Friday, March 08, 2013

Mad Scientist Plus 1,000 Igors

What are we to make of this performace by ourZombie Bureaucracy?

Millions of dollars spent recklessly daily on Drones and Hackers to spy on frequent communicators on the Internet...

But not one dime for a White House "tourist".

Millions of dollars for new uniforms for Big Sis'  TSA / HS goons....but less than half-force for U.S. Border security.

Lavish vacations for POTUS and FLOTUS....But a freeze on $$$ for legitimate DoJ  investigations---selectively applied.

Between 5,000 and 6,000 illegal criminal non-citizens freed from deportation detention.  But not ONE border agent or ICE enforcer has yet been "furloughed"   or canned.

This is a  well rehearsed and acted out comedy of Lies and Liars in an attempt to scare all American citizens, and  an ill disguised  shot at "blaming"  all our woes on "Republicans", especially newly elected members of Congress with Hispanic names who are  *(gasp)*  CONSERVATIVES !

The dministration wants us to believe that the "sequestration"  budget cuts  are none  of the President's doing.

But he  signed off on them as did  Democrat legislators.

Now, with the help of his Media Whores,  the president wants to emphasize all the pain, and escape any  responsibility for  his meandering, bumbling cynicism.

He is aided by many, many nasty abbetors and conspirers.

Meanwhile, have you noticed that unemployment is up to 8.1 % again?

No one dare speak the name of the misery index with the DOW  heading for 15,000.

And the Sheeple just slink along for another beating...another whimper.