Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sic Transit Opprobrium

There is nothing particularly heroic about recognizing dangerous drifts toward tyranny and anarchy by the entrenched bureaucrats.

It is a civic and national duty to uncover any plot that threatens a nation's traditions and foundations.

Therefore ket this be a confession that we care less about the personalities involved--- or the parties for that matter--- than we do about an existential and collegial  tradition that was once the 

formally emblematic practice of the United States.

That is, the peaceful  TRANSITION   from one administration to another after a momentous presidential election.

Not until the White House was trashed, computers and phones stolen and time-lapse sabotage inserted into the mix--- as George W. Bush sought to cement his squeaky victory over Al Gore in 2000--- was any appreciable hostility evoked in transition.  But even that incident was juvenile, sophomoric and mostly impersonal.

But it is the contention here that the most damage  wrought so far by the Mueller "Russiagate" inquiry and the unrelenting dishonest and evil- spirited behavior of formerly responsible print and broadcast media--- the worst wounds, which will last no one knows how long, are to the peaceful nature of partisan "changing of the guard".

For the offstage libeling of the candidate who would be elected chief magistrate of the United States began in the Spring of the political campaign of  2016 and that libel.... that monstrous lie was used as "evidence" to allow several agencies to operate surveillance including wiretapping of the campaign  and the exchange of more slander and libel within the agencies.

Then when almost immediately after his inauguration, the elected candidate told the American people he had been wiretapped by the previous administration, he was hooted  down by remnants still in the government, and branded as a paranoiac by an out-of-control and discredited majority in the print and broadcast media.

Again, the effort here is not to carry water for any winner or loser of any political contest but to illuminate severe damage done to the United States by weasels and subversives of legal process in a bogus  witch hunt. 

Presidents are mortal; they come and go. So do political parties and their administrations in the Capital rise and fall at the mercy of the electorate.

But, the prediction here is that the peaceful and civilized change from one "administration" to another will never be the same. That is the legacy of  Clinton-Obama versus Trump. And if this anarchy escalates in future transitions, the USA will be more affected by the deterioration of "Transition" than by any number of foreign intrigues and attacks.

Welcome to Corrine Brown;s FREDONIA ! ....Or, Samuel Butler's Erewhon.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

NO MO in 2018....

Things that happened in 22017 that we will close our eyes to, plug our ears for...and  ZOT  in 2018 ! 

The mayor of Cologne, Germany prepared and handed out thousands of perky white plastic-tie wristbands to frightened citizens in the wake of  hundreds of attacks by illegal alien migrant vandals. Each wristband bore printed assurances that the wearer "respected" the wretched assailants.

Broken promises by ugly rowdies like Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, who promised to resign when a video turned up showing him clutching the breasts of a sleeping girl.  Even after others reported similar assaults by him, he broke his promise and is still in the Senate.

Nasty, "insider"  tale-telling by  shady and duplicitous FBI agents who were more interested in a partisan "insurance policy"  than they were in finding the truth about  security breaches in State Department emails and Russia peddling dirt by way of a garbage-manufacturing company. This is particularly sad for those of us who were  Melvin Purvis "Junior G-men" after that hero gunned down John Dillinger in Chicago.

The stupid hanging-on by candidates long after the numbers say they are beaten.  

Arrant idiocy on the part of some "higher-learning" institutions that are requiring all fresh-person matriculants to attend workshops for brainwashing so that the students will be able to "accept the stress of their whiteness".

Polls that pop up almost weekly announcing that such and such a huge percentage of Americans are reporting that they are  "under stress".  It's been at least 70 years  since our first professor in Psychology 101 spent an entire hour on our first day drilling it into our  mushy skulls that  "Stress is Life and Life is Stress..."  Just a peek into any of the world's lofty spiritual and religious texts (Old and New Testaments, Upanishads,  Qr'an, Baghavad Gita) will bear this out.

The insane, prolonged and silly outcry of international anti-Semites and their sycophants aimed at the United States' decision on where to place an embassy. None of  these yowlers wants to face the fact that the Jews BUILT Jerusalem 1700 years before Mohammed and Islam were born.

The censoring / hiding  of longtime liberal Democrats Camille Paglia and Alan Dershowitz when they point to a moral or legal failure on the part of the Leftist Hive, so that to keep up with these two genius loyal Americans, one must go daily to Bing or Google, because they don't agree with the  Zeitgeist  of the New York Times and the Washington Compost.

Suspicion that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim may be subverting the Times, in which he held a controlling interest until the last week in 2017, when he made plans to cut his investment in HALF ! (Take the money and run!)

Almost anything about the NFL, which is now saturated with moral corruption and lackadaisical-- even fraudulent-- officiating.

