Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fresh Chit'lin' Sandwich

Anyone who has read many of these blogs on the Depot have learned that my favorite "Founding Father" was the brilliant warrior, legislator, diplomat and finally our defining Chief Justice, John Marshall of Virginia.

He halted every attempt to reinvent monarchy and collectivuism.

He was the guardian of federalism until the nation was well out of the grasp of mobocracy. He was VERY tough on lawyers, seduced every anti-Federalist jurist named to the court and ALWAYS surprised his friends and opponents with his cogent, pragmatic, insidious and soaring rhetorical logic.

To bathe in Marshall's glory, you mighht want to read "John Marshall, DEFINER of a Nation" by Jean Edward Smith, which stands as one of the three greatest biopgraphies ever writted about an American.

I mention my personal Hero because I thought of him when Chief Justice Jon Roberts handed down his healthcare decision.

It was a subtle, devastating decision, weakening the tyranny of the commerce clause, and branding the healthcare thrust for what it is, a mammoth tax-grab (enforced by doubling the corps of IRS agents).

This is the sort of craft Marshall used, time and again, to save the American Republic.

It was rare, indeed, when Mr. Justice Marshall failed to hand somebody a "poop sandwich".

One of our most brilliant writers of this age, Bob Tyrell, founder of the American Spectator, developed this theme in a recent essay. You can read that piece HERE .

All this is proof that Nancy Perlosi is not the only ignoramus who did not read the legislation, and that certainly includes all the silly conservatives who leaped to excoriate the Chief Justice as well as the moronic, cretinous leftwingers who went pottymouthed to vent baseless venom.

It would appear that Mr. Justice Roberts actually READ the law.

Thank the Lord, Tyrell read the opinion as I did. And I had to magnify the type 14 times on this screen.

As Tyrrel says, weakening the commerce clause and its chimerical evil may be the greatest gift the court has given this nation in decades.

The implications are breathtaking for conservative thinking.