Saturday, October 25, 2014

Brutally Obvious

A threat from Democrat biased  members of the Federal Communications Commission to make new regulations that would  restrict and censor the Drudge Report and other Internet sites was reported this past week to be "in the words".  See Story HERE

There is nothing new about the left wing radicals attempting to stifle those who disagree with their Marxist agenda.

There's nothing new so is hewith their being very afraid of any source of information other than their pet lapdog cronies at the New York Times and the alphabet networks.  Especially in the last six years the doctrinaire national Socialists have tried every way in their power to silence those critical of the Democrat agenda. 

It is with great relief that we can declare they have failed, because we are now on the threshold of conservative control of both houses of the legislature and most of the governorships in the USA.

But what is remarkable is that one of their minions would  announce a plan to control Matt Drudge and his website, the Drudge Report.

Matt Drudge is not in the composing or propaganda business.  He has been from the beginning an "Aggregatpr". That is, he is a portal to other websites, other writers, news sources, opinion columns throughout the world.

Those who visit him HERE .will see that he offers linkage to every wire service, every news source,every coluimnist in the political spectrum from communist to fascist stripe and to every telervision outlet. ALL OPINIONS are represented in the columns of Matt Drudge's website.

So what is behind this determined effort to control a website that directs its readers to the Chicoms' Xinhua,  the Muslims' Al Jazeera as well as the Huffington Post ??

These frothy-mouthed airheads, it turns out, are just opposed to any freedom of choice or liberty for individuals. They are spoiled rotten with their squishy bailiwick of  "liberal" lies and half-truths that they have enjoyed building and repairing since the 1970s.

They seek to draw the black curtain of misinformation, disinformation and cradle-to-grave obfuscation closer and more firmly around the body politic.

And when they see a conservative revolution gathering steam enough to replace their Senate, they lose a sense of proportion and ability to cerebrate rationally.  That is...IF they have possessed same.

The tip-off  is that a left-winger would actually announce such a plan. He obviously never attended any school where they discussed the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution. Ignorance is the heaviest endowment of all.

The vacuous fellow who came up with this plan can be classified in the same IQ group with Hillary Clinton, who pronounced sternly this past Friday that businesses can not create jobs.

Who chooses or votes for these people?