Saturday, July 07, 2018

New Twist by AssPress

It has been suggested that modernity has passed us by.

Certainly for those of us who never saw  a newspaper or TV medium make up stuff and disseminate it as news, it is true.

But having been literally wened on the assumption that the Associated Press is a sacrosanct source of solid news, these are disquieting days... And years.

On Saturday the Pentagon had to explain to a not-too-interested media that it is NOT discharging, en masse, immigrants qualifying for citizenship through military service.

The Associated Press, apparently egged on  by a prestigious Clinton / Obama law firm, and mischievous left wing politicians, had carried a story accusing the Pentagon of mass-discharge of all "foreigners"  in the process of serving in the armed services to gain American citizenship.

The program was set up by the Obama administration in 2009, supposedly to take advantage of those people with language abilities and cultural insights that would strengthen armed services security.

For a full story, click here:

The Pentagon supplied evidence that only security risks had been discharged due to ongoing regulation background inquiries. Still the Associated Press was enervated by the invasion of its news gathering process by the powerful Democrat left wing law firm of Perkins-Coie.

Surely, we have entered some sort of Twilight-PLUS Zone when shysters exert  power and prestige that overdarkens our military defense establishment.

Originally the beneficiaries of the citizenship-for-service arrangement were Afghans, Pakistani, Iranians and Eastern Europeans. Lately there have been many Central Americans and Asians in the program.

It should mollify most Americans to have stringent military counterintelligence screening of each individual applicant in this program.

We should not bend the rules----or our knees--- to Perkins-Coie or the AssPress.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happened One Tuesday...

Scoping  the social landscape on Tuesday, June 26 it became obvious to this fossil-scrivener that--- and some friends and some detractors have hinted, some of us have been "too long at life's Gala..."

The shrinkage of our earth has never been more poisonously projected than in the shooting of a man from New Zealand by a Goochland, Virginia matron when the 24-year-old globetrotter tossed a brick through a glass door, trying to get at her 14-year-old daughter with whom he had been "carrying on" on the Internet.

Mom hit him in the neck and he was hospitalized but if he survives the will face multiple charges including murderous assault and home invasion. Friends of his told authorities he might have been on psychotropic drugs and that he was "a loner".

Let's take this  "tail / Tale" and pin it on an Ass, as we used to do in kindergarten.

Just play that scenario against the backdrop of another mentally ill person afflicted with echolalia and delusion who is, aided by similarly afflicted communications culprits, exhorting mobs to  "harass"ALL with whom they disagree.

Various sick minds in television's wasteland have offered delighted support to this threatened Mob-O-Cratic plpy. 

For anyone who lived in the 70s and saw such harassment deteriorate into fatal bombings of police by left wing crazies like Obama's friend Bill Ayers and his wife, the prospect of this vicious goading and its inescapable denoument is soul-shrivellinng.

Taking all the Tuesday news into account, the decision by the Supreme Court that the president of the United States has sovereign power to regulate some international travel by dangerous individuals comes just in time.

There are many thousands of people a lot closer than New Zealand who are much crazier than the Goochland brute. They will jump at the chance to broaden and coarsen the call of the wild woman and her supporters. And these killers will take up any banner, pretend any cause if it leads to bloodshed.

Are we ancient dinosaurs and fossils the only hearts convinced of this danger, because our time is so short ?

Maybe not. There are many baby boomers still around who just barely escaped blowing themselves up in 1968 and 1972 while planning some "harassment".

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

IOWA---Foreign Country ?

Let me tell you when I turned off the Senate hearing on FBI and DoJ treachery.

It was when someone asked another DC swamp dweller where disgraced ex-FBI diorector Jim Comey was. Why wasn't he here for the hearing..

The answer was: 

"Oh, he's out of the country... .I believe he is somewhere in Iowa !"

And there you have the whole problem, wrapped up in tissue paper with sparkles and a red ribbon.

No inbred denizen of the District of Columbia swap recognizes anything anywhere that is NOT Washington, New York or California.

This fetid and poisonous attitude bubble also imprisons incurious scriveners and localizers of the big left-wing print media (what's left of it) and all of the alphabet television outlets.

You will see CNN on the screens of ubiquitous TV sets in the Des Moines and Ashtabula airports (because CNN gives the airlines a free stage) but 95% of the people who "DO"  the news can neither locate Hennepin County as the locale of a metropolis in Minnesota---OR pronounce it correctly without a gazetteer.

One can almost literally bathe oneself in the disdain and contempt with which the "presenters" articulate "Memphis", "Atlanta",  "Tulsa" or "Shreveport"--- unless, of course some wild pothead-mad has shot up a schoolhouse in the area. THEN, they do their homework and get the name just right.

The sophomoric cretins in charge of evaluating and disseminating information to you and your children on the screen as well as the dying print rags rarely know the first rules of constructing a story but they have their eyes focused on Los Angeles and Manhattan or the nation's Capital as their future  point of no return and only a minority of  them are  trained to professional acuity in journalism.

They end up forgotten like Megan Kelly, or switch to stand-up comedy and become Kathy Griffin or Kimmey Jmmell.

Nowadays, it is a sad fact that people you see on television under the age of 30 are holding their breath just waiting for the moment when they can scream a nasty four-letter word on coast-to-coast hook up. What a powerful ambition that is !

