Sunday, March 18, 2018

Joey and Diversity

One of the most endearing-- and enduring-- memories I have of Joey is that of a 16-year-old male, complexly and loose ends during a summer vacation visit to St. Simons Island, he met a pretty 15-year-old girl at a record shop listening to a Benny Goodman sextet platter and he became very fond of her, met her parents and took 
her to a drugstore soda fountain. They had a lot of  likes and dislikes in common .

At the time he was really in thick with the Ken Harris Orchestra and Joe Denton, the vocalist, had a  summerlong gig at the King and Prince Hotel on the island.

They must've had a spy, because a couple of horn players  started teasing him, "Johwee-Johwee-- got kissed by the hare-lipped girl...Oh My !"

"Shut up stupid!," Was Joey's defensive answer. "She has a small defect in the roof of her mouth, that's all. Besides, she's brilliant  and she's beautiful."

They went on honking at Joey but they couldn't get him angry. She was from Stone Mountain and they corresponded until he went to college.

Many years later, Joey said he made all of his society / fraternity friends angry when he went traipsing off with two Jews and a Greek, to navigate Atlanta's area transportation system (Trolleys !) from Marrieta to Stone Mountain, and he doesn't  remember thinking of her. But he DID !

The Jews were Ike Dreizen  and Jerry Berman. The Greek was Photis Nikkolos. Lasting mutual bonds ensued.

That was the way he was.  He postponed a homage visit to Helen Morgan singing seated on a piano at the  Rrainbow Room to eat his first Lebanese meal at Charlie Maloof's  home.

He just tacked through life's Headwind  pushing aside norms and expectations like crumbs from  his sweater... Always preferring an authentic  EXPERIENCE.

So, Joey DID  "diversity" before it became a "Social Imperative.""

Friday, March 09, 2018

Random Gallant Blessing For Us

This is a story about two American Texans who just happened to cross paths at the Waffle House  in their hometown of La Marque, near Galveston.

Adrian Charpentier is a living, breathing specific specimen of the "Old White Man". He is 80-ish, stumbles and mumbles a lot. 

Evoni  Williams is an 18-year old African-American high school graduate who hasn't missed a day at work in the local Waffle House since she got her diploma.  She is saving every penny she earns for college education in business administration "no matter how long it takes..."

When Charpentier  struggled to his seat at her counter, Evoni  took his order and when she served him, she routinely asked if he needed anything else.

More to make conversation than anything else, the elderly Charpentier answered self-deprecatingly: "My hands don't work too good and people laugh at me stabbing  my meat instead of slicing it.."

Despite the rush around her, Evoni took her time preparing the plate with morsels... bites.

That's when someone took a photograph of the interaction between the two.  Television stations later uncovered some poor  security cam footage.

The important thing is that on social media, "viral" was too tame a word for the speed-of-light sharing of this simple tableau.

My first reaction to the story was  "What's the big deal ?   We have been cutting up and fixin' food nice old folks ever since I can remember... And now my sons  and grandsons and their wives cut away gristle  and such for my toothless pleasure.

Then I realized that the Twitter and Facebook millennials have never seen this sort of behavior before. For them and what I call The SWIFT Society, a random act of  kindness, like publishing the Truth, is revolutionary... Insurrection!! And here was a dark skinned woman exchanging down-home understanding in a public place in the year-of-our Trump, 2018!!!

Econi said: "I was not raised to bash anybody. I was raised to be kind and do good and spread blessings."

And here is the magnificent truth: Evonmi will MEVER matter what.  I know because I have known her for all of my life and she is as much a part of me  as my pulse.

A lot of good things happened as the result of the publicity. 

Naturally the local mayor had to pontificate, and everybody said good words and shed honest tears. (The Shock of Recognition.)

The very intelligent leadership at Texas Southern University produced exactly the right and fitting miracle for Evoni---a $16,000 scholarship for her degree. And  Evoni is rapturously grateful.

BUT, she warned, she is not giving up her Waffle House  shift. NO Way !

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Di-Fi Too Tame For Cal-Dems !

No trait or characteristic so exactly defines the soul of collectivist totalitarian doctrine as does the reaction of devoted  HIVE drones to the noncompliance of a fellow revolutionary with blind standards of belief.

The unruly cell member is "dropped" like a hot horseshoe by a vacant-eyed idiot at a blacksmith's forge.

The most powerful example in history--- and I was there!!!-- Was when Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin signed a nonaggression pact as Hitler devoured Austria Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland. 

If one had been prescient  enough (and few commentators were), one could have identified communists and communist sympathizers in the  United States by their attitude and subsequent protests for "peace at any price".

But when Hitler thrust his Teutonic sword  up Russia's backsides with a massive and murderous invasion...ALL the "peace at any price" screamers became bloodthirsty warmongers, denouncing President Franklin Roosevelt for his timidity !

