Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Shovel On AGW Coffin

Isn't it hilarious the way you can never find a story about the defeat of a leftwing "push" or a UN boondoggle ?

Not really so funny when the fraud cost the nations of the earth upwards of $20 TRILLION and made idiots like Al Gore and some U.S. government "suthorities" multimillionaires.

I had to go and find my old compatriot Jack Kelley to get honest news about what happened at the Durban (S. Africa) UN / Climate / Kyoto follow-up global conclave.

I was particularly interested because Our Own Georgia Tech climate expert Dr. Judith Curry had just recently announced that she felt betrayed because all the so called "peer reviwed" expert testimony on warming was tainted by newspaper clips, spurious pamphlets and sub-graduate level unpublished "papers".

Also, a new batch of 1,00 emails from conspiring, manipulating "scientists" burst upon the scene.

Lord Monkton was proven spot on the money in HIS harsh skepticism and the UK backed out of supporting the Durban push.

Jack Kelley's eloquent obituary for the "Warmers" is HERE!

If we can make this stick; put a stake in the hearts of these insidious liars and their rodential followers, THAT will go a long way toward creating jobs where nonsensical luddite regulations are killing (and have killed) them.

Gore and his thieves, however will still enjoy their hundreds of millions-plus profits of shame.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mounting Evidence

Occassionally, despite the dread and despair attendant, it is proper that we isolate those moments and events that prove, beyond a doubt, that we are done for and doomed as a civilization.

Here is what the cretin James Cramer asked former U.S. House Speaker Newt Grigrich Wednesday during the CNBC depate.

Can a corporation be profitable and produce jobs at the same time ?

Now, read that agin. Let it sink in.

Even asked by an allegedly literate moderator in the city where two of the three auto companies are owned by the U.S. Government---and the other one is PROFITABLE---that is a a question only an unemployed Franz Kafka would find appealing.

This is enough evidence, along with the response of the audience, to conclude that we are, indeed, at the Big Conclusion.

No Help in sight. Unless every one of us mashes these faux-academes as we would any insect vermin just the wayt Gingrich did.

But, in a well-ordered, instructed, historically literate society, we should never even hear such a question this side of kindergarten.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Hatred's Matrix PLAIN

We were discussing the Occupy-Ers one evening last week and it just slipped out:

"It's all just Hate. HYate Jews. Hate old people. Hate rich people. Hate uniformed people. Hate EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY except "jate" itself. Poor old Roosevelt, he and his "fear" speech. Nobuddy ever apprised these indolent running sores of societal failurte about the nexus between fear and hate...They'll learn too late...." I bumbled on as geezers do. But my son (64) and youngest grandson (17) chewed on it awhile.

Didn't have any idea of public validation, but I ran scross an interesting video by a former anarchist turned apprehensive adult, who says all this media-supported body odor and secretion prolofwrtion IS, indeed thye Peripatetic Academy of Hate.

Have a lookHERE.

Then educate whoever you can. The fire rages all 'round a few who SEE !

Friday, November 04, 2011

Clearing it Up

Had a missive from someone I've known for 30 years, asking me a very good question that has never occurred to me before.

Why, he wanted to know did I INSIST on signing correspondence with the word "LOVE", even to male friends ? Didn't I suspect it "bothered" some people???

My answer was---and IS---that it just never rocked my boat one way or the other.

The quality of my Life has always been about giving. And, sometimes, many of us have little to give but our blind affection. That IS the best kind of affectiion, I mean. Blind, non-importuning. One-way.

C.S. Lewis separated "LOVES" into four categories. Agape, the highest Spiritual emotion. Eros, the physical / romantic and conjugal. Philos, the intellectualy appreciation (I Love a Gershwin Tune, How About You ?) And, Storge, affection, magnetism, personal acceptance and agreeable amiability.

I suppose some childhood lonliness and eagerness for close friendship and a sense of belonging is at the root of my predilection towar "Love" or "Luv" as a complimentary close in letters. It is no more than a form of giving of self in my realm.

If it maked someone uncomfortable, that's not "on me".

Once upon a time, old Buck Duke of American Tobacco Co., spit largely on a conference table in front of some ad men from New York.

"You may not like it, but you;ll NEVER forget it", He said. "Now git me something such as that to put on raddy-Oh !"

Maybe that's my very sincere, subliminal ploy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

F & F Fallout ABOUNDS !

Don't you really LOVE it when a rotten, criminal, murderous scandal ripens?

Somehow, as soon as Congressman Darrel Issa supoenaed Atty. Gen. Eric Holder (and others) things started to pop.

CBS now has come up with a new story on one Jean Baptiste Kingery, who was allowed tosmuggle thopusands of grenades into Mexico for the frub cartels and never was prosecuted. Details and Video are HERE !

Then, there is a video on of Janet Napolitano (Big Sis), the Homeland Security Dominatrix, telling a long tale about how she is "tracing" arms and explosives in Mexico. That was in 2009.

The dates about the other new revelations would be hilarious if they were not so murderous.

The president of the Unites States apparently says he knew about the "Fast and Furious" illegal gunwalking plat long before his attorney general, Overseer of the conspiracy, admits HE knew of his ATF's extra-legal practices.

And, weirdest of all, Holder used an alleged "plot" by Iran to kill the Saudi ambassador as a "Hot Breaking" wag-the-dog story to deflect F&F heat from his arse, while the White House admitted President Obama knew about the "plot" last June.

And THIS led to the first face-to-face meeting of US and Iran representatives in years...if not decades !

Why ? Could somebody be....uh...stretching a fact here or there?

It wouldn't be the first time.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Inchoate Occupation

TV talkinghead: "So, you are "OCCUPYING" the statue of Andrew Jackson on Horseback !"

Occupier: "I am ?"

TVT: "Yeah...that's him you're sitting on..."

OCK: "Oh...Is he SOMEBODY ???"

TVT: "Yeah, he was an Inidan killer, a president, and the first rabble-rousing Democrat-with-a-capital-D..."

