Sunday, December 07, 2014

A COOL Six-and-a-half million !

Most visitors to this blog know that we are somewhat obsessed with good polling data.  Good polling data, however depends on a good sample properly unsanitized and sprawling. That is the opinion here.

What about a poll around the globe that contacted and recorded the opinion of 6,580,271 people from all continents, all races, somewhat proportioned by economic standing and literacy.  That is, the poorest in this sample far outnumber people with regular jobs or professions.

The respondents were given 16 "issues" and asked to identify the one problem that concerned them most, then the second, and so on down to 16th in importance.

HERE  it is the story that caught our eye.

Global warming, or climate change, or what ever you wish to call the bogus algorean /UN farce, was 16th across the board. The Nadir.

This would lead us to believethat Gruber is the stupid one and the regular citizen of the world, just sweating to gather enough to eat has no time for the folks who said in 1999 that there would be between 50,000 and 100,000 dead global warming refugee and living skeletons by 2010 

Another  Revelation was the problem that almost every single respondent picked as the number one crisis for humanity:

A proper and honest education for every child.

Learnung came  before everything else for the six and one half million!!! This further raises the bar for those highfalutin "leaders"  who do not  realize they are servants, and believe us all stupid--- their best evidence being that we elect and tolerate morons on occasion. 

But, thank God, not always. And sometimes, the least of us amazes  the Pooh-Bahs of the United Nations organization, who scorn us and our opinions. May it EVER be so.

What are the odds that the international thieves who line their pockets with "carbon footprint"  tax money and income from wind and solar energy hoaxes will call for a recount ?