Sunday, December 07, 2014

A COOL Six-and-a-half million !

Most visitors to this blog know that we are somewhat obsessed with good polling data.  Good polling data, however depends on a good sample properly unsanitized and sprawling. That is the opinion here.

What about a poll around the globe that contacted and recorded the opinion of 6,580,271 people from all continents, all races, somewhat proportioned by economic standing and literacy.  That is, the poorest in this sample far outnumber people with regular jobs or professions.

The respondents were given 16 "issues" and asked to identify the one problem that concerned them most, then the second, and so on down to 16th in importance.

HERE  it is the story that caught our eye.

Global warming, or climate change, or what ever you wish to call the bogus algorean /UN farce, was 16th across the board. The Nadir.

This would lead us to believethat Gruber is the stupid one and the regular citizen of the world, just sweating to gather enough to eat has no time for the folks who said in 1999 that there would be between 50,000 and 100,000 dead global warming refugee and living skeletons by 2010 

Another  Revelation was the problem that almost every single respondent picked as the number one crisis for humanity:

A proper and honest education for every child.

Learnung came  before everything else for the six and one half million!!! This further raises the bar for those highfalutin "leaders"  who do not  realize they are servants, and believe us all stupid--- their best evidence being that we elect and tolerate morons on occasion. 

But, thank God, not always. And sometimes, the least of us amazes  the Pooh-Bahs of the United Nations organization, who scorn us and our opinions. May it EVER be so.

What are the odds that the international thieves who line their pockets with "carbon footprint"  tax money and income from wind and solar energy hoaxes will call for a recount ? 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Caucus Carcass Profiile

The Congressional Black Caucuswas caucusing.

“Doing that “hands up don’t shoot” thang on the floor of the House went over like a lead elephant.” Complained one member.

“These Crackuhs jus’ don’t GIT it !” whined another.

 “Yeah ! Buncha ole white Kluxers don’ WANT to hear or see nuthinn !”

“But,” the senior member interposed, “that New Orleans Saints tight end ain’t no white Kluxer. He a kinda preacher !”

“And Charles Barkley, HE damn sho aint no white racist . He called us “scumbags”.

“Naw he didn’t ! He call them rioters “scumbags !”

“Same thang !”

“Well, see  what I’m saying is, we’ve got some repairs to make.”

“This ain’t the time to talk reparations....”

“Will you shut up, iggernunt ?”

“I GOT IT !” Another senior member said. “Mikey's  DADDY ! Here  is what we do............”

And that is how it happened that when Speaker John Boehner gaveled  the house to order for the next session , the Congressional Black Caucus Marched en masse into the chamber chanting:

“We gonna burn this bitch down..Down..Down !.... Gonna burn her black and flat...Oh yeah....!” 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Spark-ing Conversation

“Well they didn’t bite did they?!”
“Naw, and I thought sure some moron right-winger would lead the parade to impeach me!”
“Yeah... The martyrdom gig would have set the stage for your base to flanme out the whole US of A !”
“That Witch from Minnesota says they “choose not to engage”. What the hell does that mean?”
“I think it means you can wipe that mierde-munching grin off your face and DO something. You just dropped another three approval points!”
“Say whut ?...Do whut ?”
“Well how about firing somebody ? That will shake things up and give your fanny-smoochers  in the media a chance to swoon over your incisive “style”... It’s been a long time.”
“Well it’s got to be somebody responsible for following my plan precisely.... Some plan that has not worked out the way I dreamed it up.”
“I GOT it !”
“You got whut ?”
“HAGEL !  He’s followed your directions straight into collapse mode...AND, he’s a REPUBLICAN !!”
“Hmmmmm...You m,y HAVE something there, Val......”

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

All Con Men Lie (See Video !)

First, he said he never heard of Jon Gruber. "I just now heard about this..." is how he was quoted.

Then, someone dug up a 2006 video and story in which he mentioned consulting Professor Gruber.

Well, everyone has lost count now. This White House feeds on and regurgitates confusion and obfuscation. Rush Limbaugh, on Monday called the president "a common pathological  LIAR..."

This Blog has often referred to the "Flim-Flam Man", the "Con Artist", the "Three-Card Monte" dealer and the sleight-of-hand faker.

By this weekend, there will not be the blindest liberal who has not heard the evidence that the three ALPHABET   TV nets tried to suppress---to keep from U.S. citizens.

Now, Dr. Gruber tells abot his joining Obama to plan how to hide or lie "out of"  the  "Cadillac Tax" in Obamacare. SEE VIDEO HERE!