OCK: Izzat so ?! Y' don' SAY !"

TVT: "Why are you here?"

OCK: "Whutcha mean ?"

TVT: " I mean what do you want ?"

OCK: "Nuthin..."

TVT: "Well what are you protesting?"

OCK: "I own no..."

TVT: "Say again..??"

OCK: "Say whut ?"

TVT: "What are you...I mean, why are you OCCUPYING"this place ? The Reason !???

OCK: "Oh...Hell, man...I dunno...They ain;t tole us yet... Uh..we hate Jews...Hey, man...I gotta go pee ?"

Cut and end of interview. And we have not even learned who paid him to "occupy".

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Inside Injustice

A fresh new look at the "Department of Injustice" by a former career U.S. lawyer, Christian Adams, reveals more than just that the Attorney General can't get his stories straight.

In THIS video interview, the attorney / author also reports that the entire section at DoJ tasked with enforcing U.S. election laws is festooned with OIbama posters and the windows blacked out with Obama bumper stickers.

There is a gem....a juicy dead civeaway in this video.

The now-free and private attorney divulges that the reason the DoJ would NOT press for conviction of union thugs who intimidate Ohio voters, physicall and vocally was :

"If we go public, Fox News Channel will make a big deal of it..." He cites email and saved written orders to that effect in his book "INjustice".

This chilling sentence validates what many of us have long suspected. The Obamacrats KNOW and feel scure that their bungvhole buddies at the NYSlimes, WaPo, AssPress and the alphabet network are not going to report ANYTHING negative about this administration. Just Fox News Channel reports ALL the news!

Well...that was true until just this week.

Both CBS and the LATimes have broken ranks and are FURIOIUSLY digging into AG Eric Holder's behavior and that of his "enforcement" minions.

If a special counsel is ever appointed, this running sore scandal will dwarf Watergate.

Good, innocent people dies as a result of these clowns' sinister spree.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Closer and Curiouser

A tip of ourt Borsalino and a clink of our Armagnac snifter to Richard Serrano of the LATimes Washington Bureau who has uncovered email traffic between Arizona and the White House about the "Fast and Furious" gun-running-and tracking debacle that caused the death of former Marine and actibe border guard Brian Terry.

The story, that broke Friday is , in its entirety, available HERE.

So, contrary tothe administration's wished and beliefs, the shuffling around of the head of the BATF director within the Justice Department and the firing of Dennis Burke, the Aerizona US Attorney only served to inflame investigatpors.

Those investigators, in addition to the respected Serrano, who may be 2011's Bib Woodwrd, include Congressman Darrel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley, who brushed aside an urgent phone call from USAG Eric Holder this week.

They will encounter him face-to-face for a showdown next week.

No more bl;acked out pages in answer to subpoenas will be accepted, Issa warned.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

See Darrel Issa, Live, Stinging Eric

Just AFTER he shuffled and jived his personnel around, US Attorney General Eric Holder tried to make a conference call to Oversight committee investigating Congressman Darrel Issa in California.

Issa "declined" the call. He will meet with Holder when he gets back to the Beltway next week. Issa says he and Senator Chuck Grassley are sick of being "gamed" with blank and black pages in response to their subpooenas.

"This investigation is not over. We need facts. We have confidential third party testimony" Issa said. He added that that testimony involves people "higher up" who have not testified under oiath regarding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and its smuggling of guns to Mexican drug cartels that led to the death of an American Border guard, Brian Terry.

CLICK HERE for a live video of Congressman Issa.

It's good news that Issa and Grassley are not falling for the terpsichore of the DoJ. This Fast and Furious scandal is murkier and more deadly than anything in the previous century and revelations from it will serve to strengthen the U.S.A. and its borders in the long run.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CYA or Shell game ?

So, Ken Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in the US Department of Justice has been plucked from the line of fire andmoved to a job in "Forensics" elsewhere in the DoJ.

And, Arizona US attorney Dennis Burke has been sacked as has lesser operator Emory Hurley.

These are the only people whose careers have been adversely affected by Congressman Darrel Issa and Senator Chuck Greassley investigating the BATF illegal "Fast & Furious" gun smuggling operatrion which led to at least one murder of a US Border enforcement official.

Several BATF and DoJ men have been promoted and given raises to keep them happy.

This is the meager response by AG Eric Holder to testimony that BATF personnel acquired at least 2000 (maybe 5000) automatic firearms with "stimulus-apprpriated" money and smuggled them into Mexico to "trace criminals".

The arms ended up scattered all over the southwestern Unitd States, were found in many vehicles owned and operated by undocumented Mexican infiltrators and at the scene of Brian Terry's murder.

Issa's comittee has also received information that a similar operation was carried out between the Tampa Bay area and Central American countries in the Gulf area.

Surely these CYA ahell-game moves will not end this unravelling scandal. No one lost their life in either "Iran-Contra" or Watergate.

And we haven't had a special prosecutor for "Fast and Furious" yet.

Congressman Issa says it is at least "Felony Stupid".

Do NOT miss the cogent comment from a great newdpaper HERE!

It is a fair, unbiased call for more action by "the Obama administration.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

F & F The Movie

Thanks to Sean Hannity and Fox News, we now have a completely understandable scenario in living color of the true nature of the bloody expanse of the "Fast and Furious" scandal.

Many other butcheries of our American values have stolen airtime and print media attention from the Doj / BATF wrongdoing in recent daya.

But Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley have continued theoir relentless pressure on Attporney General Eric Holde r.

The New Yourk Times just last week launched a personal attack on Issa in a hit piece penned by an ignorant and arrogant fiction writer laced with many misstatements and highlighted by intenmt to defame Issa.

Now, sit back and see the whole story---you just CLICK THIS VIDEO.

Then, stay tuned to this Blog. Because, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, AP and PUBLIC TV will NOT cover this story until someone is impeached.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Neither decrepitude nor wilting health shall detour us from following the criminal profligacy of those who used the cloak of U.S. law enforcement to cover death and destruction in the wake of "Fast and Furious" gun rinning along our southern border.

