Thursday, October 19, 2017

Inescapable Consequence

Great Britain’s national health service is banning  surgery for smokers and the obese.

The news came to me via The Telegraph, which I read every day because it does not manipulate straight news stories or twist facts to bully or brainwash readers.

The decision was made by executives of the socialized medicine network after a meeting in Hertfordshire.

To support the fiat, NHS managers cited the high mortality rate of obese patients and cigarette smokers during surgery. It has long been accepted knowledge in medical circles worldwide that these two “divisions” of surgical candidates are, after all, the very poorest "pool" in  terms of survival.

In the United States, where it appears that medical patients as well as slavering attorneys are poised in every instance to pounce on any clinician that fails to produce a miracle, we might very well see similar restrictions seep into insurance contracts and healthcare networks’ policies .

The prediction here is that if and when someone in the United States proposes withholding  surgery from smokers and fat people, the first contentious caterwauling from the Uber PC  media will be:


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Society's Harvest of Decadence

What does a snot-nosed arrogant conspirator against honesty have in common with a sleazy casting couch bully misogynist ?

They both invaded my consciousness over the weekend and sucked America's social culture to a new, lower status--- today as well as historically.

James O' Keefe, founder of   Project Veritas  disrobed the younger of the two, (Name of  Nicky Dudich),  capturing him on camera boasting of his dirty tricks in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaign, claiming to be "undercover" for ex-FBI director Bob Comey as an "Antifa Punk" as well as Comey's  "Godson" !

Dudich now works for the New York Times  twist-editing videos the same way he did for candidate Obama and  president Obama. AND for  ANTIFA, the conspiracy. This sewer-urchin obviously has no personal truth either. A collection of his forebears told O'Keefe they have no knowledge or acquaintance of Comey.

As an employee of the Old Grey Lady Prevaricator,  Dudich cannot even speak coherently or clearly.

Not foreign, but fifth grade:  "Like I, you know, was, like, really tight with jim. We, like, hung, y' know ?" 

Having honed his expertise as an apparatchik of the Left in its war of disinformation, he now presides over "strategic" videos for the Slimes on  Twitter and Facebook (plus Instagram and Linkedin, one supposes). ALL subversion. And he really knows how to spill the beans on his past and present employers. Check him out HERE!

Dudich  is a long way from Harvey Weinstein (Nicky is still gainfully employed.)  But they are peers in setting a new sub- earthly standard of  tooting the horn of Obloquy  and creating subhuman standards of behavior in the American landscape and social milieu.

No less a source than the New Yorker magazine has come up with a video from the New York Police Department of Harvey Weinstein admitting that he enjoys groping and bullying young starlets as well as seasoned actresses. The New Yorker  called attention to a list of at least 13 women who had stepped out of the shadows to drop a dime on Harvey. Four of his fellow executives and enablers-cum-  accomplices at his companies have resigned and his erstwhile company is hastily changing its name, and probably its stock symbol.

The point here is that there IS and HAS BEEN, for decades a slick, complex, intertwined conspiracy among Big Media, Big Law and Big Hollywood to hide and enable evil bullies above the glass ceilings  and nasty little crooked reporters and editors and the honeycomb  of the mainstream media.

Our playacting ignorance of their essential serial 
 destruction  of the social fabric is a sin for which we will never be forgiven by those who come after us and  face the insuperable task of rebuilding  an honest and trusting society capable of fair and just dialogue.  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Whut In The Name Of SAM ?