We KNOW it is bad "form" to say "Tolja So !" But Cato's Depot branded this whole national administration as poseurs and con liars before it  began its deepredations. It shrivels the soul to remember them athwart the white Greek colmns. But it's worse than we ever thought.

 And now there's no place to hide any more.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Firm Eyes = HUGE Prize

It is to laugh that we look at what will soon be the election of the ninth Republican Senator to erase a Democrat incumbent in 2014.

Sen. Mary Landrieu defeated herself last week in her runoff to be decided the first week in December. She vigorously attacked her opponent, Bill Cassidy for "being AWOL  during and in the wake of hurricanes Katrina andRita.

We cannot believe she did not know Cassidy is a medical doctor and that he used his own resources to organize and fund an emergency medical center for refugees of the hurricanes.

Maybe Miss Mary doesn't know that the national Democrat  Party has withdrawn all funds supporting her candidacy as of the night of November 4, 2014.

There's a lot of that going on. The dems  cut their losses in a lot of places. Those left high and dry would make a long, LAWNG list of losers.

For the liberal party did not just lose the Senate and the House and the hold on governorships,  it lost nationwide almost every state legislature and all the way down two justices of the peace ! Read THIS !

I am not sure that even every Republican officeholder in the United States realizes what has happened.  It just goes to show you that names rarely count.

For instance, would you have picked Reince Priebus over Debbie Wasserman Scgultz ?  (Party Chairpersons.)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Brutally Obvious

A threat from Democrat biased  members of the Federal Communications Commission to make new regulations that would  restrict and censor the Drudge Report and other Internet sites was reported this past week to be "in the words".  See Story HERE

There is nothing new about the left wing radicals attempting to stifle those who disagree with their Marxist agenda.

There's nothing new so is hewith their being very afraid of any source of information other than their pet lapdog cronies at the New York Times and the alphabet networks.  Especially in the last six years the doctrinaire national Socialists have tried every way in their power to silence those critical of the Democrat agenda. 

It is with great relief that we can declare they have failed, because we are now on the threshold of conservative control of both houses of the legislature and most of the governorships in the USA.

But what is remarkable is that one of their minions would  announce a plan to control Matt Drudge and his website, the Drudge Report.

Matt Drudge is not in the composing or propaganda business.  He has been from the beginning an "Aggregatpr". That is, he is a portal to other websites, other writers, news sources, opinion columns throughout the world.

Those who visit him HERE .will see that he offers linkage to every wire service, every news source,every coluimnist in the political spectrum from communist to fascist stripe and to every telervision outlet. ALL OPINIONS are represented in the columns of Matt Drudge's website.

So what is behind this determined effort to control a website that directs its readers to the Chicoms' Xinhua,  the Muslims' Al Jazeera as well as the Huffington Post ??

These frothy-mouthed airheads, it turns out, are just opposed to any freedom of choice or liberty for individuals. They are spoiled rotten with their squishy bailiwick of  "liberal" lies and half-truths that they have enjoyed building and repairing since the 1970s.

They seek to draw the black curtain of misinformation, disinformation and cradle-to-grave obfuscation closer and more firmly around the body politic.

And when they see a conservative revolution gathering steam enough to replace their Senate, they lose a sense of proportion and ability to cerebrate rationally.  That is...IF they have possessed same.

The tip-off  is that a left-winger would actually announce such a plan. He obviously never attended any school where they discussed the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution. Ignorance is the heaviest endowment of all.

The vacuous fellow who came up with this plan can be classified in the same IQ group with Hillary Clinton, who pronounced sternly this past Friday that businesses can not create jobs.

Who chooses or votes for these people?  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

NOT "Mayflower-esque"

Some of you may brush this off as trivial but then you may take pause and think: "Wait a minute...!"

It's a little story I ran across in a regional newspaper published in the area of the Natick, Massachusetts Township.

The newspaper story, in itself, said that "somebody" told "somebody" that somebody else had told the first somebody that they saw a man "in Town Hall"  with "a big bulge in his pocket like, maybe, a gun... Like !"

The third or fourth somebody went to a constable and then the constable and the last somebody went to the "Chair" of the selectmen, one Martha White.

Now it is important to recognize that Natick is in the area where all of the "Mayflower"  families still remain. They have simple monosyllabic or di-syllabic names like White, Smith, Rogers, Rolfe, Bradford and Allen.

These people do not have to call for a vote on anything. They are endowed by their redolent 17th century  airs with higher credentials than any referendum can bestow.

At any rate,  Ms. White canvassed her Selectmen and announced a rule, or ordinance, or law prohibiting any attendee at a Natick  town meeting from being armed with a weapon, with heavier sanctions in the case of the weapon being concealed from plain view.

