Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Can We Borrow the Oval Office ?

A really fine writer and thinker, Robert Tracinski reminded me of a wonderful story about President  Abraham Lincoln and General George "In Situ" McClellan.

In  his best, affable passive-aggressive acerbity, Pres. Lincoln called McClellan to task for dilatory non-activity.

"If you are not using the Army," Jonest Abe said, "I would like to borrow it for a little while..."

Thank you Bob, in a vain attempt to rattle Pres. Obama's self-inflicted cage, you have jogged many of our full craws to the point of up-chucking.

For instance, leaked  reports  from frustrated Pentagon sources allow that despite his wimpy statement that "we have no strategy" vis a vis the Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria, the president has been continually advised and updated for more than a year on the coalescing, strengthening and bloodthirsty activity of the new, improved giant-sized terrorist army in search of a new Caliphate.


Oh, where are we going to find someone with a spine that will ask the commander-in-chief  if we can borrow  his army to protect ourselves on the upcoming anniversary of  9/11, 2001 ?

A survey reported on Tuesday, September 2 2014 showed that the great majority of Americans do not want Casper Milquetoast  as a protector in lavender lace drawers. Neither do they want a 
shoot-'em-up cowboy.

But we've never had a Neville Chamberlain in the Oval Office before.  And it isn't the fact that he never went to summer camp or  trained on a firing range.

What it is, as Andy Griffith would  say the POINT (and he was a stomp down left-wing liberal)  is "totin'  that punkin to the goal through a mass of fighting, kicking, gashing, bloody, muddy adversaries who want to stomp your eyeballs out..."

Where have the guys with the guts ( and the strategies) gone ?  

The joint Chiefs don't look sharp in the drapery of doormats, either.

If I had my way, we would borrow the whole military, and put Camille Paglia in charge.

Or dig up Golda Meir.