Friday, April 01, 2011

A Scary Breakdown

What do you suppose would happen to someone who SELECTIVELY sent clear death threats that "a nice little bullet" is planned "for you and your families" to the Congressional Black Caucus in the nation's capital. What would a California district attorney and his law enforcement minions do if some California man threatened to kill the mayor of Los Angeles (an Hispanic man) and all Hispanic councilmen ? about the People's Republic of Wisconsin-Type D.A. and police who tried to let a lady "slide" without charges when she sent e-mails to Republican senators on March 8, threatening to "kill" them with "nice little bullets" and added bomb threats. A "standup" Wisconsin TV outlet has the story:

MADISON (WKOW) -- Authorities say 26-year-old Katherine Windels sent disturbing emails to 16 Republican senators, repeatedly threatening to kill them.

Windels, of Cross Plains, faces four charges including using a computer to send a threat and creating a bomb scare.

Two of the counts are felonies, two are misdemeanors. The criminal complaint says the emails were sent on March 9, the same day senate Republicans passed the revised budget repair bill with no Democrats present.

According to the complaint, Windels told the senators "you will be killed and your families [sic] will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks." She threatened to "put a nice little bullet in your head," and made reference to several bombs.

Investigators visited Windels at her home the next day. According to the complaint, she told them she had sent the emails, and did so because she was very angry about what the senators had done. She also said she didn't intend to carry out the threats, and was not arrested.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed the charges Thursday. He says "it's odd" law enforcement never took Windels into custody.

"The reality is, the person was not placed into custody, so at some point, law enforcement didn't see the person as an imminent threat," Ozanne said. "It's not that the case was not serious or taken seriously by law enforcement or by this office."

This morning, the Justice Department sent a letter to the media, saying it was concerned about the "lack of action" on the case by the D.A.'s office. The Justice Department had referred the case to Ozanne two weeks prior.

Ozanne says his office filed charges in an appropriate amount of time.

"The file was reviewed as quickly as possible," he said.

He declined to comment on whether the letter could be the result of mounting tensions between his office, and the Justice Department. The two are pitted against each other in the lawsuit against the Governor's budget repair bill.

Windels is not in custody. The D.A.'s office says she won't be arrested.

The district attorney's office said Friday morning, the 26-year-old will now make her initial appearance Thursday, April 21.

If convicted on all counts, she could face up to seven years, six months in prison.

To me, this is a forewarning of possible left wing conspiracy to suppress not just free publication of news facts, but an ominous incestuous protection of fellow sanguine public union activists

Are you and your children safe when law enforcement fails to arrest a confessed potentially violent---even murderous--fekon ?

Have budget cuts and salvaging our nation become tickets to death along with "Get-out-of-Jail-Free" cards for the would be killers ?

This needs more than serious meditation. It screams fpr action.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How's Your Hegira Today ?

Right after world war II, in my hometown, everybody went to Detroit either to get a better job or to buy a car and bring it back home to sell for a profit. (Sadly, the one Betts and I bought had MUCH salt-rust-rot from many a Wayne County Winter. At that time, Detroit was pushing 2 million population. In the census just completed, it has 714,000 and it’s Mayor (Bing) is hollering “FOUL” and trying to drum up or fake 40,000 citizens to qualify the city for top-tier Federal sugar-teat money. The Big Hegira began very stealthily when the Big Three Automakers began, in the 1950's, to build assembly plants closer to markets, and farther away from super-expensive labor contracts. But through the years, deterioration of schools, failure of police departments and—yes, Raaaacism!—sent families to suburban neo-safety and then to other locales in the United States. In just the last 10 years, Detroit has lost 271,000 population or 25% of its nearly one million since 2000. Chicago also has lost many families. From a peak population of 3.6 million in 1950 to 2.7 million this year, or 25 percent. Detroit has lost 60% of its peak 1950 population. My ancient brain is not Byzantine enough to mine all the excuses the sociologists and economists will amass—OR, whether this is signature to the end of U.S. “Industrialism” versus a “Harbinger” of a “New Era” of employment / economic challenges. I say it is both. But, mainly and most significantly these figures are a loud dawn trumpet blast announcing the people’s response to an ongoing Culture War. It is an amalgam of schools on the skids, corruption in county and municipal government, including deteriorating protection of family and personal security. It has been proven in a massive laboratory (Manhattan) that when all laws are strictly enforced, all so called “major:” crime rates fall. Courts that sow slapped wrists will reap smack syringes, crack pipes, wholesale rape and murder. Schools that wink at no learning and promote illiterates will soon stare horrified at unemployable Zombies. And, not even the millennium generation can see the downside here. No one will be courageous enough to say it. As usual, fomenting a race war will be easier for the airheads. But the people---of ALL races--- are running away form places where there is no valuable instruction; no right and no wrong; where evil thrives unidentified and unchallenged...places where there is no Good News and no meaning to Life. Neither riches nor government programs can change the human heart / Spirit...and many human Spirits add up to a healthy culture and a fertile society. This one is dying.