Citizens of the Township did not need to wait for print publication of the new legal prohibition.  The checkout line grapevine and tavern talemongers sufficed to spread the word.

In two days, Ms. White was suffocated by protesting mail and her computer inbox was frozen with even more and angrier rants and threats.

"I was dumbfounded !" she was quoted as saying. "Shocked I tell you ! "  (She didn't know there were that many people in the Township, let alone that many people who even knew that guns existed anywhere near Natick.

One selectman reportedly said he "didn't understand the question".  At the last update, it lookked like Ms. White's gambit was doomed.

One of the complaining Natick townsmen reportedly said:
 "I own an ancient shotgun with Damascus barrels that will split if it's shot... But I'm familiar with the second amendment in the Bill of Rights and I know what this present Supreme Court said about that. The selectmen are ripe for the silly farm!

Now this blog is not about guns.  That is settled law. We present these Massachusetts happenings simply as an insight into how people can get a hold of a lot of authority without getting a hold of a smidgen of wisdom or information. And people who have been elevated to positions loftier than their IQ or ability to reason may be as dangerous as media liars...Or traitors !

Monday, September 22, 2014


The working condition of the present administration's foreign policy was unclothed again Monday by John (He WAS  in Vietnam!) Kerry, who is supposed to be Secretary of State and majordomo of all things diplomatic.

The dilettante mainstream media's inability to agree on whether the latest incarnation of seventh century (AD / DE) butchery  should be called  ISIS or ISIL, the initial "I" in both appellations certainly stands for "ISLAM" for the international press.

(ISIS is "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" and ISIL stands for "Islamic State in the Lecant".)

But Kerry, in his exalted role and with great hauteur, looked down his nose at former Congressman and nowadays TV host Joe Scarborough and smugly confided that "ISIS has nothing to do with Islam".  Clicj HJERE for Story

All the way up to the Oval Office,  the flimflammers  believe they can make anything come true by saying it !

We are all innured to the Jabberwocky of Joe Biden,  and Kerry HAS  been downright silly sometimes when faced by the reality of Bibi Netanyahu, but this kind of Abbott and Costello  doubletalk is beyond outlandish.

Don't send in the clowns... He are already here.

Can the United States get a reshuffle of these wildcards or a reset of doofus domination in the executive branch of our government in time to survive ? 

If a big shot government Poo-Bah  thinks he can laugh away his spoken absurdities, do we just go our ignorant, sappy way and pretend these confused con men are "harmless" ???

At our Peril !!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Can We Borrow the Oval Office ?

A really fine writer and thinker, Robert Tracinski reminded me of a wonderful story about President  Abraham Lincoln and General George "In Situ" McClellan.

In  his best, affable passive-aggressive acerbity, Pres. Lincoln called McClellan to task for dilatory non-activity.

"If you are not using the Army," Jonest Abe said, "I would like to borrow it for a little while..."

Thank you Bob, in a vain attempt to rattle Pres. Obama's self-inflicted cage, you have jogged many of our full craws to the point of up-chucking.

For instance, leaked  reports  from frustrated Pentagon sources allow that despite his wimpy statement that "we have no strategy" vis a vis the Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria, the president has been continually advised and updated for more than a year on the coalescing, strengthening and bloodthirsty activity of the new, improved giant-sized terrorist army in search of a new Caliphate.


Oh, where are we going to find someone with a spine that will ask the commander-in-chief  if we can borrow  his army to protect ourselves on the upcoming anniversary of  9/11, 2001 ?

A survey reported on Tuesday, September 2 2014 showed that the great majority of Americans do not want Casper Milquetoast  as a protector in lavender lace drawers. Neither do they want a 
shoot-'em-up cowboy.

But we've never had a Neville Chamberlain in the Oval Office before.  And it isn't the fact that he never went to summer camp or  trained on a firing range.

What it is, as Andy Griffith would  say the POINT (and he was a stomp down left-wing liberal)  is "totin'  that punkin to the goal through a mass of fighting, kicking, gashing, bloody, muddy adversaries who want to stomp your eyeballs out..."

Where have the guys with the guts ( and the strategies) gone ?  

The joint Chiefs don't look sharp in the drapery of doormats, either.

If I had my way, we would borrow the whole military, and put Camille Paglia in charge.

Or dig up Golda Meir.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pollster Literacy

Literacy is the parent of credibility.

I don’t know if that’s  original here or  not; but ever since I passed a college course on Public Opinion at Emory University when Elmo Roper and Harris were starting out to compete with Gallup, I’ve been an addicted poll rat .

