Monday, November 09, 2015

Veritas, Veritas, Veritas

It just tickles me plumb to my follicles to see a courageous young reporter ask someone other than an Afrucan-American Republulican candidate for president a "GOTCHA"  question.

That is why  I keep a close watch  on James O Keefe  and  his  Project Veritas.  You should, too.

For the past few days he has been shredding  academics  at all the elite schools who are willing to "destroy" the Constitution of the United States  by slashing it, cutting it or shrredd it, since they view it as "a flawedaud  document  prepared by flawed men..."

( The first timeI heard  those  accusatory words   was when  the present  resident  of the Oval Office  " ran"  for it  in 2008.   They are uniquely   his locution  and they certainly  add weight  to the suspicion  that his secret  college transcripts  will never  support  his claim  to "constitutional law scholarship ".

O'keefe  and his  merry band of  hidden camera inquisitors   first struck  in the sacrosanct  halls  of  Cornell,  Yale  and  Vassar,  where they found   joyously eager   Ivy leaguers who    gladly   sliced ,   tore and shredded   the U.S. Constitution, physically and    gaily.

Then,  Project Veritas   headed south to North Carolina  where they  did their subversive act  on the Tar Heel state's   three  top universities  ( two of which ,  Duke and  UNC  Chapel Hill  ARE   ranked   higher  than some Ivy League colleges ) .

To the  "keepers of Title IX"  a young O'Keefe complainant  asked  that the United States Constitution  be  removed  and banned  from her dormitory because it was  " a trigger ". 

At NC State, She was graciously received and   eagerly  vindicated  by a staunch  anti- US Constitution   decision.

 At Duke ,  the instigators were  brushed off   and  dismissed .

 At Chapel Hill , It was suggested   in some very  fancy syntax,  that  the complainer  go  and have  her  head examined , so-to -speak!

This is all very exciting, rewarding and heartwarming  for this old soul .  I visited Chapel Hill   as a youngster  and wanted to go there,  but needed  to  stay closer  to an ailing  parent .

I have to admit  Ihave mixed feelings about  O'Keefe and his  Project Veritas not making  it to the Carter Center  at Emory  !

 Yet ....