Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who Sees??? Or Hears???

There are major criminal activities going on at the highest levels of the present administration and both involve subversion and lie-mongering to cover up mischief.

The news media call it "leaking". I call it anti-American treason.

Someone in the White House has been, for the entire time of this administration, been sharing classified secret information with friendly media outlets. The New York Times has admitted routinely receiving special treatment and also confessed that it always gived cabinet level a firt-read and edit on all major political stories before printing them.

Many Washinton reporters have complained that the White House has "pets" and that AP, WaPo and MSNBC also are all in the tank as propagandists.

Now, a very circumspect democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has begin to complain and criticize the "leaking".

Feinstein takes her position as chair of the Senate Intelligence Comittee on Intelligence very seriouly and does NOT view her job there as a political perk, but as a precious contract with the ALL Americans to protect them and the nation from international thugs and slaughtering terrorists.

This week she firmly chastized and warned the White House. She intimated that information given to papers and TV talking heads concerning the SEALS' killing binLaden has led to vengeful (fatal??) acts by foreign agents and provocateurs. American deaths have bee been traced to other "leaks".


When all Hell broke out in San Francisco after the Harvey Milk assassination, Feinstein, not yet a senator, spent months on a firing range with an instructor, learning all about all kinds of guns. She is one serious and responsible person, her PeeCee blindness to the contrary notwithstanding.

What I cannot understand is why none of the conservative pundits and political candidates have not broadcast the issue of spilling the intelligence and security information and beat the weasel, amoral and disloyal denizens of the White House about their ears with it.

Is this is incestuous bribing of news disseminators "transparency" of a "higher calling" ???

Senator Feinstein does not think so.

Neither do I.

It smells like "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" to me...maybe treason.

Break out the "I" word !