Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pressure ? Sure...But Whose ?

First the White House solicited myriad sneaky snitches, spies and trolls to rat out their neighbors and co-workers who opposed DeatCare.

Next, the Chief Magistrate and all his sycophants averred that there was no provision for end of life counseling in euthanasia for the elderly. (THERE IS ! IT’s Section 1322.)

Then, He and They dismissed Townhall protestors as “orchestrated” yawpers.

Next, this servant of the Republic's citizenry announced he did not want people talking…he wanted them “out of the way”.

Now cometh his slavish lower house legislators in a SUNDAY newspaper editorial branding all who oppose DeathCare as “Un-American”.

Will all this work?

Well.... I am an ancient watcher of the American “passing parade”. I can remember in 1941, when every third adult in Georgia was suspected of being a Klansman, and the Governor threatened and intimidated and, finally, PHYSICALLY removed professors from their University positions. It did not work. The voters threw him out.

FDR tried to enlarge the Supreme Court to bypass SCOTUS edicts that his policies were unconstitutional. At the zenith of his popularity, he was trumped and sent to "reset" by a national uprising and despite some media hysteria in his favor.

There are all kinds of overreaches in American history that were rebuffed. World history is cluttered with them.

The best known and most grimly impressed on our political psyche is the Richard Nixon crowd’s stupid, blind, tonedeaf exerecise in Hubris.

It just will not work, no matter how hard they try to fix the wheel with union thugs, Acorn and media whores.

In this republic, the embers of Liberty always flare into a blaze of Triumph.

Tyrants are always tone deaf, and eventually defeat themselves. Watch !

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