Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rap = Rape - minus- "art"

As one who cut his aesthetic teeth on the likes of Lionel Trilling, Bernard Berenson, Malcolm Cowley and Edmund Wilson, I have had a longstanding, choking bone to pick with the Sloths who bestow the soubriquet "artist" on fould-mouthed "rappers".

Now we have the White House inviting a man who, in his most famous egregious filth, called for the slaughter of ALL law enforcement officers PLUS the asassination of the resident of the White House (at the time of his presentation).

This performer's "name" is simply Common. No...I mean he calls HIMSELF "Common". I brand him "raper" in rapper raiment.

It is bad enough that the illiterate glitterati writers attempt to dredge rap's fecal nature from the sewer by calling its practitioners "artists". It is quote another for the First Family to entertain pottymouths at a celebration of American Art.

Can't you just see it now ? The clarion call for "Hos", "Pigs" and further foul animation will be awarded the Medal of Freedom, alongside Denzel Washington, Bil Cosby, Chuck Norris and Gen. David Petraeus ! AND all the U.S. Navy Seals.

Abracadabra! ! Your Brave New World...with a whimper.