Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Age of Solipsis

Wednesday, June 24, 2015 was what you might call "a bristling day".

My favorite website ( because it always appears to be evenhanded and impartial) featured a thoughtful summation of  outright falsification of fact by the White House as regards the involvement of MIT professor Gruber as architect of Obamacare. CLICK HERE

In another quarter, one of our nation's more fearless truth tellers, Col. Ralph Peters, offered his opinion that our "leaders"whom we here prefer to call  "our servants" until they prove some maturity and accountability, all have one characteristic so far in the 21st century.

When asked to support, in some way, one of their pompous, clueless pronouncements, they uniformly reply with that nastiest of fledgling parenthood's syllogisms:


As we have pointed out here in this small corner of comment, we are at the mercy of a "coterie-of-absurdity" who absolutely believe that if they SAY something, it replaces all Holy Writ and constitutional tradition. 

This is called Institutional Solipsism, and it will become the death knell of  what we used to call, with no embarrassment at all, The American Dream.

We're drowning in a philosophy of  "political correctness" that has no historical precedent or legitimacy. PeeCee  is the source of the bastardized dictum that "before me, nothing existed !"

Very  few  people seem to be attending very closely, but the fact is that the Iranian  Parliament uniformly cries "Death to America"  and Vladmir Putin  is flying and floating his war machinery closer and closer to U.S. weakness, and the ChiComs follow his lead.

But the White House and the doofus State Department are hell-bent on accommodating Iran and its nuke bomb building and so far, nobody admits seeing  ungloved bare knuckles of the collectivist aggression.

Apparently, traditional, sensible Americans are now without influence. The blind liars and solipsists  are "in charge".

And a murmur swells into a havoc cry:  

"Apres moi,Le CHAOS..."

Monday, June 22, 2015

Whose Grasp ?

If you have NOT heard about her, lets talk about the Sacramento California teacher who is standing firm in her intent to remove works by William Shakespeare from her English literature curriculum... There are some very subversive tendencies in this particular teacher.

Her job is not to be sure that everybody passes with a ladylike or gentlemanly "C". Her  job is to use her common sense to make the material exciting and inviting to young minds.

Just a few miles awayfrom this Dullard, another woman engages her students in the Bard's  pre-drama preparation for Romeo and Juliet and points out that what they first see as unlikely behavior and words, by the Motagues and Capulets is actually a part of  their family lives and their hallway romances.  Then, HER students tried to outdo one another in presenting the drama of the teenage lovers.

The worst thing about this .Liddite Shakespeare-Denier is that she uses the color of her students' skin as an excuse for her mental laziness and invocation of the soft bigotry of low expectations that is so lethally common in our schools today. She would be shocked to learn that Shakespeare is required in South Africa and Liberia as well as Germany in preparatory schools.

Then of course, we cannot excuse her ignorance of  that magisterial proclamation by another towering English language artist:

By now, you have heard anout the criminally idiotic teacher in Sacramento's Burbank high school who refuses to teach William Shakespeare to her English class students because they are mostly "nonwhite" and because they "do not relate" and because she fears that they will fail, and it will bend  or twist or dampened their little psyches.

If you haven't met this lady, let me introduce you to her HERE !

There are many things faulty about the thinking of the 21st century's anemic "educationists" who have no knowledge outside of their improvised teaching college's  bogus cur
"A man's reach shoul exceed his grasp...Or what';s a Heaven for  ?"  (Robert Browning)