The BIG SHOW of a debt-ceiling hoist and printing of funny money by the Federal Reserve system cannot blot oput the bloody scar left on all of us by the ATF-led keystone cops romp that caused at least one U.S. Border guard's death.

The crew of ATF smallbrains who last appeared before Congress to do their Sergeant Schultz act of "I Know NUTTING...NUTTING.." has all been "promoted" to higher salaries to reward....WHAT ?

Tuesday, Congressman Daniel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley shared with the media a letter they addressedto Atty. Gen. Eric Holder asking him for the third time to answer their questions put to him a month ago.

They also aked him why he was requesting from them a transcript of secret testimony by ATF. acting director Melson in light of the fact that the Inspector General's Office in the DoJ is supposed to be directing an independent investogation. Why is the IG not requesting the transcript ?

That storyline is expanded HERE .

Sonner, maybe, rather than later, we will find out if the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice has been compromised--(read "subverted) .

That would add another impeachable offense to the growing list.

They----and "they" are legion and powerful---cannot run and hide forever. There is an election coming up in 14 months.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Issa Cutting to the Bone

Depot received two requests for any news on the "Fast and Furious / Gunwealker scandal. Commenters said they got news nowhere else.

Therefore, I report the latest.

Representative Darrell Issa's Oversight Committee in the House will interrogate several Department of Justice and BATF officials Tuesday, July 26 who have heretofore been muzzled and out of subpoena "reach".

C-Span will doubtless carry the hearings, but the time and outlet is not yet publiched. Check the C-Span schedule online.

These officials will answer questions about the smuggled firearms found at US Border guard Brian Terry;s murder site and also timeline the efforts made to silence them and, possibly, shred in-house communications regarding the scandal.

Meanwhile, the StateDepartment's coming under increasing scrutiny for allegedly supporting the "gunwalking" of thousands of automatic weapons into the hands of powerul, wealthy CentralAmerican drug cartels.

Most shocking news this week is a lengthy expose' story in the liberal LATimes wherein a family is asking the DoJ and BATF to divulge where guns came from that killed their son in Mexico where he served as a US agent. Read that story HERE.

All in all, an exciting week upcoming in the scandal that will bring down some powerful people when the protective leftwing media is suitably chagrined or choking on its venal complicity.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Eric The Red ! Read & Weep !

I still get an email every now and then asking me to vote in the USATODAY poll about the second amendment. The results of the poll are always enlightening and exhilarating.

Since U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder keeps opining that the second amendment does NOT guarantee citizens the right to "bear arms", the nationsl newspaper keeps the poll alive.,

You can look at the results HERE

It is almost irrelevant and meaningless to vote. Nearly nine million have voted Yes in arrogant slapdown to A G Holder. That is 97% of the vote. Two percent vote "No", agreeing with Holder, and one percent vote "unsure".

It is Holder's DoJ bureau, the ATF gang, that cannot get its story straight about why they PROMOTED the flow of automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and why these arms have been linked to the murder of US border agent Brian Terry and others, and have turned up in routine traffic stops on Arizona highways.

Does AG Holder believe Mexican citizens have the right to bear arms which he denies belong to Americans constitutionally ?

Or is someone promoting a bloodbath that will "convince" terrorized Americans to join Holder's Draconian crusade against gujn ownership?

Maybe after they raise the debt ceiling Congressm,an Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley can press...painfully, we pray...their probe of ATF and DoJ..

After all, it is a matter of public record that the money used to buy and "walk" the guns illegally into Mexico ($10 million) was earmarked for the ATF / DoJ in THE STIMULUS legislation which brought few, if any, jobs.

Should we just lay it all to these idiots being trapped in Washington, D.C ???

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Did He LIE ? Allen West Says "Gitouttahere !!!

Two rather startling developments unfolded in the DoJ scandal wherein the ATF dissemination of illegal automatic arms apparently caused the death of U.S. Borderatrolman Brian Terry...and possibly others.

On the heels of acting ATF director Ken Melson spilling his guts in a secret interview with Congressman Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley, a Salem, Oregon investigative reporter has uncovered evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder either misled or lied to Issa.

You can read the whole reprt HERE.

Later Sunday, the DAILY CALLER.COM quoted Congressman Allen West of Fortr Lauderdale, FL as saying that if the White House does not immediately replace A.G. Eric Holder we should take that as tacit approval by the chief executive of the entire "Gungate" scandal dubbed "Operation Fast and Furious" by the Department of Justice.

Sooner or later, however distasteful it may be, some unit of the statist lamestream media MUST cover this story.

We would remind them that no one was murdered in either the Watergate of Iran-Contra scandals over which they slavered for years like rabid wolves.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Remember the words....

Somebody "high-up" in the present administration in Washington was quoted by the Associated Press as saying:

"We are working tirelessly behind the scenes and under the radar to strengthan gun control in this country..."

Actually, I retreat to my old newsgathering days here, and cannot attribute thsi quote because if you do not have a recording....or even THEN, if you do not have PERMISSION, you cannot quote some people.

But I read it and I saw the video. If you have it, send it to Cato's Depot by way of com,ment or email:

Well, today, June 7, 2011, two things were reported that have bearing on this.

First it has been revealed in Florida that BATF officers in that state "gun-walked" illegal arms to Honduras.

Then, the intrepid team of REAL journalists at Channel 15 in Phoenix reported that a routine traffic stop in Arizona flushed out 43 illegal aurtomatic weapons, ALL identified as weapons from the "Fast and Furious" operation of buying and disseminating arms under auspices of agents charged by statute with HALTING illegal arm,s sales.

A very well-known and respected financial broker and Blogger has some startling conclusions and commentys about this.


The pot is now boiling. A congressman close to developments of the scandal is appearing on Lou Dobbs' show as I type.

Send out for copious amounts of popcorn !

