Friday, August 28, 2009

Prescient Policeman ?

Tonight, it has been difficult to grasp real things.

First within a few hours I heard of the deaths of two people close to me. I was able to digest those with some aplomb.

Then, I saw a VERY unsettling video posted on YouTube of a protest at Reston, VA outside Democrat Congressman Jim Moran’s “townhall” meeting.

A man was carrying a poster opposing “Obamacare”.

A policeman started hassling him, ordering him to “put down” the placard, or else he would be arrested for “tresspass”. They exchanged questions and the policeman got VERY agitated and threatening.

The protester asked, plaintively, “Isn’t this America ? ”

“No !” the policeman announced, “It aint no more…
Okay ??? !”

I have played it four times. Is this cop a prophet ? He IS of pro-Obama persuasion, apparently.

Does he know a secret the rest of us have not been told yet ? Or is he just a prescient seer ?

See the video at:

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