Tuesday, July 05, 2016

M'fisi Infection

We may be winning !

During the glorious Fourth, while basking in an effulgent shower of patriotic best wishes from many of you, we were treated to two small pieces of evidence that the enemy is panicked. 

One came from old Skidmore College where the PoohBahs that be have banned and proscribed the use of the phrase "Make America Great Again" from print or conversation in the hallowed halls or copses at Skidmore. Can you guess why?

Why, of course it is "racist" and "hate speech" to imply that the Tyranny of Obozo "diversity dynamics" is anything other than Paradise.

Therefore, the gathering impact of  Sanity is having its effect on the clueless  PeeCee drama queens.

They have no idea how many thousands of voters are shocked into rational thought by this sort of moronic overreach.

The other hint that the bedwetters are drowning in their own blood and tears and sweat came from a nasty usually left-wailing outlet on the Internet named VOX, where a stumbling stupido,  a woeful  word mechanic announced in all the full-whine   his  murky  mind could muster that the Universe including the earth and the Western Hemisphere which includes the North American continent, would ALL be better off today if the United States had never been born on July 4, 1776 and in the ensuing revolution for individual liberty!

His main delight was in conjecturing that abolition of slavery "would have come sooner" under British colonialism. This certainly is questionable in view of history.

At the time of the Declaration of Independence, it is an historical fact that the "Barbary" states,as Mediterranean Islam was called in those days, had more than one and one half  million (1,500,000) white Europeans enslaved. The Brits did not end slavery in their Empire  until 1834, (fudgung on Indsia).'They waited until after World War II to disavow their colonial system of  serfdom.

Bur, wait ! This ignoramus obviously did not know that New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York abolished slavery in the late 1700's, nearly 50 years before Great Britain!

But the main point to us here is to imagine the anguished, torturous path this scribbler's fetid brain  navigated to arrive at the thesis that everything everywhere would've been better if Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Patrick Henry, Nathanael Greene and John Marshall had never existed.

Just pause and  see if you can imagine what kind of fear and loathing would produce such provocative Wrong-headed hyperbolic nonsense. 

It smacks of Hemingway's African hyena, gutshot and devouring its own entrails.

In Kenya, the Masai call them "m'fisi".