Sunday, June 25, 2017

None So Blind

We are all aware of the old postulate that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over the same way, with the certainty that the results will be more rewarding in some  distant reputation.

Sen. Chuck Grassley pointed out that though his fellow "Chuck", Sen. Schumer, had been advised by Department of Justice attorneys as well as by intelligence directors that Pres. Trump was not, is not, and never has been the focus of  investigation regarding Russia influencing the 2016 election.

Yet because Schumer got that information behind closed doors he felt free---( if not indeed entitled) to  lie to the New York Times and CNN by continuing to claim that the probers had Trump in their crosshairs. Even after Sen. Grassley called him a liar and everybody within the DC Beltway knew about it, Schumer continued the practice.

When one of your liberal Democrat friends looks wanly in your direction and asks "why oh why can we not win an election anymore... We are zero- for-four since November..." You may reply, with impunity: "because your Party is crazy with liars for leaders and a conspiring truthless media".

The nearest you will ever get to balanced nonpartisan reporting on Washington in Washington is at THE HILL, where good investigative journalism thrives. They also have exclusive access to surveys by the Harvard/Harris group. (Lou Harris, beginning 70 years ago, wrote the book on polling methodology and statistics. And it goes without saying that Harvard University is not going to Kow-Tow to any right wing blandishments !  Here is an excerpt from the Hill:

Those are the findings of the latest Harvard-Harris poll, provided exclusively to The Hill, which paint a complicated picture of voters’ opinions about the myriad probes that have engulfed the White House.

Sixty-four percent of voters said the investigations into President Trump and Russia are hurting the country. Fifty-six percent of voters said it’s time for Congress and the media to move on to other issues, compared to 44 percent who said the focus should stay on Russia.

Of course, YOU could have told them that.  Even before Karen Handel whipped his Ossoff.  But the liberal DemonRats  have been in a bubble now for a long time...A bubble blown by the  Clintons and their entourage (Begala, Emanuel and McAuliffe)  and made opaque by the Obama era.

As this is written,  there are signs that some of them are scraping off the opacity, and seeing the rot of  Nancy and Lying Chuck.

But the smart money says the mainstream media giants will be the last to admit that everything since the summer of 2016   REALLY  DID  HAPPEN !

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Scam of Uncle Sugar ENDS !

It helps if you like popcorn... Like the lady on the psychiatrist's couch, who pled guilty to loving popcorn. 

"Oh yes, Dr. Schnauzer," she squealed. "If you like popcorn the way I like popcorn you must come over to my house. I have TRUNKS full !!! In fact, I have an ATTIC  FULL !" 

Great sufficiencies of popcorn are necessary these days to ward off insanity when you see a panel of morons on CNN asking one another what could possibly be "the motivation" for the London Bridge terrorist attacks. 

Or you could switch over and see a talking head swoon in disbelief and argue with a guest who reveals that the climate "Accord" President Trump opted out of actually would have cost the United States billions of dollars annually, with no expense at all for the other "signees". 

Along this line of thinking, we have two very dear friends who live right on the ocean. The Algorians who have conned and scamnmed huge chunks of cash with their great hoax almost had my friends convinced that the water was going to rise and soak up all their homes and liveoak trees. One of them is still pretty shaky on this point. The other has done some homework that involved looking into the motivation of these blood-swollen ticks on the body of the earth, who meet several times a year at "G-20", "G-8" and so on. Usually disguised Bilderrbergers. 

He tells me now that he is convinced that these "G" meetings are NOT held to improve conditions in Botswana, Yemen and Laos. It is obvious to my friend that these global economic confabs have more to do with blackmailing Uncle Sugar for more loot to subsidize their shabby economies.

If it is difficult for a citizen to understand why so many people scoff at the Paris Treaty, a look at the pig that squealed loudest is informative.. 

Germany's automobile exports are certainly the country's prime product. When compared on a unit for unit basis, German automakers (who have a protective organization labeled with some capital letters like a government agency) cannot compete with US, Korean and Japanese cars. 

Under the Paris climate Accords, as well as other darkly complicated sanctions, the "gap" of competitiveness would have been closed. THAT, rather than compassion, sympathy, empathy and fear of rising oceans, had multiple applications under the Paris tricky deal. 

In almost any multinational deal that puts on the royal raiment of religion that the theory of man-made global warming has assumed, it is always thus: 

Follow Uncle Sam's money. 