Well-versed as I am in tracking down ghosts, gremlins and imps, let me share my discovery of a new barely discernible invader.
A few of my friends who are fond of the English language, have joined me in recommending that before a graduate of a journalism college be given a job-- particularly if he or she is 35 or younger-- such prospective employee in the communications industry should successfully complete a rigid course in English grammar and be given a free copy of  Strunk & White's  Elements of  Style !
Just now I shared a "breaking"  story with a very cultured professional artist (NOT a rapper) and she could not for the life of  her grasp whether the subject of the story was in sympathy with a group when he resigned his position---OR if  he had quit because he disagreed with them.
The reporting was that bad. The writing (or exposition if you will) was worse than the reporting. I realized that I had reacted to message board comment on the story rather than to the story as it was presented.
Here we have a situation where the weight and value of the report lay in the person's reason for his resignation. That WAS the story, and THAT was missing.
*(It was about a man who had always wanted to have a trained voice so that he could sing the Star-Spangled Banner before a large audience. That was his heart's desire and he realized it two years ago when he was hired by the
Baltimore Ravens to sing the Anthem at every home game.  The explosion of the big social justice war mixing anti-police bias with anti-patriotic fervor tore this man's heart--- and his dream-- to shreds.)* 
Only an awkward  writer without a vestige of sensitivity or sentiment would not understand the singer's  reaction.
But I stumbled on another scary hypothesis.  If the K-12 government skools are dumbing down our children, is it possible that part of the educationooid agenda is to produce high school graduates more poorly equipped than
GED-earners ? Are they so deaf to  language that even my old city editor Sam Cox couldn't scare Ned's First Reader literacy into them ??
If this is the case, then that explains  why so many of the younger   "centrist" and so-called "conservative" writers and TV anchors were reportedly tutored or home schooled.
They don't have space  or  time for garbage and slanted conspiracies.
It is a horrible thing to think. But I'm stuck with it until some trustworthy soul disabuses me.
Sam Cox didn't go to Harvard or Princeton. But he could quote Strunk and White until your eyes rolled.

In the Na

Monday, September 18, 2017

Always the HIDDEN

BREAKING NEWS:  The Australian, on Tuesday reported a primary group of Global Warming scientists have announced their "former" calculations are WRONG! They now say that warming is slower and "we may be able to stop it..."

When "Medidiots" raise hell about the United States pulling out of the "Paris Accord" on  man-made global warming, have you ever known them to mention money ?

Have you ever known them to quantify the "gas-emissions" restrictions imposed on the different countries under the  "Accords ?

Me, neither.

As this is written, empty-headed and clueless punditoids  scream about the present administration's  "contradictory" attitude as regards "Paris".

Just putting aside for the moment the fact that the previous administration illegally "agreed" to the international money pledge and emission controls without the advice and consent of the Congress, it is vital to remember that under the agreement the United States would be required to limit GG admissions to a level nearly four orders lower than China, where the GG admissions are more than three times those in the USA.

Obama also agreed to exorbitant payment of trillions of tax dollars over a period of years to come. This similarly, a monumentally exorbitant number compared to Chinese and Russian  penalties.

But the sly and cute feature of the Paris  Two-Step really lies in the amount of money American businesses as well as taxpayers would be required to expend to meet the unreasonable (and one could add unnecessary) "emission" restrictions..

THIS  punishing bloodletting would clearly give all the other nations (especially China) on the planet a huge advantage  in trade cosmetics and balance.

That is why the Dealmaker-in-Cief  has threatened to leave the accord (along with the fact that he is probably personally skeptical of the GW / CC  hoax,

Then, of course there is the looming Sausage Factory  "approval" by Congress. For you can be sure that unlike his predecessor, this president will submit whatever "accord"  comes our way with alacrity. It always comes down to a subversive conspiracy of  "Cherchez L'Agent" doesn't it ?

THIS JUST IN !!!   Charlie Daniels just  Tweeted that he would make a deal with Al Gore !!!  If Al will give up his swanky personal jet (bought with "warming" hoax money), Charlie will "talk to his cows about cutting down on their  flatulence !

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Out of Soap ?

We are no longer shocked and surprised when the dumb and blind Liberal press put together a 1300 word hit piece on a corrupt US Senator facing trial— without ever mentioning that said Senator is a main cog in the power structure of the Democratic Party. 

This is exactly what the New York Times did over the weekend when forced to acknowledge the existence of mass corruption charges against the New Jersey Liberal bigwig Robert Menendez.

But David Remnick of the New Yorker magazine, obviously pressing the leftwing envelope constriction, promoted a piece by Benjamin Wallace-Wells that sneered:

“Why does America Need the Cajun Navy ?”

