Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't Blink !

This space in the cyber expanse has not been chary in branding the gyrations and machinations of the present administration as "Con", "Sllick", "Phony", "Flim-Flam",  "Bait and Switch" and it MUST be admitted, the Dummy thst hawks it's wares IS ...uh..."Carney"...
right ?

Well, it apparently was NOT baseless name-calling.

Even when allegedly being "serious", they cannot shoot straight.

They announce 100,000 people have "applied" for Obamacare in the past five weeks.  But only 27,000 have signed up on the sideshow website.

And they will not comment on how many million have had health insurance cancelled.

The Fiscal Times has an eyebrow raiser:  Click HERE. .

The gubmint cannot expect us to take it seriously until someone answers some questions without dissembled babbling and smoke and mirrors.

(1)  How many people have acually BOUGHT into Obamacare ?

(2)  How much more than the $100 million did the website cost ?

(3)  Did anyone other than the "builders" qualify or bid on the website ?

(4)  How many people in the U.S. have had their health insurance  canceled with the implementation of Obamacare ?  

Armed with these facts,  maybe even the toe-suckers at CNN and MSNBC  can  appraise the catastrophic stable-floor we have been thrust upon.