The recurrent plague of people with extremely high profile and high  paycheck positions on national and local TV who cannot write or speak an intelligible sentence in English.... And this includes Mika Breszinski (Morning Joe) and almost every ESPN sportscaster and commentator.

Selah in 2018 !

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Joy Preferred !

Sen. John McCain, who once parlayed his choice of Sarah Palin to run as his vice presidential candidate in 2008 into a stumbling, bumble-footted loss to our first black candidate for president, Barack Hussein Obama, had to face a rude truth Tuesday, December 5.

He had more than 2,999,983 Twitter followers so he thought, before he got any sicker from brain cancer, or more fatigued from his hopscotching between the Republican Party and the "Gang of Eight", he might pick up enough new followers to make the number a "round"  3 million !

So he went online and asked for his followers to help add 13 or 14.

The result was rather rude. Within a few minutes, 11,000 or more had resigned or rescinded (or whatever) their  "followingship".

It made me remember some times when I didn't ask for it, but got the truth that conceivably saved my life later on.

The earliest was when I had "sent off"   for a ventriloquist dummy, and it didn't come when I thought it should.  The dearest person next to my mother in our house, tapped me on the shoulder and said "I think Mr. Glosson is  at the door." (Hosea Glosson brought the mail.)

I ran to the front porch which was empty, just as my next best favorite person in the whole world laughed and gurgled "April's  Fool"!!!  I've hated that day ever since... And particularly love the vigor behind the words "April is the cruelest month of all....."

Another time was when I was about 12 and a boy from Virginia at our Boy Scout camp in the Rabun County mountains, taught me about Foxfire--- where and when to find it and how to use it to scare younger scouts in pitch black dark, when two chips of the phosphorescent rotten would shows like the eyes of a nightmare Panther!! 

I didn't get to use the knowledge until I was a scoutmaster in Buford, and when I did use it, John Ray Roebuck pitched  pail of water all over me. 

I'm sure Sen. McCain is impervious to psychic pain by now.  As a naval flyer, he ditched in the ocean.  Then he was tortured by his communist Vietnamese captors. Those  "occurrences"  were certainly more than disappointments. He had probably had interruptions of his life as the son of an admiral that  prepared him for the big hurts. But toward the end, one would--- one does--- prefer acceptance to rejection.

I've read a lot of biography and no man that I can remember had closer, faster bonds with family and the kind of communication with friends that is so open that it seems to contain no pauses and no "secrets".   The wisest words a living man ever offered me were: "If you got a secret... You've got a Problem !"

But, it is painful to experience desertion by a close  friend and never know why.  In the bad old days of my midlife, I missed many appointments, reneged on flimsy agreements and was never conscious of, much less affected by brashness and acting out... not mine and not others'.

But something a lot more life-changing than John Ray Roebuck's bucket of water was handed to me when I did not even know how to ask for it.

I hope Sen. McCain and that everyone else who is disappointed by "desertions" or negative responses has the chance to expand, and learn it is never too late to be, as CS Lewis so handsomely described it:  Surprised By Joy.

Monday, November 27, 2017

On The Moribund SensaYuma

"The first casualty when any war comes  is TRUTH."

Thus spoke US Sen. Hiram Johnson of California in 1917,  his isolationist warning soon after California sent him to Washington.

And just as this wisdom is unchallenged  among reasonable people, there is another warning about public discourse just as infallible  and trustworthy:

In a clash of greedy, lustful, solipsist  and doctrinaire politicians, the first casualty is a sense of humor.  

On the campaign trail all laughter is nasty.

We once wrote speeches for a candidate whose opponent disdainfully commented: "Ole Bud MEANS well !"

Whereupon we had our man retort: "Would my rival have me mean ILL ??"

You can imagine this sophomoric counterpunch  fell as flat as an interstate squirrel.

Which brings me to the way some of our "fine" media writers and editors display such tone deafness as to leave them prey for some of us blessed with logic, which is strangely essential in recognizing silly and funny "reaches" of the press.

It would seem impossible to find three comic,  almost meaningless constructions from the same newspaper on the same day chosen by the same website for recommendation to its loyal clickers. But that happened Monday, November 27.

Here are the headlines for New York Times stories picked by Real Clear editors as "tops":

"The Unexamined  Brutality of the Male Libido !" 

"Beijing Hinders Free Speech in America !"

"Courthouse arrests undermine Democracy !"

Each one is more exhortative ---and seems less believable. Maybe we have been somehow infused with a mental Novocain that comes with a firm realistic grasp of life because we have seen more of it than most.  But in a thoughtful, communicative and less hormonal society, the headlines and their thinly substantiated emoticontent would never make it to the consideration of a nation without any faux gravitas, and blessed with a healthy sense of humor.

