Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Give Us Honesty..Not a Lecture

I'll bet you missed it !

The first thing I saw on the Internet after Sunday night's bumbling from the Oval Office was a story that announced that  investigators have found 72 employees of the Department of Homeland Security who also appear on the no-fly anti-terror watchlist !

That is the kind of information that the president of the United States should be sharing with citizens, rather than scolding us for hurting the feelings of a congeries of people he trusts and we don't.

There are a couple of "approval" polls I look at every day. On the morning after this speech, the president's total approval plummeted five percentage points to -43. And this was from an outfit that usually begins every Monday morning by giving him a "clean slate"of  50% approval.

I can remember when after a president had a "chat" with the country, one could fairly hear  America Singing for a week or two.

Now it's more like  America Groaning  or America Sighing.

Political correctness, what ever it may be, cannot be hailed as a bastion of protection against people who arm themselves with machetes and automatic weapons ( despite laws that prohibit them) and proclaim God's endorsement of their mutilations  and beheadings.

It is difficult to believe that our president or his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has read the Qu'ran.

Two readers of this blog have asked what parts of the Qu'ran  are (in their word) "objectionable".   How about "bloody" ?

You can begin  HERE with this blog which lists most of the Suras and verse annotations that weave  the fabric of the so-called "radical" or "extreme" commands in the Book of Submission.

If you don't happen to have a Holy Q'an handy, there is an easy shortcut for perusing.  On the Internet, go to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch website and search for "Blogging the Qu'ran", and just look up the Sura and verse.

As I end this screed, I learn  that our attorney general has reportedly "walked back" her stupid and illegal threat to prosecute any citizen who badmouths  a follower of Islam. 

La Lynch  has obviously no knowledge about the law or her duties which is just exactly what this whole government is about nowadays.