Friday, August 21, 2009

Captain! O My Captain !

When George Stephanopolis on ABC’s morning show divines from an “in-house” poll of bodies on the street (showing approval for Obama at 56%) that “Americans think he’s in over his head...”.....

AND, when liberal pollster John Zogby’s Interactive Internet poll comes up with only a 47% approval rating for Obama....

And when, for nearly two weeks, Scott Rasmussen’s daily tracking pool of 1,000-plus Likely-and-habitual” voters hovers between 47% and 49% for the president....

THEN you may pay attention.

And you may be sure that the president and David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are paying attention, because THEIR “in house polls” are producing much more dire information that ABC Steffy’s or Gallup’s historically tortured figures.

Then you hear Obama using words like “wee-wee” and savaging Sara Palin and “Republicans”. We get intimations that the president has not read ANY of the five “health” bills stalled in Congress when he must be corrected or have his slaveys explain “misspeaks”.

And this is just the third week in August.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer is explaining that while there are no “death panels” actually spelled out in Section 1322 of the House “health” bill, there IS a provision to pay physicians a bonus for “counseling” the elderly REGULARLY on living wills and life-end choices. A tortuous exercise, and irrelevant Dr. K agrees.

And finally, Peggy Noonan a level headed and generous patriot, has decided that the best decision is to “pull the plug” on Obamacare.

From This day, Friday, Aug. 21, the fog is definitely clearing for the passengers on this Ship of State.

There be BERGS!..Large, craggy, threatening monstrosities, fully visible:

Unemployment in California at 11.6 %.

Cash for Clunkers on the ash heap–an awkward and costly failure.

A “ruling” majority party chasing its tail and cannibalizing.

And, who is in charge of the ship ? Its Amateur hour, with mutterings about “wee-wee” !

And as the fog thickens again, we can only see one-tenth of the icebergs’ bulk.

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