Maybe that's what's missing. My favorite senators (both Democrats)  were Scoop Jackson from Washington state and Daniel Patrick Moynihan from New York. They laughed their way through the most dense outrage of their colleagues on both sides, and neither ever really tasted defeat in his own heart because of a perspective for hilarity that nonplussed everyone except a few real news reporters (like, say, David Brinkley)  who "got" the fact that the joke was on everyone else.

We'll make a pledge here.  If it doesn't have a funny-- or even silly-- point, we won't grasp it anymore. Much less treat it  to the belaboring dead horse routine.

Not too late, we find there is almost as much to laugh at as there is to cringe from.....Almost.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Un-Bless That Chihuahua !!!

Have you heard about the atheists in New Jersey suing an animal shelter in Bergen County in FEDERAL court  with an eye toward closing it down ?

When one of the local atheists visited the shelter to adopt a Chihuahua, she found a Roman Catholic bishop clad in all vestments  in the process of   "Blessing the Animals"--- a tradition that stems from a daily regimen practiced by St. Francis of  Assissi.

The atheists claim that any entity using any amount of public funds is barred by the first amendment to the I.S. Constitution from entertaining our "influencing" in a religious activity of one "sect or cult over another". 

We don't have the figures on what percentage of the Bergen County shelter budget comes from  local taxpayers and what percentage is supplied by philanthropists. But, if it follows the national trend, we suspect the "governmental" donation to the "kitty" is not exorbitant. 

Animal lovers are notorious "suckers" for a big gift to anyone willing to care for, protect and clean up after various puppy dogs, cats and kittens, exotic birds, turtles and terrapins, snakes and snails and abandoned guppies and gerbils !

We can just see a federal judge issuing an order restraining the Bergen animal shelter from saving an Irish setter... Or a St. Bernard or a Russian wolfhound or an Angel Fish.

One thing is for sure, the Chihuahua-haunted godless lady and most of her confrères will be found to be as relentlessly  void of a sense of humor as they are of empathy for lost and abandoned creatures---including humankind.

We should have a laissee'-faire  peace with people who are unbelievers and scoffers. But making a federal case out of an expression of love (however liturgical) MUST disqualify these hateful people from their license as a teeny bit of humanity.

As Todd Starnes says, there is a strong bulwark of protestant deacons in the South, that bless animals regularly--- even when the animal is drowned in barbecue sauce.    

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

No Such Thing ?

My granddaddy Vick told me at a very young age that I should never hesitate to ask a question, because "there is no such thing as a."Dumb" question. And he followed up by saying that even nutty or incomplete answers CAN be informative, if only about the answerer's sources.

But, I think I've found the exception that nullifies Vick's corollary. Leave a comment at the end of this blog if you disagree.

Up in Newark New Jersey they are trying long time Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez for bribery and corruption in federal court The juror selection completed and they were impaneled Monday.

On Tuesday, one of the jurors sent a query to the federal judge in charge of the trial. The juror  requested a transcript of  the Senator's  defense attorney's opening remarks.
In open court, the judge denied this request, ruling that the jury as a whole should establish a common understanding of attorney statements.

Then the same juror had one more question for the judge.

"What is a Senator ?" was the question.  

You may read the story HERE !)

This must be a record low-point in the history of American trial-by-jury history. It might even be globally unique. It is certainly surprising, if not earth shattering, that a talesman weathered the storms of selection and dismissal to be impaneled with such a dearth of knowledge, sense or proportion. 

Under the circumstances, I would crassly affirm that asking a US District Court judge what a Senator " is".... eclipses, in stupidity or vacuousness just about any query imaginable..... Even Bill Clinton's deadpan musing on the true meaning of  the word  "IS"!

I have been touched in my many years by the deprivations suffered by inner-city children to the extent they were unaware of fruit-bearing trees and bluebirds and honeybees.  

But, be it  nescience  or  ignorance, the view here is that this question is disqualifying or maybe even good basis for mistrial.

It will be a long time before this memory fades.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Aroma of $$$$ or Stench of Race ?

Which matters more... Race or Money ?

We all had  an opportunity to come to some reasonable opinion about this question on Friday when Tiger Woods was sentenced to one year of probation for having been arrested while driving his Mercedes-Benz under the influence of, admittedly,  prescription drugs.

Woods did not plead guilty to DUI, but to a lesser charge of  "reckless driving".

This is a special deal for persons of importance in Palm Beach County, where prosecutors  allow persons with special connections in the posh area to take this route...even if a blood test is positive for drugs.

Punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled drugs is much harsher than Woods received.

So where do the legal elite of Palm Beach County position themselves in the 2017  maelstrom off the equality quest ?

I'm sure that the BLM membership in Ferguson, Missoiri, or Baltimore Maryland would agree that it is obviously not a  RACE deal. 

It's always a MONEY deal.