in the mainstream media, the alphabet networks, Time and Newsweek.

Thirteen percent of the voters are black dependents on the Marxian Plantation, and half of them have no money at all. So, we subtract 7 from 53 and got 46 %. Then, we face facts that half the legal Hispanic population has no money, and are illiterate in English, so we subtract another 6% from 46 and get 40%.

Of that 40%, probably 10% were teens and near-teens who do not read ANYTHING but the labels on hip-hop CDs.

Now we are down to 30%.

Newspapers cannot survive with just three out of ten people buying the rags...and so there goes the Audit Bueau of Circulation rating and the advertising and the Sunday paper sells for $5 in a losing deal.

If the media bigwigs who have bashed Bush since 2003, had just "balanced" their approach to at least RECOGNIZE a solid 46% of the potential readership, they would not be dying.

But they're dead because they failed math.

I want to live long enough to see what a world without TIME, Newsweek, the New Yorker and the other socialist rags will be like.

When hatred of entrepreneurs, small businessmen, and gritty, empty envy of the successful, driven man and woman is gone or at least muted...TRUTH will stagger naked to the Dais and receive the Sceptre.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Snob

It is a terrible admission.

When I began reading a polemic screed that began in a way that promised it would agree with ALL my prejudices, and came across the word "fosted" obviously meant to be "foisted", I just deleted it.

When I read the lead paragraph in an AssPress Sports story that announced Phil Mickelson had "blown his largest-ever lead" (when I saw him leading by eight in Atlanta the year he first won the Masters), I deleted it without going on.

When I heard a screamer on cable TV claiming Israeli aggression in Gaza, when I had SAVED five years of 6,000 enumerated Gaza-based rocket assaults on Siderot (where I have a real, live Israeli friend who emails me) I clicked the remote to the TRU channel.

When I got a cassette tape that mislocated three Alaska population centers, and mispronounced the names of Russian-Aleut historical figures, I sent it back.

The world is---more amd more---the victim of poorly informed, partially educated, narcissistic people hell-bent on bending our mnds.

This behavior was a tipoff, a hallmark you might say, of falsification by journalists who celebrated Mussolini's fascism and Adolf Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party (NAZI) in the 1930's and Nicky Lenin's Bolshevik communism in 1917.

It is subtle, feckless, ignorant and clumsy in the beginning. But once you accept and make way for the small lie, the eager overkill, the decoration, you give it growth and before you can regroup, numbness spreads and the Foggy Lie is accepted as "The Way"...Like in Chicago.

So, about spelling, about grammar, and certainly, about facts, I plead guilty.

I am a Snob

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Very Bad Year: 1957

They just don’t make years like 1957 any more.

It's lodged prominently because I left the daily newspaper / wire service whirlwind and opted for magazine writing.

But some other stuff happened that year:

The Russian Soviets crushed the Hungarian Freedom Uprising, and publicly lynched the student leaders.

Israeli, French and British troops fought on the same side in the Suez War to stop the Nasser / Naguib grab by Egypt of the "international" waterway.

(The U.S.A.’s Secretary Of State, John Foster Dulles just admonished everyone for being like “naughty children”. A huge turning point squished...muffled.)

And Soviet Russia's German rocket scientists beat the U.S.A.’s German (Werner von Braun) into outer space with the “Sputnik” metal basketball.

All very exciting stuff. I am surprised no one talks about all that at all any more, because all across this Earth of ours, all the America haters of the day were celebrating the demise of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.

And this was compoundedly strange because it was about this time that Kruschev deep-sixed the Stalin myth. And, stories were being VERIFIED about Siberian concentration camp slaughter and torture.

Pasternak and Solzhenitsyn were putting together indictments of the Gulag. Piecemeal revelation of the hitherto cemented-by-Fear Potemkin nation was in silent progress.

The international communications conspiracy of silence would not begin to crumble until after Solzhenitsyn was awarded the Nobel prize (in 1970) and all three volumes of the Gulag Archipelago were available everywhere and he was exiled by the hapless Kremlin.

It was 42 years after Sputnik, and 20 years after the World heard Solzhenitsyn’s historical account of mass murder, torture and atrocity before the Evil Ghost died at the fall of the wall at the Brandenburg gate.

In the meantime, millions of America-haters, and even one American president announced the decline and fall of the United States. Jimmy Carter bemoaned what he christened a fatal desuetude...a “malaise” dooming the nation!

How many “recessions” have we had in the United States since the Fabulous Fifties? One in Eisenhower’s last years, one hidden by Vietnam; one in Tricky Dick’s watch, all of Carters four years, early in Reagan’s time, blunted by tax cuts; another for Bush 41, and another as Clinton faded. Now we have the Bush low point.

But, the machine is still laboring away, albeit missing a beat or so.

But all those people who are applauding the trouble in the USA are echoing one another from their respective toilet bowls.

The “invisible hand” of the market is driving its dagger deep into the gross economic and totalitarian plans of Red Hugo Chavez and Iran’s I’m-a-Dinner-Jacket blowhard.

I...WE... have seen much worse. I was around and VERY alert when the whole world went to Hell and America was “through” in 1957.

Fifty two years ago.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where is Sam ?

Other than all the Uhs and Ums and y’knows and word searches, the president-elect’s news conferences are as exciting as watching paint dry.

He obviously has a list of attending reporters he is going to call on. They, obviously, have been alerted. Sooooooo...

Why the room full of newspaper people? Why not just send the ones who get the face time and one extra pool man for the wore services and keep it cozy?

It’s the old Ben Hecht-Charlie MacArthur “Front Page” coming out in me. I used to cover the state Capitol when Georgia had, THREE... governors, 52 years ago. I followed Atlanta mayors like Ivan Allen, Jr., into angry student mobs. I scooped the wire services on tornado deaths by 45 minutes from my assistant state editor’s desk.

But, I was watching his “briefing” and I wondered:

Where is Sam Donaldson when we need him ? Man, he could stir things up, tormenting presidents like no other newshawk in history.

There was a post online from a Chicago (hometown ??) Sun-Times reporter predicting an era of Lap Dog journalism. She was really shrill about it. As if to threaten she might roil the waters.

Stay tuned. Somebody will. They will catch Hell when they do.

But it’s inevitable that some unruly wretch will refuse to worship.