Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our Ghost Martyrs

Probably the main things we should have firm in mind are: 

(1) That the Benghazi massacre took place  on the anniversary of the World Trade Center catastrophic attack, that is, on September 11, 2012.... AND...

(2) That this date was less than two months before the election day that returned Barack Hussein Obama to the White House.

Benghazi was a fatal Statecraft failure and reporting it honestly and factually could have prompted harsh judgment from the U.S. electorate.

At 4:00 PM Washington time (11 p.m. in Benghazi) Obama and VP Joe Biden along with Defense secretary Leon Panetta experienced the Benghazi attack on DoD hook-up, from Drones hovering over the embattled compound in “real-time”. They were in touch with Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.

Yet, despite the fact that Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died in the burning destruction of the temporary “consulate”, Ms Clinton announced proudly this past weekend:

“We did not lose one person in Libya !”

My question is: What do these Hoity-Toity elite charlatans think we are?  Do they lump us in the garbage bin with the 20% sure-fire-voting illiterate great unwashed ? Are we considered  just  low info turnipbrained dullards?

Even after this tragedy, for nearly a week, all these people named above plus an automaton dummy named Susan Rice, claimed this murderous, brutally bloody attack was “just revenge” for a cartoon that allegedly left a stain on the prophet Mohammed.  Rice took a special occasion at the United Nations General Assembly to give vent to this apostatic lie.

And now in the heat of another presidential election, the former Secretary of State would apparently have us believe she has forgotten the four slain Americans.

Since we KNOW that all Defense department tape and film is eternally redundant, there is evidence aplenty in the recordings from the drones, which had to be onsite before the attack, because they were supplied to the “consulate” from Crete, about three hours distant.

As candidate the former Secretary of State has been visibly shaken physically by a series of coughing paroxysms that she cannot shake.

One wonders, if in  her bronchial expectorations, she has spit out a bit of brain matter here and there . That is certainly the kindest face to put on this performance.

As a matter of fact I wonder if even Leon Panetta knows how many Americans died in the Libya fiasco. 

Congressman Trey Gowdy’s committee is in “ongoing investigation” mode.  Wonder if he has his eye on accessing those Drone tapes.

It's always “Tapes” and “gaps”, isn't it ?  There was a poem about "the little man who wasn't THERE":

"I saw him standing on the stair
The Little man who wasn;t there.
 He was't thhere again todayu...
I wish that he would go away...."

Does she ever see Chris Stevens ?...The other men ?