Thursday, March 03, 2011

Revisit State of Fear

We just finished re-reading Michael Crichton's fact-packed "novel", State of Fear and it is so satisfying, six years after its publication by Harper Collins, that this brilliant scientist, villified in 2005, when it was number on on Amazon AND the Times lists, has been fully vindicated and his detractors scattered in disarray. Crichton died in November 2008.

Built around a plotline of eco-terrosts in full savage and murderous cry, the 641 page book has the most exhautive, wide-ranging plethora of footnotes and annotation of any source for the refutation of foolish of non-scientific eco-climate disinformation.

Crichton foresaw the fudging and outright lies of the IPCC at the UN, and a now-disgraced NASA bureaucrat and of course, Paul Ehrlich who predicted, in the 80's that 100 million wouldstarve to death by 2010.

Here is a sample of irrefutable, uncontested, peer-reviewed scientific comparison in Crichton's masterpiece:

If we take the earth's atmosphere as being a football field (100 yards) and with oxygen taking up60 yards, nitrogen and argon the resttoward the goal line, the last six inches would be CO2 (carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas of choice to be controlled).

The Kyotop Treaty's Draconian requirements for carbon emission control would have rewduced USA emissions by 5% and Russia's by
3%---in 100 years !!

The book's information is as follows:

Author Michael Crichton

Publisher HarperCollins

Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)

Pages 641 (798 in special paperback ed.)

ISBN 0007181590

OCLC Number 56759026

If you go to, you can get a copy (Hardcover or mass-paperback) for as little as one cent ($0.01) if you shop the"Used" sellers.

It would be nice if we could send all of you a copy.

VERY few scientific tomes are more annotated and offer such bibliographical heft.

You will reallyenjoy the pathetic vapidity of the well intentioned boobs being schooled and disemboweled by the Harvard Law / M.I.T double-credentialed retrospect based on what we know now.

It is one of the best books ever. And I do not remember either Al Gore or Michael Moore even being mentioned. Enjoy !

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Water and Algae into Diesel Conquered

You all remember the fantasy of turning water into gasoline, don't you ?

That dream tops the still hard sell ghosts of energy freedom like windmills and solar panels, neither of which provide commercially efficient conversion yet.

But a company named Joule Unlimited now has perfected a method of converting algae-laden water into biodiesel fuel.

Joule has just been granted a patent on the method.

We found the details on a World Net Daily report on its BioFuel site.

Here is the rundown:

"Joule was formed not to improve upon existing biofuel processes, but to create a new and transformational process altogether," said Bill Sims, President and CEO of Joule.

"We have channeled photosynthesis, the most productive energy-capture process on earth, at efficiencies previously thought unattainable. At the same time we've eliminated dependence on biomass, the Achilles heel of biofuel production, and the prohibitive costs, processing and logistics it entails. The result is a new paradigm for renewable fuel production with unrivalled productivity targets that are fully supported by actual, measurable gains we've achieved at every layer - from photon capture through product synthesis, secretion, separation and collection."

You may Google Joule Unlimited, or Copy-and-Paste this URL for more facts:

One thing interesting and new is that the Joule method of transforming algaic biomass into biodiesel is 500 % more commercially efficient than any tests or methods tried so far, according to the patent information.

We offer this to brighten your view into a future when OPEC and rioting Arabs will not have a stranglehold on your future and that of your descendants.