Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eeeeeeek !!!!!!!

In Rotterdam, The Netherlands, authorities have dispensed with the  excess expenses of police detectives' overtime and training and use of "sniffer" Police K-9  specislists.

They are substituting.....well....RATS !


What will this mean to the rest of the uncivilized world (the DUTCH  ALWAYS "break the mould")

If these  anticanine economies spread to the UK and (*gasp*) to America,  there will be a predictable uproar from feminists protesting anti-Girl policies of the rodential exploiters, with a subsequent volume of "Eeeeeeeks!  emitting from the  Feminaziz who ae notoriously  wary of rats.

There will follow, as the slick-tailed critters take over policing of airports, replacing Homeland Security GROPERS and gallant Alsatians---calls for anti-discrimination laws and demands for the banning of WARFARIN and other noxions fatal to rodents.

And, finally, as a reprise of all deterioration of authority since Adanm, there will be a surfeit of ROGUE  RATS (not to be confused with RugRats or "kids" ).

Where will it all end ?

Probably with an Earthwide search led by the Greenie Environmentalists for an AlGorean Pied Piper to save the Planet.

Progress, always Precarious, also always has pusillanimity guaranteed.

Eeeeeeeeeeek !