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hit Th' Dirt, Evvahbuddy !!!

So, a dispatch today (7-6-11) reports that the man in Mexico the BATF used taxpayers' money to ship illgeal arms to was an FBI stool-pigeon-dope dealer !

Not only that, but the acting director of the BATF, one Kenneth Melson has reportedly told an Inspector Genertal and both Congressman Darrel Issa and Senatot Chuck Grassley that forces within the Department of Justice are "obstructing the investigation into "fast and Furious" by hiding information and proffering "fal;se denials" to the lawmakers.


Things will begin to move now that Issa and Grassley have information that FBI information and Drug Enforcemen Administration officials may have been silenced by DoJ "Higher-Ups".

And, remember, a DoJ Inspectopr General is not beholden to anyone but sitting justives, and ordinarily cannot be bullied or stopped fropm probing.

I believe: (1) No one is powerful enough to keep the lid on this murderous scandal much longer, and (2) happenings will be too (Pun Intended) Fast and Furious for this non-influiential Blog to keep up with it.

But we WERE there i the beginning, eh?

The situation is "fluid" and fast moving now.

CLICK HER for a copy of Darrell Issa's crisp letter to A.G. Eric Holder , late breaking today.

Friday, July 01, 2011

ATF Quagmire Widening--Not Drying up !

An ABC network affiliate, Channel 15 inPhoenix will NOT allow the Justice Department / ATF scandal die away!

Instead, a team from the station has uncovered at least TWO instances in Glendale, Arizona and two in Phoenix where weapons "straw-walked" illegally from gun dealerts into Mexico have been used in criminal attacks. See the original story HERE.

ATF agents have testified that at least 1800 AK47 and other automatic firearms ar "out there" in Mexico, and now, in the American southwest.

Congressman Darrel Issa will probably delve fuirther into the scandal after the Fourth of July recess.

This latest facet of the scandal, which began when some of these illegal weapons were found atthe murder scene of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry in Arizona last December.

Minority democrats on Issa's oversight committee issued a "whitewash"
report last week which mentiond neither the illegality of ATF chaperoning of sales and smuggilg of illegal arms into Mexoco or the death of agent Terry.

These new revelations from the intrepid TV news team make the democrat report seem sad, silly and laughable.

Acting ATF director Ken Melson has been urged to resign, but he has refused and has signalled Congressman Issa he wants to testify.

There is, obviously, more coming soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baaaaad Move, Bozos !

It must be getting VERY uncomfortable in the ATF and the Justice Department, since the White House had to play "Ignorant" about the bureau's guns-to-Mexico deal blew up

Despite a warming from Congressman Darrell Issa to the DoJ and the BATF NOT to retaliate against agents and whistleblowers cooperating with Issa'sOversight Committee investigation, the retaliation has begun, according to the NATIONAL EXAMINER HERE.

They're playing "chicken" with Issa ?! Baaaad move, Bozos.

Agents and witnesses are spilling ATF secrets everywhere. The suckup media is being shamed into covering the scandal. Somebody must PAY ! So instead of the acting ATF director and the deputy director and DoJ bureaucrats, the courageous, corruption fighting agents are reportedly being terminated.

This cannot stay suppressed. Check TV and the Internet.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorry, Bub, It Won't Work !

If the Obama administration thinks it can satiate the lust of Darrell Issa's congressional oversight committee ---OR the American people--for the TRUTH by throwing Ken Melson under the sagging OBus, it is mistaken.

Melson is the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. He has been "acting" in two adminstrations and is believed to be on the skids, a fall guy for a gunrunning scheme carried out by the BATF, which is tasked by statute with halting all "gunrunning".

The scheme is suspected of costing the life of a U.S. Border guard, Brian Terry, in Arizona last December, and suspected in many more needless costly raids from Mexico, where the BATF allegedly "walked" thousdands of illegally aquired and moved weapons.

On Tuesday, Issa's spokesman, Frederick Hill told The Daily Caller Congressmam Issa has just begun, and that Melson's impending resignation will not halt the investigation which will reveal much higher-placed administration "architects" of the deadly ruse gone amok. Check and read THIS LINK.

More hearings are in store, and now that the White House has acknow;ledged the "problem" and one head is under the axe, the mass media will be feeding soon.

As we have noted befre here, no one was murdered in Nixon's Burglary or in Ollie North's quest for aid to the Nicaraguan Conta cause.

Friday, June 17, 2011

GunRunDeathGate Profile Bulges

While the AssPress blushes, the international press is pressing the story of Border agent Brian Terry's death by fire from weapons obstensibly smuggled into Mexico by the BATF, the Justice department agency tasked with PREVENTING gunruynning.

Hearings last Monday and Wednesday in Rep. Darrell Issa's oversight committee, and statements collected by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley have established that a cover-up has been mounted within DOJ since two weapons used to kill Terry were identified as having been helped over the border in a scheme named Operation Fast and Furious.

The international attentuion brought about a White House Statement Saturday to the effect that the president "knew nothing" about the BATF smuggling of guns and "did not authorize it". See WH spokesman Carney's statement HERE.

These things take time to really mature you know. But once the president's mouthpiece is involved, that toothpaste is out of the tube.

No one was murdered in Watergate or Iran-Contra...Much less a law enforcer.

Stay tuned.

Friday, June 10, 2011

With Friends Like These.....

"They all came and ate my barbecue and then went and voted for the other feller..."

So quoth Marvin Griffin when my old frienf Carl Sanders defeated him in a long ago Georgia election.

Not unusual, altogether in the Peach State's electorate. Buit very rare in the chief magistrate of the Unioted States.

Our president made his first great foreign affairs faux pas when he gave Queen Elizabeth II a stack of stale CDs. Just a few days ago, he made an awkward blunder toasting her at Buckingham Palace where he and Michelle were her guests.

He was well fed and well boozed and cheered by all of the United Kingdon, even cooly by Prime Minister David Cameron a very successful Conservative. Our president was allegedly "cementing" the "special relationship" between the UK and the USA.

