Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Clean Up Your Shriek

One of the most disgusting things about living halfway into the second decade of the third millennium is the widespread sovereignty of ignorance.

On Wednesday a senior editor for a defunct newsweekly scampered to delete his twisted adolescent screed on Twitter to the effect that Sen. Ted Cruz and all of his followers are Nazis.

There’s a lot of that going around. People who were not even born in 1940 or  taught anything seminal about World War II in school, who know nothing about the National Socialist German Workers Party of the 1930s, glibly go about spewing that diagnosis of Nazism, clueless to the meaning of the word.

It’s a monkey-see-monkey-do thing. Anybody to the right of Earl Warren must be a Nazi, they figure, for some reason— having no idea that Nazism was the extreme brand of  collectivist insanity, it’s admitted most hated rival, Russian communism (an older more entrenched hypnotic promise of pie-in-the-sky.)  (It’s a lie !)

Do these puny- headed twits grasp that the partnership between the Nazis and the Reds before World War II erupted was the well-planned “safe house” interlude during which the German Nazis “got ready” for Gotterdammerung ? That is, the pause during which the timetable was set  for killing an as-yet-uncounted millions of Christians, homosexuals, Gypsies, academic intellectuals and Jews?

And yet these Frothy-mouthed  fantasists play with their favorite epithet “Nazi” to pin it on Donald J Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Ron Paul and even Ms Carly Fiorina.  Now, we KNOW none of these mildly conservative standouts has called for nationalization of industry, or an end  to collective bargaining by unions... Or the burning of books, or "rendering" of corpses for soap, OR the fashioning of lampshades  from  children's skin. 

If people were paying attention, there would be 1000 petitions, each  with more than 100,000 signatures calling for sanctions against these glossolalic lame brains.
This sort of thing (epidemic of casual ignorance) is becoming institutional.  

Some time ago, in greeting Syrian refugees a collection of Canadian child-Choristers  sang  a song to welcome  mostly Muslims  into their new country. 

After all of this was over, according to The American Thinker online, some inquisitive young scholar or journalist discovered that the song was a celebration of the slaughter of Jews.   

This sort of herd mentality, jumping before looking behavior is all right for the sidelines at a major collision of athletes.

But it just won’t DO as representation of a nation’s soul.

Or of a pygmy’s hateful envy and spite.