Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Layers upon Layers

All we can try to do here is to widen the dissemination of information that your nightly news and daily rags fail to give you. A teeny bit at a time, there is soooooo much.

Here, though, is an interesting tidbit.

According to the American Spectator's "PROWLER" the bureaucratic skulduggery is an equal opportunity deal within the Beltway Labyrinth, even into Kat Sibelieus' Health and Human Services domain.

Just last weekend, HHS number crunchers came up with the startling "news" that private-policy health insured will pay many thousands more for their protection under Obamacare.

This was often "mentioned" by opponents of the legislation, and dismissed as "scare-mongering" by the President, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid and others.

Now, post-passage, the HHS and Sibelius joined the "Scare-Mongerers".

But wait....An undercover mole whistleblowing inside the sprawling entrails of HHS tells The Spectator that the accountants made this report three weeks before the legislation passed. (http://tinyurl.com/29ays86).

Check it out. This and manymore revelations will be forthcoming after you boot these opaque bumblers from Congress.

Even with their lapdog media suckups, the Left minions hide facts and try to obfuscate when truth is revealed.

Small California idiot ideologe Henry Waxman is still wiping egg and manure from his face and hair after stomping his little footsies in a hissy-fit when U.S. corporations started filing expectations of up to $2 billion in losses due to Obamacare implementation.

Waxman, nor any other Democrat has pointed out that the company conptrollers were simply obeying the federal (SEC) Sarbanes-Moxley Law, which Waxman shrilly supported when it was enacted.

Alphabet metworks, the AssPress and daily newspapers (which lost another nine per cent of circulation in the last three months) will not supply this sort of information.