Monday, March 09, 2015

What ? Me Worry ?

We are subject to all manner of Age-ist criticism just for hanging around too long  and remembering stuff.  It makes some people uncomfortable when they cannot safely invent a new "reality" you know.

But they cannot heap "ADD"  criticism on someone who checks out all the main line media outlets  and about a Baker's dozen blogs at least twice a day and sometimes at midnight.

For instance, late Monday night Breitbart News broke the story that the White House  "admitted" the president exchanged emails with his secretary of state Hillary Clinton while she served.

But it was over the weekend that the president, harassed about Hillary Clinton's private email shenanigans,  he was quoted as saying that he first learned Ms. Clinton used a non-government email account in a recent New York Times report.

Now, tell me... Is it unfair to say that there is a falsehood lurking in there somewhere ?

And then there is the conception exception.

While in Selma, Alabama, the president regaled a slavering coterie of green as well as seasonrd reporters and columnists with the revelation that the Selma March was "the Inspiration for"  his conception and birth.

But his arithmetic leaves a great dealto be desired.

The famous Selma March was in 1965.  The president, according to the only records extant, was born four years earlier  in 1961 !

Surely, we Ancients are not the only ones who pay attention and consequently get repeatedly Zotted and outraged by these Blivets.

We hereby declare we are paying attention. But we also declare that we cannot decipher the code.  Is this a matter of over excited neediness for understanding?.... Or is it pathological Bullspitting ?

And how much more of this  will you suffer before you start worrying a little bit?