But now, we see this same president siding with...nay, VOTING with-- Marxist Brit-hater Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in the OAS against Cameronm and Her Magesty in the matter of the Falkland Islands. See The Telegraph story by Nile Gardiner HERE .

The UK owns the Falkland Islands which lie far off the eastern coast of Argentina. An invaion was mounted in the 1980's by the Argentines. Margaret Thatcher's government sent them home swiftly after a bloody few days.

Now, Argentina is marshalling all the little despots like Chavez to demand Britain capitulate and "discuss" the Falklands.

It's a slap in the face and a kick in the head for the US administration, headed byB.H.O and Hillary Clinton, to snuggle up to Chavez and the mischief makers in this farce.

But, it IS typical of the contrarian drift of the burrowing, steaming
Hate-America-Hate-Britain hyprocricy. BHO's first betrayal of this deep aversion was to trash and return a very valuable oval office bust of Sir Winstin Churchill in nasty gesture.

As any Fool can Plainly See, QEII and Cameron have no faithfil friend in this instance.

Does anyone, for that matter ?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It's MY Dead horse....

There are not many readers of this space who do not remember the Watergate hearings and the Tran-Contra drama on Capitol Hioll.

The consequence of the former was the resignation of a president. The latter brought about a slew of resignations and some serious reformation of loose-cannon diplomacy within the non-State Department executive "security" personnel.

Neither of these scandals were about U.S. government agents causing the death of other government agents.

But we have another blockbuster scandal on the near horizon about just such grisly stuff. It has been thickening for months. Now it is in full cry and fruition, with subpoenas flying and hearings beginning next Monday, June 13.

And the hearings, which will be lengthy, are happening for the same reason that the Watergate hearings were held...AND the Iran-Contra hearings were held:

Stonewalling. Obstruction of Justice.

Congressman Darrel Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley have been trying to find out whether guns and ammunition illegally introduced into Mexico by the ATF to trace drug cartels brought about the death of a U.S. Border patrol officer last winter.. AND if the same arms and ammo brought down an enforcement helicopter two wweeks ago. Such rifles have been traced from the killing. Now its down to bullets.

Issa has announced his Oversight committee will issue "many" supboenas in upcoming weeks and, maybe months. A great many "whistleblowers" and internal informants have reportedly been uncovered by Issa's investigators.

The reason I am sketching it in this space is because the alphabet television outles and the left wing suppressors of truth news are not likely to bring it to anyone's attention.

There are plenty of details from The Hill RIGHT HERE .

Thank God for Brian Lamb and C-Span, we might have a seat at the hearings. If not, return to this space. It;s my favorite deceased nag and I am not finished beating on it.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Still Rolling Snakeyes

All the barking and baying of the airheaded hounds is turning to whimpers of anguish as the nation's reigning administration and its director fade below pre-bin Laden raid levels.

The state-cuddled media (AssPress, NYT, WaPo, MSNBC ) are in dropsy-like vapors. They cannot understand why the Dim Dem clowns continue to slide in the voters' collective opinion. (See Gallup & Rasmussen.)

Gaggles of journo worms in their socialist / statist jar are all as silly the New York Times' blaming Arizona Governor Brewer and Sara Palin for Congresswoman Gabby Giffpords' shooting the SAME morning that the nutcase gunman was announced to be apolitically ignorant.

Now they cannot understand why the Osama Death Bounce has "evaporated".

Here are some enumerated reasons:

(1) Killing bin Laden did not produce one job.

(2) The raid did not halt one foreclosure or save one home.

(3) The solipsist high-fives did not affect $4+ gasoline.

(4) USAG Eric Holder and the ATF are still stonewalling cross-border gunrunning that killed American citizens.

(5) No "liberal" leader shows seriousness about the $14 trillion deficit.

And, finally everybody who has died trying to erase bin Laden for the past nine years had more to do with the success of the raid than a hound barking at the moon to claim credit for its setting.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

That People OF the Gubmint, BY the Gubmint and FOR the Gubmint Shall NOT persih...

Back in 1992 an overwhelming majority of Coloradans votedfor a constitutional limit on taxes and spending they call TABOR---Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. It essentially prevents growth of government by tax increase without plebecite approval by the citizens of the state.

Cometh now, 34 state legislators, former state legislators, former congressmen and other "Tax-Eaters" filing a suit in federal court to throw out the constitutional proposition because it is hindering legislators in their attempts to grow government bureaucracy, increase taxes and otherwise line the pockets of greedy criminals and corrupt grafters, grifters and layabout bloodsuckers.

In Kerr vs. Colorado, these golden guzzlers of the citizens' wherewithal claim it is NOT FAIR for the people--the lowly citizens-- to cramp their spendthrift style.

In other words, they want the federal courts to undo what the citizens of Colorado have ordained.

You can read about it:HERE

Feeling rather augustly mature in my octogenarian way, I view this collective madness by these grubbing weasels of the tax trough as the childish sandbox "take-my-ball-and go-home" antics of a Joe Biden or a Barney Frank.

These clowns not only have not read the ninth and tenth articles of the Bill of Rights...They have not read any SCOTUS decisions on state propositions and constitutional amendments.

Whistling inthe Dark, you say ?

Whistling up some votes from the tax-eating masses? That's possible, always, of course, with this crowd.

But in this year and next year, watching will be VERY interesting. And, maybe, FUN !

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Nobel Doofus

Explain this to me.

PLENTY of room in my "comments" area.

A Brit, Sir Paul Nurse, who won a Nobel Prize in medicine 10 years ago has suddenly become an expert on (1) "climate change" and (2) Fredom of Information laws.

These laws, which in the UK and the USA allow any citizen to petition for "release" of research data or hitherto "withheld" informatiion from government agencies.

Nurse says climate researchers are being "intimidated" by lowly subjects of Her Magesty, demanding to know the why and wherefore of every change and annotation made between the first draft of weather and climate rsearch and the final published version.