(And while the Europeans indulge in theatrical Hara Kiri to "shame" us, they are back-channel begging us for cheap "surplus" natural gas for their homes and industries.....What two-faced weasels !.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rout the Reptiles !

About 30 years ago, immersed in addiction studies and designing treatment protocol in a medical practice, we were faced with a serious dilemma.  A member of the staff was behaving erratically to the detriment of facility “culture” and we ferreted out (detected) that said staffer was high on speed at the workplace, where she had some supervisory duties.

Of course, it had to be reported to the chief executive and owner of the health clinic. Then; high level investigation took place.  A trap was set, the staffer’s guilt was established and termination followed.  In those days there was a time-release speed capsule and the subject maintained a pocketful.

Between the time the damming report was made and the exit scene, various vindictive activities took place, the most amazing of which was the introduction of two nonpoisonous grass snakes into the room where we saw patients and families.  Fortunately , the serpents were in full view when we arrived, and not difficult to catch barehanded. They were less than 2 feet long, and almost tame. A fellow worker later  said the avenger’s paramour supplied the snakes.  We just released them in the parking lot, without comment or fanfare.

All this happened quite a while before crazed crooks learned how to cook asthma medication into “crank” to push cocaine into a loftier economic and social stratum.

Our intent in reporting the offender was to protect the practice and its patients—Not just to “snitch” on another. It was a positive, protective effort.

We were  reminded of this when we read about some students at Kellogg community college in Grand Rapids Michigan, who were handing out mini-book complete editions of the United States Constitution, when they were arrested on orders from the institution's authorities.  The purveyors of the founding document were members of Young Americans for Liberty.  They were acting to counter what they terrned the school administration's anti-free-speech policies.

These lovers of the United States and its solid foundations did not run away from the evil, boa constrictor  grasp of the “authorities”.

With swift insouciance the YAL  asked Michigan courts to expunge the arrests and restrain the school authorities from further infringement of their constitutional rights to donate free copies of the United States Constitution to anyone who wants / needs one.

There’s no need for things to get bloody.  Just chase the snakes out and drain the swamps.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Impeach A Leech Reach ?

It has not escaped the old geezer's attention that a great many of these illiterate young reporters writing about "impeachment"  don't even know the difference between an IM-peach and a CLING-peach...AND that they were  yet unborn in 1980 and were still swaddling when Bill Clinton was impeached in the 1990s.
But Wild Waters from the Left Coast  is not the only screamer the Republic has had in the last 30-something years to fall madly in lust with the big "I" word.
By the count of Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, various Democrat  vocalists-- sometimes in chorus and sometimes solo, have begged for the impeachment of every Republican
president since Ronald Reagan, who was threatened with impeachment before he had spent a year in office.
Oh yes,  the frothy-mouthed  hard left partisans have set up a caterwaul at least seven times in the last 35 years threatening impeachment of the nation's commander-in-chief in 1981, 1983, 1984 (Reagan); 1991 GHW Bush); and in  2004, 2005 and 2007  (Dubya Bush).
The Democrat partisans were mostly silent in the mid-90s when their president, William Jefferson Clinton WAS impeached by the House of Representatives and let off the hook by  the Senate. (It had something to do with soiling a blue dress.)
Many of us who remember all of this fruitless and fanatical fury to impeach Reagan and the Bushes cannot recall the specific complaint, but it all added up to the fact that the three GOP chief executives were... well... Breathing!!
In impeaching federal officials, the lower house of Congress brings impeachment articles and the Senate holds the trial and "disposes". 

We did some research on those impeached and convicted over the years, and found one strange anomaly of Wikipedia.  The Internet's sometimes sloppy but always available research resource  lists every high-level federal official found guilty by the Senate since 1788....EXCEPT  ONE !
That one is Alcee  Hastings, who now represents Miami-Dade Florida in Congress, despite the fact he was impeached and found guilty of bribery ($150,000) committed less than 
two years after his appointent to the federal district court bench for southern Florida by  Jimmy Carter.
Agile Alcee, as he is fondly known, avoided punishment in the South Florida courts, but fell victim to an outraged press, led by the then- fearless- and- distinguished Miami Herald.
"High crimes and misdemeanors" is the phrase used as criterion for charging and punishing in pursuit of impeachment. Almost all of those convicted of impeachment charges have been guilty of bribery-conspiracy involving  large sums, and in the past two or three decades, RICO racketeering charges.
So far as our research is concerned, no one has been successfully impeached and convicted for just being elected to high office... So don't bet the farm !!! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


There is already, moving across the land, a bogus  wailing and gnashing of teeth over President Trump's dismissal  of feckless FBI director Jim Comey, a missfit from day one. The only thing impressive about him was his size: 6'8". Otherwise he stacked up as just another Manhattan shyster.

