Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who's Dncing ? We're SAD...

It was somewhat  distressing for us to read a piece in the blogosphere about "dancing on the grave"  of Old Media.

It is no great joy for a reporter who wrote for a newspaper first at the age of eleven to see tradional newspapers and even 60 year-old television outlet shamed and keel-hauled out of relevance.

Even if it is their own fault.

In the aftermath of the Boston bombing, in a constipated effort to hew close and closer to an agenda of political correctness and at the same time go through the motions of  "news delivery", the Old Media just failed miserably.

And, even the wild social media of Twitter and Facebook, beating downwind lustily, was closer to vital newsdgathering and dissemination than were the old papers and painted talking heads.

The fish wrappers and the TV outlets have forgotted a salient fact.

They are in business.  And, the one thing that absolutely gyarantees the failure of any  profit-seeking  enterprise is...ARROGANCE.

Remember Coca Cola's  brush with death when they changed the flavor of their non-diet product "for the consumer's own good" ???

That is what has happened to CNN, where the opinions and prejudices and agendas of  talking heads and beancounters have doomed a network that was once the almost perfect NEWS source worldwide--created by a genius, Ted Turner.  Now it is in disarray, and just stumbling and fumbling around, compounding every failure.

Regality of the New York Times is also gone with circulation and ad revenue disasters, and for the same reason.

More and more daily users are opting for Reuters and even Bloomberg and dropping the AssPress wire service because it does things like warn its consumers they cannot use the term " "ILLEGAL Alien" any more, and that  they MUST use "undocumented immigrant visitor" instead.

We do not enjoy this. No glee here.

And yet, we cannot  wait patiently to see who covers the really TRUE and FACTUAL story of the president  meeting with Saudi High Officials, the smirk of the face of Abdul, only 24-hours-ago-"FBI Person-of-Interest" in Boston...

Along with  Abdul's  hurriedly-arranged "deportation"  back to Saudi Arabia.

And, next up will be the media coverage of the group of  Benghazi "whistleblowers"  testifying to Congressman Darrel Issa' Oversight committee. The investigating congressman has warned the State Department, CIA and others to "Lawyer up...and BOHICA !"

Will the cyberworld and the blogosphere shame Old Media again ?