It is obvious to me that this common person / petitioner suspects that the same kind of kanoodling uncovered at East Anglia University is still going on.

Nobel Nurse says providing the subtext trail is "intimidating" .

Because ????

It would not intimidate a truth-teller, now, would it ?

And yet, Nurse intimates the FOI laws should be annulled, altered or ignored for the "comfort" of these alleged climate "scientists".

Either I do NOT get it...or I DO get iot and it nauseates me.

Maybe instead of revisiting the FOI laws,n someone might revisit Nurse's research in medicine. His "logic" would scare the Hell out of ME.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rap = Rape - minus- "art"

As one who cut his aesthetic teeth on the likes of Lionel Trilling, Bernard Berenson, Malcolm Cowley and Edmund Wilson, I have had a longstanding, choking bone to pick with the Sloths who bestow the soubriquet "artist" on fould-mouthed "rappers".

Now we have the White House inviting a man who, in his most famous egregious filth, called for the slaughter of ALL law enforcement officers PLUS the asassination of the resident of the White House (at the time of his presentation).

This performer's "name" is simply Common. No...I mean he calls HIMSELF "Common". I brand him "raper" in rapper raiment.

It is bad enough that the illiterate glitterati writers attempt to dredge rap's fecal nature from the sewer by calling its practitioners "artists". It is quote another for the First Family to entertain pottymouths at a celebration of American Art.

Can't you just see it now ? The clarion call for "Hos", "Pigs" and further foul animation will be awarded the Medal of Freedom, alongside Denzel Washington, Bil Cosby, Chuck Norris and Gen. David Petraeus ! AND all the U.S. Navy Seals.

Abracadabra! ! Your Brave New World...with a whimper.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Unreported Holder Horror

It's a stark, strange day indeed when the National Public Radio website id the only place we can find thorouhj reporting on the present administrations nastiest fatal scandal.

It SHOULD eclipse the bin Laden rubout because it lays bare a stupid scheme by a bureaucratic agency that led to the deaths of Amercans trying to guard our southern bordeder.

You probably never heard of Brian Terry. He was a U>S> Border Patrol Agent killed last December by "bad guys" along the Mexican border. Used to kill him were automatic weapons supplied by ATF agents to dealers to be sold to illegal alien "suspects" while the agents watched.

For weeks poior to Terry';s death, one gun dealer wrote to ATF personnel, local police and attorneys saying he had a "bad feeling" about the sales of allthe firearms and their dissemination in Mexico. The ATF was going to "trace them" to "identify risks". What garbage !

Whistleblowers in and outside of the Justice department raised the alarm, but Attorney General Eric Holder (who shields the New Black Panthers from arrest) and hius underlings did nothing.

Then Brian Terry was killed with guns and ammunition supplied into Mexico by the ATF in "Operation Fast & Furious".

Rep. Darrel Issa (REP. CA), and Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R-IA) are holding hearings and their Oversight investigators are at work.

In a hearing before Issa's committee last Wednesday, A.G. Holder stonewalled. "....Can't discuss this while it is beimg investigated..."

Issa interrupted him to indicate he WILL come clean, sooner or later. Sen. Grassley expressed similar feelings.

But the Whoredom of the Media, which praises this administration's "transparency", suppressed coverage.

It embarassee me that I found coverage only on National Public Radio, that bastion of leftwing liberal dogma.

Here is the URL to their site:

I am writing letters to my congressman, and senators. You should also. This is much worse that the bungled burglary at the Watergate in the 70's!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Have you heard ?

Donald Trump, the New York City billionaire real estate developer who was born in the borough of Queens is a RACIST ? !!!

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, distinguished educator and Ivy League scholar is a RACIST ? !!!

Sarah Pailin, former Alaska governor and defeated candidate for vice president of the United Sates is a RACIST ? !!!

Congressman Paul Ryan, from Wisconsin, architect of the plan that would cut TRILLIONS from the U.S. deficit in eight years is a RACIST ? !!!

U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehmer is a RACIST ? !!!

Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the U.S. House Oversight committee is a RACIST ? !!!

I KNOW it's ALL true.

I read it in the New York Times...Or in The Washington Post..Or maybe I heard it on cable "news" in an MSNBC show by someone named Rayshuh Madcow, or Chuck Shooze, or maybe it was on Thoo Voo on ABC ( a REAL broadcast network.

I read the left wing bullhorn Politico reporters too, so it could have been any one of them.

But if the FCC allows all these people to brand everybody they disagree with "raaaaaaaacist!!!!" MUST be true, right ?

So, I woke up Sunday morning about three and had an "illumination" shall we say. This is my plan:

No matter WHO it is, Eric Holder, the Attorney General; Big Sis Janet N. of Homeland Security, Joe Biden, Senator Charlie Schumer; ex-Scare-Face Nancy Pelosi; NYSlimesmen Paul Krugman, Nicky Kristoff, and even old friends like George Will and David Brooks....if they opine something I disagree with, they're ipso, RACIST !

If baseball fanatic, Dr. G. Will perversely comes out in favor of the designated hitter for National League play, he’s a scurrilous raaaaaacist !

It will soon become the universal, knee-jerk response to every Kool-Aid kooky, socialist-communist plan for hopey-change and every hog trough spending debauchery ! "THAT's RAAAAAAAACIST !"

No matter what the Soros, Kos, Huffington, Hell-bent crowd espouses, it will henceforth be deemed ...what, pupils ? Answer ?


Will my heroes Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Allen West, Mychal Massie, Herman Cain and Jesse Lee Peterson be offended by this new "movement"?

Probably not. They're pretty tired of the silly season too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jes' Hol' STILL !!!