The Federal Bureau of investigation has been in need of a culture transfusion for some time. Comey  did not possess the needed quality or quantity of  sanguine boldness.

One of my dearest friends and confidants supplied me with a sad commentary on the Comey FBI that has nothing to do with Hillary, Huma, the Weenie, Putin or DJT .

Just read this:

     To me, we need no more insight into the FBI under Comey than the Orlando nightclub massacre and the recent shooter in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Prior to the terrorist slaughter in Orlando, a gun-store owner contacted the FBI to alert them that the man had come into his store wanting to buy bulk ammunition and military-grade body armor. The FBI did nothing.

The airport terrorist, who told the FBI in Alaska that he was receiving transmissions in his brain from ISIS, was briefly "investigated". The Feebies  then returned his weapon to him and put him on the flight to Florida.

Therefore let there be no bogus weeping at the bier...No Saurian sobbing. This big, vacant-faced  self promoting oaf  had neither leadership or investigative credentials. And, if  there was ever a big galoot "in over his head:" and woefully inept at covering  his arse, J.C are HIM.

What we need is blessed assurance of protection FROM  his ilk henceforth.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shining Pragmatic Path

"The difference between my two sons," the old winemaker confided, "is that when Aaron sees unhharvested grapes, he curses at the sky... But Bruno sees only the profit from raisins !"

And so it will probably be with the scurrilous  US  media conspiracy, when it learns that Russia has decided to work WITH America's ally coalition in Syria.

The confused and conflicted reporters and columnists of the fifth-column-Estate, which can't make up its fevered minds whether President Tump is a secret agent of Russia's Putin or a raging cowboy taking us to an Asian war. They  could learn much if they would just shut up and listen.

For instance, on Saturday, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign affairs boss, confided that the Kremlin would now be seeking ways to work with the United States and its allies in Syria, rather than in opposition. 

You may read the whole story reported by "Sundance"  in the Conservative Treehouse Last Resort.  HERE.

This is obviously the result of brilliant pragmatic gamesmanship by Pres. Donald J.Trump and his Secretary of State "T-Rex" Tillerson.

Incidentally, save Sundance and the Treehouse to your Favorites  They are GOLDEN.

Probably the most important thing other than getting the Gorsuch nomination through the Senate, was Trump's trade detente with China's XI, which led to China's abandonment of North Korea and the subsequent "failure" of North Korea's ballistic missile tests.

This playing out of power-chess gamesmanship is a performance absolutely foreign to and unimaginable to the adolescent vacuities of the immediately former administration. It's the sort of thing Reagan or Roosevelt or Churchill ore Thatcher would come up with.

In my small corner it will produce an unseemly display of mirth. 

R O F L M A O....

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Here's a heads-up  for the NAACP, the Urban League, the Congressional Black Caucus and Black Lives Matter:

Muslims, right now as we breathe, are capturing, imprisoning, torturing and SELLING migrant blacks from West Africa daily for from $200-$500 "a head" in Libyan communities. Some, of course, are sold into sex slavery. Others to die laboring.

This has been going on since the late 1700s and early 1800s, when Libyans and Tunisians were called "Barbary Pirates" and ran an equal opportunity worldwide slave market, mostly comprised of white European victims.

United States discouraged the Pirates in its first international role as "policeman-to-the-world, invading the North African coast with its brand-new Navy and ending the piracy horror.  Temporarily.

At that time, the North African Muslims flaunted  their piracy based slave trade.  Despite the harsh interruption by the United States, slavery in that region has continued, but more subtly practiced as time goes by. (No Casablanca pun intended!)

This story, which was reported worldwide by the BBC, Yahoo, Agence France Presse and documented by the United Nations, can be consumed  HERE.

You probably will not hear or see it on your television screen or in your local fish wrapper. It is not politically correct. Like all other indications that the brutish depravity of a worldwide ideological plague is gaining rather than losing force is just too much for the liberal left to digest-- much less regurgitate.

It is almost harshly  fitting that we attend the fact that murderous slavery still thrives under the protection of mosques and Suras while we, the civilized, offer our hearts, minds and souls to the total peace and generosity of Passover and Easter blessings.