Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Too Late

No one is going to mark the date, but on Tuesday, January 21, 2014, Ernest Istook quoted  a group of  honest, concerned scientists and clinicians headed by the nation's "DRUG Czar", Obama's appointee, contradicting  the Chief Magistrate's latest clueless ignorant babbling. CICK, SEE STORY 

President Obama had announed that recreational cannabis use is not as dangerous as  use of alcohol, and nothingt to be alarmed about.

The Drug Czar's website, (part of  White House.gov)   warns  that pot not only killls  teens' brain cells,but that it's inhaled smoke has more cancer causing chemicals than tobacco. It also   kills volition. Alcohol does none of this.

Any of his old "Choom" buddies could have set him straight.  The marijuana they used in the late 70's was about  10% as strong as today's Colorado and Wasgington State LEGAL product; even less powerful than hash, oil and some "medical"  distillations.

This is something about which we actualy  have  empirical as well as clinical knowledge, having been given: first abstinence and then opportunity to work with thousands of addicts and their famlies for more than 20 years, professionally and socially.

But my opinions are not my point here. The Department of Drug Enforsement has viewed the softening of attitudes toward cannabis in the U.S. with fear-not-just-alarm.

What thoughtful people ask again and again is:

"Why the great rush to legalize a drug that civilizations older than ours still view with documented  negativity ?...Even horror.

The adoption of the appellation "Assassin" from the root of "Hashish" in  early Asia Minor was not without reason and evidence.

Look at the nations that still enforce  harsh penalties for importation, sale and possession of cannabis in any form. CLICK HERE

There is no longer any hope of stemming the tide of irresponsibility that has clouded and debased America  for decades  It is now "hitting its stride" with widespread  clamor for legalizing illegal mind altering drugs.

Those, like the "Czar" and his colleagues who COURAGEOUSLY speak their TRUTH to Brute selfish power should never be forgotten.

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