Here is the lede of a story that we picked up on THE HILL website Tuesday:

EPA Says: "Nothing to fear" on climate regulationss

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 11:31:42 AM ·
EPA: ‘Nothing to fear’ on climate regs By Andrew Restuccia - 04/26/11 10:43 AM ET Environmental Protection Administrator Lisa Jackson said Tuesday that the public has no reason to fear the agency’s pending climate regulations. “I believe there is nothing to fear from common-sense use of the Clean Air Act to begin to put this country in the direction of moving towards addressing our greenhouse gas emissions,” Jackson said during remarks at an energy conference in Washington. The EPA has begun phasing in greenhouse gas standards for new and modified power plants and refineries.

We have a rather nostalgic comment about this.

One of Georgia's most charming rogues of the "Ol' Politics", Governor Marvin Griffin used to tell the story of a nine-year-old fisherman he once saw cleaning catfish on the bank of a creek entering the Chattahoochee River near his home, Bainbridge.

"He was VERY reassuring," Griffin said, "like all of my critics in the press. He was sayin' :

"Hol' still li'l ol' catfish !

"I ain' gone do nuthin' but gut ye...."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Easter Poetry

Easter Invitation

If this is your bunny time, don’t bother.
If you’re headed for the Avenue and a parade, go home.
And, the White House egg roll, you can avoid, also,
Along with the bellyache from those sickening lumps of sweetcheesy discoveries
In the grass and bushes of your pallid churchyard.

Do something simpler ..and fraught with pain:
Behold the tortured, Risen Son of Man and God
Bearing eternity for your quaking pleasure.

Go and see how HE tastes.


Easter and Passover, 21st Century

For all the world to see and hear, I stand
And cry into the wind... “What have we here?”

This just can not be so...
Passover Menorahs banned; A child denied a slogan about her Jesus, yet a witch
Applauded when she blasphemes, exhorts mayhem
And mischievously lies with cool malignant smile.

It could be a scene from Lewis Carroll: “Words mean whatever I say”
Or, yet a part from Dracula where bats morph into girls,
Suck blood, and sleep...

We may be doomed, but I will stay and fight.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Slime & Nasty Reign & Rule !

What am I to make of all these nasty scenes that seem to proliferate in my email inbox exponentially daily ?

This morning it was a video of a thirty-ish fellow with a two day growth of beard shouting :

“I wipe my Butt with the American flag...Dam yore Ol’ Glory...”

Yesterday, it was another overweight, thuggish male spewing four-letter filth at a pre-adolescent female child bathed in patriotic trance, reciting The Pledge.

And, just last week I was sent a video of our just-past speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives telling an audience that “elections should not matter so much...”

(If we were not ALLOWED elections, how much would they mean to this silly Twit ?)

In the “olden times” of 2000, most people were still civil, and Slick Willie and Monica cavorting in the Oval Office and Anteroom was major culture shock.

Now, hatred of America and death threats to military and office holders have been replaced by actual massacres of U.S. soldiers by a muslim Colonel-surgeon and assassination attempts on congresspersons by a constituent.

Television, which I no longer “consume” except for sports coverage, has so coarsened its content that it is actually toxic for family consumption. Also, untrustworthy, for the most part.

Where did all this come from ?

Though mainly sightless, I can still “read” recorded books. In just the past week, while the modern crudities of “regular” American experience in 2011 bombarded me, I read three books by three educators and “think-tank” surveyors of Our Scene.

Weight of their agreement was that, beginning in the late sixties and growing steadily to present days, a firm, well-planned deconstruction of the ethos of America’s beacon of freedom has taken place—even as Ronald Reagan intoned the brilliance of “the Shining City on the Hill”.

While parents and taxpayers dozed and legislators tended to their own aggrandizement and incestuous return to the slop trough, textbooks spread throughout the public school system, characterizing America’s founders as scheming, greedy connivers and the first 200 years of the nation’;s history as a panoply of imperial aggression and unprincipled greed.

Early “cleansing” of the Barbary pirates, establishment of freedom of the seas, the rescue of Europe in World War I and World War II are not taught. Repristination and democratization of Japan is not taught.

These are not just ignorant rowdies and thugs that despoil good citizens, abort freedom of speech and curse the flag, the constitution and traditional Judeo-Christian religion.

They are products of a plan of destruction well articulated by many intellectualoids in Bureaucracy, community-and-labor organizers and Academia.

And, right now, they are using tax revenues, grants, UN subsidies and mass media manipulation to their ends.

And, so far as I can see, they are winning their savage, evil battle, drowning our national civility, decency and fidelity.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A Scary Breakdown

What do you suppose would happen to someone who SELECTIVELY sent clear death threats that "a nice little bullet" is planned "for you and your families" to the Congressional Black Caucus in the nation's capital. What would a California district attorney and his law enforcement minions do if some California man threatened to kill the mayor of Los Angeles (an Hispanic man) and all Hispanic councilmen ? about the People's Republic of Wisconsin-Type D.A. and police who tried to let a lady "slide" without charges when she sent e-mails to Republican senators on March 8, threatening to "kill" them with "nice little bullets" and added bomb threats. A "standup" Wisconsin TV outlet has the story:

MADISON (WKOW) -- Authorities say 26-year-old Katherine Windels sent disturbing emails to 16 Republican senators, repeatedly threatening to kill them.

Windels, of Cross Plains, faces four charges including using a computer to send a threat and creating a bomb scare.

Two of the counts are felonies, two are misdemeanors. The criminal complaint says the emails were sent on March 9, the same day senate Republicans passed the revised budget repair bill with no Democrats present.

According to the complaint, Windels told the senators "you will be killed and your families [sic] will also be killed due to your actions in the last 8 weeks." She threatened to "put a nice little bullet in your head," and made reference to several bombs.

Investigators visited Windels at her home the next day. According to the complaint, she told them she had sent the emails, and did so because she was very angry about what the senators had done. She also said she didn't intend to carry out the threats, and was not arrested.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed the charges Thursday. He says "it's odd" law enforcement never took Windels into custody.

"The reality is, the person was not placed into custody, so at some point, law enforcement didn't see the person as an imminent threat," Ozanne said. "It's not that the case was not serious or taken seriously by law enforcement or by this office."

