Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Beset By Savage Sorceery

We wwere not provided a syllabus in any of the courses we took at Buford High School in the 1940s. But we understand that nowadays it is de rigueur  to offer such overviews for those prepping for college. 

Ergo, the PeeCee plague is painfully present in the preparation of public school pontification.  The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has found that schools in the United States now require students to recite "Allah is the Only God"  and some parents  are actually UPSET about that... Some even exhibit ANGER ! (That's a PeeCee no-no also....


We have become inured  to the antics of the pinko indoctrinators in the groves of academe,where a student can be flunked out of the course for saying "God bless you" when another student sneezes.  But coercing a tenth-grader to vow allegiance to the Muslim deity is a new level of forced NEWthink.

One shudders to imagine what would happen at one of these schools if a student actually stood up in assembly and "witnessed" for "a savior, Jesus"!!!  Probably a mass exorcism of the student body sponsored by the Beta Club or Cheerleaders .

What troubles some who retain active grey matter and cogitating equipment, is how this Inquisition Impress squares up with the words and actions of the planet's primary pusher of Political Purityy .

When the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)  launched its bloody program of  beheadings, public rape and dismemberment, the New Yorker magazine interviewed U.S. president  B. Hussein Obama and he cloaked ISIS with his  own special tepid sobriquet: "Junior Varsity" !!!

As commander-in-chief, he has dealt with them with sincere fealty to his original snap judgment, attacking only from the air and that sporadically. Meanwhile he repeatedly blames "poor intelligence" for the fact they have tripled the area they control since he flipped them off
as "JayVees".

We may be faintly thankful that the insidious threat in the high schools cannot  get its wires uncrossed or message unmixed with the Emperor of PeeCee  ( who has no clothes and no shame. )