There are few around now who really experienced this. But it is regarded by historians as a major clue to the strength of  the old "Comintern", for the uproar to demolish Hitler and Nazi Germany became a worldwide enthusiasm as the Germans plodded toward  Stalingrad and Moscow.

Now in 2018, right here in the United States... Specifically in California we have a similar tableau.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, has served the Democratic Party and her nation since just after the Harvey Milk murder and scandal when she was a Supervisor in the San Francisco city government. Since that time, she has been true to every principle she voiced when she first ran for the Senate.

She is noted for being a gun- toter and a second amendment supporter-- actually  she is a thoroughgoing constitutionalist.

And, with the possible exception of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R. IA) Feinstein, as the ranking member of  Senate Intelligence, knows where all the bodies are buried--both Democrat and Republican. Even her critics will tell you she is one tough cookie and hard to mislead or con.

That would mean she has the truth of the Obama / Clinton / Holder / Comey / Steele / Fusion GPS  / FISA court manipulations.  And her "Truth" probably does not square with the version hawked by Congressman Schiff and House Democrats.

Therefore, she will be discarded.  California "Progressive"  Panjanrums  have already chosen her successor. He is Kevin De Leon, the son of two illegal aliens who entered the United States some years ago and citizenship cases like his have yet to be adjudicated. But that won't matter, because when he is elected, 
Di-Fi will be gone and California Dreaming will be 
fait accompli !

THAT is the HIVE for you in a nutshell. 

Is it a peek into the future for the other 49 states ?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Snowflake Destruction

Fort Lauderdale's Sun Sentinel reported Saturday that the Broward school board is seriously considering tearing down the three-story building where Nikolas Cruz slaughtered 17 people and wounded scores more, actually fulfilling predictions made by students and families to the FBI concerning the troubled, expelled, medicated Cruz.

There is no way to quantify the emotions of thousands in the community affected by the dereliction of duty by those paid and prepared to serve and protect the innocent from just this kind of depravity. None of us should presume to judge the knee-jerk panicky reaction:

"Make it not SO !!! Make the fkashbacks go away !"

The view here is that brick and mortar and glass and metal have nothing to do with what happened at the hands of a sick madman.

We really ought to raze and dissolve the conditions under which an angry self-destructive and violently antisocial person was suckled at the breast of political correctness by local law enforcement which had visited Cruz' home 39 times in recent months and the FBI, which was alerted to the specific intentions of this man by sober and competent adult families.

Surely this "snowflake"  descent  into unreasonable flagellation is not unlike society's decision to never build another ocean liner after  the Titanic sank. On the way the nation sprang to action and outlawed railroad commerce after Casey Jones' ill-fated derailment of old number whatever.

Maybe I've got the history wrong, but the analogy stings, nevertheless.

Instead of tearing down things in a wastrel binmge of self absorption, why not build something new, something glistening... Something durable and uplifting. A hallowed  memorial to the coach who thrust his breast and heart between bullets from Cruz' weapon and the sobbing throats of his boys and girls behind him ?

I remember some doggerel- like  rhymes of  Vachel Lindsey in the roaring 20s...

"Someone's always breaking windows... Someone's always throwing bricks..
"Someone's always causing trouble... Playing nasty YAHOO tricks..."

Pray we all breathe deeply and task our souls with creating and building... NEVER answering the malady of madness with useless desecration.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Land o the Bumper Cars

Efforts by corporate activists to resist or joust with the president are sinking to a silliness lower than reductio ad  absurdum !

The Peacock network (NBC) which once gave America the greatest tandem of talent professional news men ever on television has lately been the bought-and-paid-for purveyor of putrescent propaganda.

Somewhere Chet Huntly and David Brinkley are spinning out of control in their paradise newsroom. For, their  hallowed home, the oldest and most experienced broadcast network in America, has been traduced by pygmies from a sketchy  cable company that has managed to despoil even what was supposed to be a joint "Magnus" with Bill Gates.

Almost concurrent with the arrival and debriefing of ill, crippled and haunted defectors from North Korea and dictator Kim Jung un, the Peacock network sent a young fellow to report from Pyongyang  in an obvious effort to buff and polish the content of that  Outhouse Autocracy.

There were two takeaways from the resulting report by the eager reporter that left him and his bosses nekkid , awkward and irrelevant.

One was when the most exciting and popular "ride" he could find at the National Park was (I kid you NOT) -- the BUMPER CARS ! 

He was surprised at how vigorously the North Koreans exploited their chance to gang up on him. Gee Whizzeoo!!!

The second moment of import and undiluted information came when the reporter asked a wise looking young NK citizen how he "felt" about tensions and / or  the Winter Olympics across the DMZ line in South Korea.

The Nork's  answer was:

"I will give my last drop of blood to kill all the Americans for our dear leader !"

Obviously, the distilled  truth of  NBC's visit with the "people" of Pyongyang is ambiguous ...that they don't know what they're doing. And they don't care.

