Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jes' Hol' STILL !!!

Here is the lede of a story that we picked up on THE HILL website Tuesday:

EPA Says: "Nothing to fear" on climate regulationss

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 11:31:42 AM ·
EPA: ‘Nothing to fear’ on climate regs By Andrew Restuccia - 04/26/11 10:43 AM ET Environmental Protection Administrator Lisa Jackson said Tuesday that the public has no reason to fear the agency’s pending climate regulations. “I believe there is nothing to fear from common-sense use of the Clean Air Act to begin to put this country in the direction of moving towards addressing our greenhouse gas emissions,” Jackson said during remarks at an energy conference in Washington. The EPA has begun phasing in greenhouse gas standards for new and modified power plants and refineries.

We have a rather nostalgic comment about this.

One of Georgia's most charming rogues of the "Ol' Politics", Governor Marvin Griffin used to tell the story of a nine-year-old fisherman he once saw cleaning catfish on the bank of a creek entering the Chattahoochee River near his home, Bainbridge.

"He was VERY reassuring," Griffin said, "like all of my critics in the press. He was sayin' :

"Hol' still li'l ol' catfish !

"I ain' gone do nuthin' but gut ye...."