Saturday, February 06, 2010

UN a Joke But IPPC a FARCE

In this space several years ago, I revealed that the three thousand or ten thousand or however many "scientists" Al Gore claimed endorsed his view that humans were killing the planet with CO2, were mostly frauids, undergraduates or invented.

I was seconded by a group of knowledgeable engineers and biologists.

Members of the GW "Faith" beat me about the ears with shibolleths and epithets. But the buzzards are now roosting in Algorea. AND Nashville.

If you want the truth in English, about anything including America, you will go, as I do, to the Telegraph (UK) and there you will find it.

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate has been elevated by Gore and all true GW believers, to the Immaculate Source of all "climate truth".

But it lies. It also uses unpublished, unchecked papers to undergird flimsy claims. Much of the IPCC scary reports was based on World Wildlife, Greenpeace and other twisted propaganda, it turns out.

(1) Glaciers in the Himalayas will be all melted by 2030. UNTRUE ! Taken from an unpublished grad school paper, retracted and apologized for last week.

(2) Half of the Netherlands is below sea level and will be inundated this decade. UNTRUE ! Taken from a fraudulent brochure.

(3) Co2 emission levels from nuclear power plants super-dangerous. UNTRUE! Taken from a propaganda non scientific screed without checking.

(4) A definitive antagonistic research paper, fully peer reviewed was "hidden" and not included in IPCC reports because one member of the panel confided smugly: "Oh, that;s no good. He's changed his mind." He was not contacted and he still holds views hostile to anthropogenic Global Warming.

Every Day, another brick in the foundation of man-made global warming theory crumbles as more scientists READ the 1200 page IPCC manifesto. Now THREE years old.)

And now, our most celebrated USA metereologist, Dr. Richard Lindzen has a YouTube video How the World Works Do not miss it. (

The reason I am belaboring about this is...the Congress will sometime this spring try to pass the Crap n' Tax legislation, confiscatory in intent and witless in its raison d-etre.

Join me in Huzzahs and Hoo-Haws that the time of scaring taxes out of the unwary and ignorant is now at an end.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Doth The IRS Shooteth ?

Stumbling around the internet, I ran across a strange story to the effect that the Internal Revenue Service is buying shotguns.

There is a site called that announces probable purchases and notices of intent to purchase.

They are starting with 60 Remington 12-gauge, short-barrelled pump models (like civlians are barred from owning).

Now, you know that 60 "sawed-off" shotguns will not "cover" all the USA. So it might be inferred that there is, in planning, an "Elite" squad of heavy hitters to send to brazenly recalcitrant tax cheats. (Treasury Secretary Geithner, maybe ?)

The income tax has been called "Progressive" and "Regressive" and has never been popular.

In the year 10 (AD or CE-if-you are PeeCee) the first emperor of the Han dynasty imposed the first income tax. He was dismembered and overthrown within twelve years and the tax "repealed".

Sadly, after being embarrassed by "the colony" of America, Great Britain, under Prime Minister William Pitt (the younger) sought to recoup its losses and brace for the Napoleonic Wars with an income tax of two pence per year on 400-pound incomes.

Lincoln and congress imposed the first American income tax in 1861 to pay for the Civil War, and upped the ante in 1862.

The graduated income tax, corporate income tax and inheritace taxes all came into existence during a fit of "Progressivism" in the first 15 years of the 20th century, during the fervor that took election of Senators away from the state legislatures and gave it to the people.

Then, in most of our lifetimes, came the stealth payroll tax, promising "refunds" to lower income earners and blossoming into gifts to non-taxpayers.

Some call it "confiscation". Some call it "Patriotism".

But shotguns are a new calling card for the tax adjuster.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reason for the Death Panels ? Eureka !

Just surfing around the Internet, looking for reaction to Maine Senator Susan Collins' articulate shellacking of BHO and his administration quizzing the Yemeni Christmas bomber for 49 minutes and then "Mirandizing" him, my head was EXPLODED.

In Massillon, Ohio, an eleventh grade "civics / government" class was engulfed in a handout recruiting them all for an Obama "teen army" dubbed "Organizing For America !".

It apparently is a nationwide effort, assuming the website identity formerly was known as "".

The list of recommended reading in the recruitment enrollment (to be completed between now and November 2010 election day) went this way:

Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky
The New Organizers, Zack Exley
Stir it Up !!!:Sen. Obama : Plot a Miracle, Huffington Post
Dreams of My Father Chicago Chapters, Barack Hussein Obama

Going deeper, I found the whole text of the handout at this URL, which you may need to copy-and-paste. It is on the website:

Of course, we have all been aware of the alliance rouge between the teachers' union since that Janitor who was vice president of the Florida teachers' union illegally tapped into congressmen's private phone communications in 2000.

But, just imagine a nationwide recruitment of children activists by left wing school teachers and the present administration's communication and propaganda advisers.

Have you checked your Give-or-Mint skool lately for a tinge of national socialism recruitment ?,

This is how it began in Germany just 80 years ago. I guess that's the reason for the Death Panels.

I can still remember the 1930s.