Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did He LIE ? Allen West Says "Gitouttahere !!!

Two rather startling developments unfolded in the DoJ scandal wherein the ATF dissemination of illegal automatic arms apparently caused the death of U.S. Borderatrolman Brian Terry...and possibly others.

On the heels of acting ATF director Ken Melson spilling his guts in a secret interview with Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley, a Salem, Oregon investigative reporter has uncovered evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder either misled or lied to Issa.

You can read the whole reprt HERE.

Later Sunday, the DAILY CALLER.COM quoted Congressman Allen West of Fortr Lauderdale, FL as saying that if the White House does not immediately replace A.G. Eric Holder we should take that as tacit approval by the chief executive of the entire "Gungate" scandal dubbed "Operation Fast and Furious" by the Department of Justice.

Sooner or later, however distasteful it may be, some unit of the statist lamestream media MUST cover this story.

We would remind them that no one was murdered in either the Watergate of Iran-Contra scandals over which they slavered for years like rabid wolves.