And I’ve had some bizarre wake-up calls along the way. Even today when everything is supposed to be so sophisticated and complex , there are ways to test the credibility if  not the accuracy of a public opinion survey 

For instance, within a month of the retreat of Scott Rasmussen from the poll to which he gave his name, the company began to deteriorate in credibility from the most accurate of all the American survey specialists to a clear left-leaning posture, revealing that they had returned to a sampling methodology based on the 2008 party split , rather than the 2010 / 2012 numbers . 

In these days when Reuters and Gallup show Obama’s approval at 40% or less while Rasmussen clings to a 47% approval on the same days of testing , it is bizarre .

But here is the strange thing . The syntax in the Rasmussenj website reporting is also bad. It has  frequent misspellings and slipshod editing like today’s use of “now “ for the very important verb “KNOW” !!!

I’ve noted the same thing in polls on local and state races. In Georgia today for instance, while five other surveys show David Perdue from 7 to 9 points ahead of Michelle Nunn, a WSB TV website headline gushes that Nunn “has expanded“  a lead that she has never even had , in any of the polls averaged on the Real Clear Politics unbiased and most credible site of all. The emotional one-sided awkward screed at WSB TV contributes to the embarrassment.

I’m reminded of Li’l Abner”s comic strip assertion long ago that “As any fool can plainly see ...I see !!!”

If they can’t report their findings clearly and with literate language and if they do not edit for clarity and accuracy , they probably do not do a circumspect job with the numbers.

Or  so it seems here . 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This has been rather a lengthy hiatus-- seven months since the last post in Cato's Depot. The future succession of posts will be sporadic rather than regular.

However, a small but powerful reminder of what's wrong passed across the monitor screen Wednesday that prompts a reminder that one should consider all future possibilities before one calls someone who is irritating, "dumb" because of a disagreement.

That would be true especially if the person one branded as "dumb" has ( or had)  more information and/or experience than the "Dumb-Brander".

And, THEN:

There, staring at me from my monitor  was an officer of the new Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, brandishing a Scimitar over the head of  a Western journalist, having just beheaded an American journalist and now gloating and threatening... Albeit incognito in a ski mask.

And there, also on my monitor was a story that harked back eight years ago about a response that George W. Bush, then president of the United States, made to Democrat demagogues raising hell for the United States to leave Iraq immediately.

Bush said then that leaving Iraq "prematurely" before "the job was done" would lead to something unimaginably worse than al Qaeda.  He was quoted as saying in that 2006 statement that a "bug out" by Americans from Iraq would definitely fertilize and prompt the establishment of an organized politically and militarily more rovust  that will be  capable of challenging the West on a higher-level of organization and financial strength due to the Iraq oil reserves. Bush said at that time, if we left a vacuum behind us, mere t and go  terrorism would be replaced by sophisticated political, financial and military development that would outpace anything yet seen in the Middle East and pose a real   constant threat to the West.

Pretty dumb, Huh ?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Too Late

No one is going to mark the date, but on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, Ernest Istook quoted  a group of  honest, concerned scientists and clinicians headed by the nation's "DRUG Czar", Obama's appointee, contradicting  the Chief Magistrate's latest clueless ignorant babbling. CICK, SEE STORY 

President Obama had announed that recreational cannabis use is not as dangerous as  use of alcohol, and nothingt to be alarmed about.

The Drug Czar's website, (part of  White   warns  that pot not only killls  teens' brain cells,but that it's inhaled smoke has more cancer causing chemicals than tobacco. It also   kills volition. Alcohol does none of this.

Any of his old "Choom" buddies could have set him straight.  The marijuana they used in the late 70's was about  10% as strong as today's Colorado and Wasgington State LEGAL product; even less powerful than hash, oil and some "medical"  distillations.

This is something about which we actualy  have  empirical as well as clinical knowledge, having been given: first abstinence and then opportunity to work with thousands of addicts and their famlies for more than 20 years, professionally and socially.

But my opinions are not my point here. The Department of Drug Enforsement has viewed the softening of attitudes toward cannabis in the U.S. with fear-not-just-alarm.

What thoughtful people ask again and again is:

"Why the great rush to legalize a drug that civilizations older than ours still view with documented  negativity ?...Even horror.

The adoption of the appellation "Assassin" from the root of "Hashish" in  early Asia Minor was not without reason and evidence.

Look at the nations that still enforce  harsh penalties for importation, sale and possession of cannabis in any form. CLICK HERE

There is no longer any hope of stemming the tide of irresponsibility that has clouded and debased America  for decades  It is now "hitting its stride" with widespread  clamor for legalizing illegal mind altering drugs.

Those, like the "Czar" and his colleagues who COURAGEOUSLY speak their TRUTH to Brute selfish power should never be forgotten.