Sunday, May 05, 2013

Validation And Vindication

This past Autumn, with election politics hot in the United States,  al Qaeda struck at an American diplomartic installation near Benghazi, Libya, killing the Ambassadoe to Libya and three other Americans.

It was September 11 !!! NOT an unfamilar date.

The Obama administration, having firmly averred that al Qaeda was "dead", circulated talking points throuighout the Exevutive and State departments to the effect that  a cartoon video caused protests outside the installation to "ignite" .

Now we know there were NO protests.

We may not have been the first, but the next day, this blog asserted that mercenary, unarmed Libyans hired by the U.S. Government, were the only "security" on the spot at the time of the carnage and chaos.

Soon,  our ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice was lying to the world and the appatatchik of the Obama administration was following suit.

They succeeded in flummoxing the American people and the grovelling, sycophants of the U.S. Media.

Obama was re-elected.  O Frabjous Joy !

But,NOW, even prominent Democrat  congressmen are appearing on national television to strip the last threads of the Emperor's undergarments.


The House Oversight committe wuill finally get to the bottom of all this next week. Up until now, the sloppy, traitorus press and TV whores have referred to the committee's witnesses as "Whistleblowers".  They have come forward in spite of being threatened by the guilty with everything from career-ending extortion to death.

We prefer to call them Gutsy Patriots.