Friday, February 02, 2018


If you were shocked, embarrassed and ashamed at hearing that supposedly professional attorneys and investigators in the highest realm of America's government  are guilty of plotting and conspiring to bring about the downfall of a presidential candidate, then you are a very bright, attentive and productive American citizen.

Part of being productive is amassing all of one's moral and ethical strength  to honor pristine public servants and to, at the same time,  excoriate and punish the divisive and dishonest leeches in the bureaucratic swamp.

And, apparently, that process has just begun and will find its fruition when all American citizens deep-six partisan blinders and support the dauntless legislative investigators who are hot on the trail of the bought-and-paid-for  solicitors of perjury...traitors to the U.S. Constitution. 

The current "memo" is just the tip of a tumultuous seething volcanic peak of mammoth proportions.

Could there be anything worse for the health of earth's first and most successful free Republic?

As a matter of fact, there is.

When the president addressed the nation on the state of the union in the House of Representatives, and proclaimed the highest job market in this century and the richest ore of black American job creation, nearly half of those present sat on their hands gloomily  stonefaced, silent and obviously very very angry.

Let me tell you... That was not just TDH !  (Trump Derangement Hatred) 

It was cold, flopsweat  FEAR !

The fact that there are fewer people depending on food stamps, and fewer people unemployed and more jobs in the small business complex where the great majority of jobs actually lie---ALL these new and revolutionary occurrences mean that those who sat stonily silent in the Capitol that night are losing their chokehold on their plantation. Because that is what the Democrat party's  margin of victory has been.

And right now, hatred is being fueled by panic as the formerly dependent find their footing in a competitive community with more and more dignity, more and more jobs, more and more taxpayers and less and less hopelessness.

Americans WANT jobs and a productive existence.  There is not a psychologist on earth who will not tell you that the deepest, richest yearning for most humans is personal economic responsibility and freedom.

This is apparently a lost concept to one of the United States' partisan organizations whose very existence depends on promising pie-in-the-sky-it's-a-LIE-- and $ marks for votes. In fact, we may be in a close race with mesmerized indolence and just marginally ahead of a dark age.

Nothing can quantify our plight and the product of  entitlement- governance as well as a tableau captured and replayed on the most-watched news channel this past week. A street reporter with a live microphone and a videotaping sidekick approached the most gymnastic and overwhelmingly vocal, shrieking demonstrator.

The inquiring TV journalist asked the screamer: "And so, what are you protesting ?"

After a couple of seconds of confused silence, and some bugeyed  glances aroumd her, the fist-waver answered:

"Well,  like-- EVERYTHING !!!!"

Saturday, January 20, 2018

March of the Ediuvationoids

James Comey, the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director who was fired last year by U.S. President Donald Trump, will teach a course on ethical leadership at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, the school said on Friday. “Ethical leaders lead by seeing above the short term, above the urgent or the partisan, and with a higher loyalty to lasting values, most importantly the truth,” Comey said in a statement released by the college, the country’s second oldest. Comey graduated from William & Mary in 1984 with a double major in chemistry and religion. (Reuters--1-20-2018)

Oh, what a peachy- keen  idea. The USA's second oldest institution of higher learning is dying a discredited and suspected hypocritical manipulator of facts and motives to teach mushy brained that boys and sororoty sweethearts the difference between right and wrong !

This is obviously a practical joke, RIGHT ?

Oh.. Wait !!  It's what higher education DOES in the 21st century hereabouts.

Your local fish wrapper did not do a banner headline on this gem of a PR train wreck and your perky, 
Palsy -Welty talking head hasn't mentioned it yet.

BUT, we can casually predict some further appointments stemming from the academic Left's clueless wondering in the wilderness of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Sirhan Sirhand, of first murderous Islamic terrorist, will be released from prison to "do" seminars on how to assassinate presidential candidates in the name of a "religion of peace".

Alcee Hastings, and impeached- and- found- guilty federal judge now serving in Congress, may be elevated to a position in the Department of Defense Command and General Staff school to tutor  courts-martial members on military Justice guidelines.

Former Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards can be cajoled into distilling his wisdom and experience into a brief course on "The Ultimate Marriage and Conjugal Fifelity.

Matt Lauer  and Harvey Weinstein, of course will be top-notch professors of  "Restraint and Primacy of Virtue in the Workplace" --- a year-long course for coeducational classes at Columbia University in New York City.

For the unboggled mind, the possibilities are as promising as those of another Secretariat thoroughbred.

Bill and Hillary on "Faith and Fidelity.  Venezuela's  Maduro on "Ruling with Gentle Compassion", and Raul Castro could reveal his nation's secrets on "How to Assassinate a U. S. President with Impunity".

I tell you, the backlog of treasured teachers and professors with pomposity is virtually inexhaustible.

Send in your nominations for the next great wave of educationoids, sans portfolio.