But it won't play in Des Moine on Waco or Bloomington.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Our Dumb and Dumber

It is with heavy heart that we report on a story from The.Times of London that undergirds every suspicion held in this corner and by many of our friends and readers that our youngsters are dumb and dumber these days.

There is a caveat for the educationoids to hide behind: “Maybe the very NATURE of intelligence has changed since 1970...."

The yer 1975 is the benchmark year that this collection of “scholars” and auditors chose to be when people read books and talked to one another and learned math and languages in a traditional manner.

One of the remarkable findings was that the IQ scores of those who had a well-developed reading habit— whether they were mathematical “Brains” or not— scored with higher IQs.

(It has been discussed here before that modern architecture does not include plans for bookcases in "basic ordinary" houses— but just “on demand”!

The full story at the digital site of the T O L was blocked by a pay wall, but here is what was available to us:

The IQ scores of young people have begun to fall after rising steadily since the Second World War, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon.

The decline, which is equivalent to at least seven points per generation, is thought to have started with the cohort born in 1975, who reached adulthood in the early Nineties.

Scientists say that the deterioration could be down to changes in the way maths and languages are taught, or to a shift from reading books to spending time on television and computers.

“Yet it is also possible that the nature of intelligence is changing in the digital age and cannot be captured with traditional IQ tests. The turning point marks the end of a well-known but poorly understood thesis.”

With things the way they are in the real world of the government educationoids, who are basically in DENIAL  about the vital relevancy of IQ measurement and are WEDDED  to indecipherable apparatuses in the instruction of usable language and basic math, the situation can only get worse and produce a false elite until the young, of their own volition decide they really want to communicate with one another in fundamental and clear language and reciprocally understood basic  mathematics.

We perceive the smug and sanctimonious DENIAL to be the arch  enemy of any extrication of our youth from this deathdealing dismal Swamp of irresponsibility and the "divisions" and lassitude  among parents to be apparently  irreversible.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Can you imagine the excitement and pride in the hearts of a family that has produced its first professional businessman and all the generations in memory.

The years of preparation and public school... The years toiling as an apprentice in a profession besought with trial and error, success and failure...

And finally, the apprenticeship is architecturally sound and the application form professional license is made.

Then an extended period of examination including actual testing of former projects and and interviews of former supervisors and clients.

The exalted "board" of examiners finally gives the applicant and affirmative judgment and he is issued a business license in the form of a "bonded" degree-diploma type certification 

suitable for handling....nay...REQUIRED to be on old business premises.

And it announces the certified person as:

        G E N E R A K     C O O N T R A C T O R !!!

This happened in the city of Compton, state of California. And now without further research into the Genesis of this illiterate and ignorant appellation of  horror--- incontrovertible 

evidence of our society's slouch toward entropy, we reproduce  the unedited photograph of the certificate we found on a libertarian website.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Twisted "Gag" Order

The Tommy Robinson drama is a big deal.

The Islam-Jihad loving British have been looking to silence his crusade against murderous pedophilia for some time now.

They got their "cause" at a Leeds  trial of Muslim criminals where he was freely hanging out the filthy linen of the culprits involved in degradation of children and women.

The judiciary sentenced Robinson to 13 months in jail for reporting the testimony and the charges.

Then, the court imposed the traditional British "gag order" criminalizing any public discussion of Robinson's reportage or his subsequent punishment.

In other words, they did what every major left-leaning  United States media outlet wishes it could do.... "Make it never have happened" !!!

On Wednesday, after what newspaper and wire service reports called "a worldwide explosion of criticism", the gag order ban on editorial comment  or coverage of Tommy Robinson was lifted.

Media weasels immediately painted to this as an attempt by the powers that be in Britain to recapture some semblance of  "fairness".

But I see it as simply a ploy by which the boot-licking  Muslim loving lackeys in the UK will be free to pour their not-inconsiderable nasty wrath on Tommy Robinson and his supporters... And of course in this war like atmosphere TRUTH will be the first casualty. 

The rescinding of the gag order will turn out to be just another ham-fiisted strategy to cozen the iniquitous digestion of the United Kingdom by a traditional oriental religious conspiracy.

Other nations with small but locally powerful enclaves of death loving zealots should... But will probably NOT... pay attention.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A HUGE Tattle-Tale

Our president DOES have a freakishly shocking crash-and-burn essence to his foreign policy almost everyone will admit.

But the great Klaxoms of public information never report (because they cannot abide truth in action) the extent to which DJT brings to their knees in infantile gibberish, the international Society of TippyyToes  and embassy Dainty Ones who eschew a simple yes or no and hide in nuance.

On Saturday, the highest non-Mullah "security" spokesman for the Iranian regime made a dire threat against all European countries who rubber-stamped Obama's  limpwristed deal on nukes... And theyare now squealing at the US for opting out of that particular agreement.

Identified as Hossein, this Iranian version of our James Comey said that if Europe and people like John Kerry in the United States do not "force"  the Trump administration to accept the 
"post-facto" agreement....Why, THEN he  will divulge the names and amounts of all the "MANY" bribes that Iran paid for the EU sycophancy  !!!

Thus, the rot and nasty of the Old World game of diplomacy has been reduced to schoolyard-toddler transparency:

"I'm GONNA  TELL !!!!!"

With all my heart, I pray:  PLEASE  DO !!! Oh, LORDY...PLESSE DO !