Putting aside momentarily the obvious shame of  historical ignorance about the Acadian Hegira from British Canada to America’s Franco- friendly Louisiana, we must note that, along with the hyphenated last name, the two New Yorker magazine scribblers exactly trademark the snotty, arrogant Marie Antoinette mien that drowned their left-wing burrows with a Hurricane of pure, and arguably multi-partisan Populism !

The Cajun Navy has been around a lot longer than either Remnick or Walace-Wells. It is a part of the warp and woof of maritime Louisiana and Texas along with Mobile and Biloxi adjuncts.

Once upon a time, eons ago, when I was writing a newspaper column, one of my bosses who also posted a daily comment, asked me:

“Are you giving out of “soap” yet ??!!”

 I was quick to answer, “NO WAY, Jack !”

But having watched the would-be president-destroyers in action for the past six months or so, and seeing them reduced to criticizing the First Lady’s footwear, and now finding fault with a nongovernmental, costless (actually PRICELESS )   Congeries of liberty- loving generosity on the part of Unorganized Cheerful Givers, there is more than a small gnawing suspicion that the media mob, suffused with envy and hatred... Is “out of soap”— and just when it  needs some  Lye  to detox its loathsome  lairs.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Usec You r Eyes & Ears

There are no words to describe the heart-chilling reaction to this video of a raging mob of   ill-intentioned and well disciplined enemies of everything the United States of America means to its loyal 300 million citizens.

Beginning in the days when the crowd of  Weather Underground conspirators made bombs that killed themselves as well as policeman, it has been obvious that we have some extremely dangerous brains suffused with murderous anarchy in our nation while we allow absolute freedom of speech. (Except for "fire!" in a packed  theater.)

And now, in the grand proscenium of Berkeley (U. Cal.), we may have a hard precursor of the kindling point.

No room for puny opinions here in this post. We will just leave it to you to contemplate and evaluate your own "feelings" when you hear a rapacious mob that even the pantywaist media named "Anarchist"  chanting:

"No Trump!..No Wall !!...No USA at ALL !!!"

Take a look and listen HERE!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DESPOILERS... For Sale or Rent

George Orwell, in his prophetic book, 1984 :
 Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ...
Now,in a Los Angeles suburb, a lively-looking statue of a smiling priest hanging on to the hand of a small boy was painted all crimson last Sunday night and a white and black Swastika was spray-painted on the child's back.
This identifies the numb illiteracy and ignorance suffusing and condemning the hordes of paid thugs and those intimidated by them  as bookburners, woman / witch killers and zombielike Luddites.
They and their paymasters are so dazzled by their own private rapturous evil that they no longer admit the true meaning of  language other than their  illegible noise of  poorly trained beasts.
Unlike you and me, they are hardwired  to pardon themselves screaming  of "slavery" that has not existed here in the past 152 years.
It is vastly nasty and insulting idiocy for anyone to play around with words like "Fascist" and "Nazi"  in a national community that has been investing the blood of its young generations in the destruction of those two , as well as other totalitarian slave doms since 1941. And before that, in the  1860's.
Those of us who have given our sons and grandsons to the work of international policing and punishment of  the evil are outraged and insulted by the acrobatics of fools, whose handlers KNOW they tempt rage and pray for cowardice with every tumbled icon and expunged  book.
The proper response to all this is not reaction, but a measured diagnosis to reveal the intricacies of the planning and funding behind these riotous cretinous acts.
For this pounding, repetitive uproar that so pleases the empty headed millionaires on television channels is not crafted to just remove a  statue and paralyze a greedy legislative class of weasels. The whole point is to weaken... And then disassemble the Republic  as if it were made of Leggos-- one essential piece at a time.
And if we continue to encourage their shell game... sort of winking at the Bureaucracy Goliath while we dismiss every David that appears, we will join all the sad losers who bowed their heads and welcomed the implacable history of Hegel and Marx, having no bitter history of our own anymore from which we shudda, cudda learned.