This morning, the Justice Department sent a letter to the media, saying it was concerned about the "lack of action" on the case by the D.A.'s office. The Justice Department had referred the case to Ozanne two weeks prior.

Ozanne says his office filed charges in an appropriate amount of time.

"The file was reviewed as quickly as possible," he said.

He declined to comment on whether the letter could be the result of mounting tensions between his office, and the Justice Department. The two are pitted against each other in the lawsuit against the Governor's budget repair bill.

Windels is not in custody. The D.A.'s office says she won't be arrested.

The district attorney's office said Friday morning, the 26-year-old will now make her initial appearance Thursday, April 21.

If convicted on all counts, she could face up to seven years, six months in prison.

To me, this is a forewarning of possible left wing conspiracy to suppress not just free publication of news facts, but an ominous incestuous protection of fellow sanguine public union activists

Are you and your children safe when law enforcement fails to arrest a confessed potentially violent---even murderous--fekon ?

Have budget cuts and salvaging our nation become tickets to death along with "Get-out-of-Jail-Free" cards for the would be killers ?

This needs more than serious meditation. It screams fpr action.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How's Your Hegira Today ?

Right after world war II, in my hometown, everybody went to Detroit either to get a better job or to buy a car and bring it back home to sell for a profit. (Sadly, the one Betts and I bought had MUCH salt-rust-rot from many a Wayne County Winter. At that time, Detroit was pushing 2 million population. In the census just completed, it has 714,000 and it’s Mayor (Bing) is hollering “FOUL” and trying to drum up or fake 40,000 citizens to qualify the city for top-tier Federal sugar-teat money. The Big Hegira began very stealthily when the Big Three Automakers began, in the 1950's, to build assembly plants closer to markets, and farther away from super-expensive labor contracts. But through the years, deterioration of schools, failure of police departments and—yes, Raaaacism!—sent families to suburban neo-safety and then to other locales in the United States. In just the last 10 years, Detroit has lost 271,000 population or 25% of its nearly one million since 2000. Chicago also has lost many families. From a peak population of 3.6 million in 1950 to 2.7 million this year, or 25 percent. Detroit has lost 60% of its peak 1950 population. My ancient brain is not Byzantine enough to mine all the excuses the sociologists and economists will amass—OR, whether this is signature to the end of U.S. “Industrialism” versus a “Harbinger” of a “New Era” of employment / economic challenges. I say it is both. But, mainly and most significantly these figures are a loud dawn trumpet blast announcing the people’s response to an ongoing Culture War. It is an amalgam of schools on the skids, corruption in county and municipal government, including deteriorating protection of family and personal security. It has been proven in a massive laboratory (Manhattan) that when all laws are strictly enforced, all so called “major:” crime rates fall. Courts that sow slapped wrists will reap smack syringes, crack pipes, wholesale rape and murder. Schools that wink at no learning and promote illiterates will soon stare horrified at unemployable Zombies. And, not even the millennium generation can see the downside here. No one will be courageous enough to say it. As usual, fomenting a race war will be easier for the airheads. But the people---of ALL races--- are running away form places where there is no valuable instruction; no right and no wrong; where evil thrives unidentified and unchallenged...places where there is no Good News and no meaning to Life. Neither riches nor government programs can change the human heart / Spirit...and many human Spirits add up to a healthy culture and a fertile society. This one is dying.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

U.K. Takes The Spotlight

Great Britain and the U.S.A, Sir Winston Churchill once famously said, are two fine nations with a special relationship "separated only by a common language".

On this Thursday late in March, 2011, more than "Pip-Pip...I SAY, Old Chap.." separates us.

Chsncellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, (equals our Treasury Secretary) in announcing his annual budget also announced what amounts to a $500 tax cut for 25 million middle class "rate payers".

Population of the U.K. is about 61 million, including children.

Two questions:

(1) How long will it be before an American Family has ANY tax relief at all ? On this same day, Washington announced the U.S. government is "No longer liquid".

(2) Why did you not hear this on yopur morning TV news ? it in the muller-wrapper ?

It's enough to say that somebody in Jolly Ole England is working on the problem instead of adding to it. Among other things, they are subtracting trash and waste from their Sovialized Medicine scheme. (Ours is JUST beginning to devour our nation worth.)

Oh...Wait ! There is another thing you will not read or hear about in our media.

The (U.K.) Express newspaper ran a "Think" piece that weighed our president on the balance scales of our history since we separated from Britain and found him weak, invisible, incompetent, contradictory and farcical.

"The weakest U.S. President in history" was the final coup-de-nasty.

Poor Jimmy C. Now he has NO claim to fame atall , historically.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Revisit State of Fear

We just finished re-reading Michael Crichton's fact-packed "novel", State of Fear and it is so satisfying, six years after its publication by Harper Collins, that this brilliant scientist, villified in 2005, when it was number on on Amazon AND the Times lists, has been fully vindicated and his detractors scattered in disarray. Crichton died in November 2008.

Built around a plotline of eco-terrosts in full savage and murderous cry, the 641 page book has the most exhautive, wide-ranging plethora of footnotes and annotation of any source for the refutation of foolish of non-scientific eco-climate disinformation.

Crichton foresaw the fudging and outright lies of the IPCC at the UN, and a now-disgraced NASA bureaucrat and of course, Paul Ehrlich who predicted, in the 80's that 100 million wouldstarve to death by 2010.

Here is a sample of irrefutable, uncontested, peer-reviewed scientific comparison in Crichton's masterpiece:

If we take the earth's atmosphere as being a football field (100 yards) and with oxygen taking up60 yards, nitrogen and argon the resttoward the goal line, the last six inches would be CO2 (carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas of choice to be controlled).

The Kyotop Treaty's Draconian requirements for carbon emission control would have rewduced USA emissions by 5% and Russia's by
3%---in 100 years !!

The book's information is as follows:

Author Michael Crichton

Publisher HarperCollins

Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)

Pages 641 (798 in special paperback ed.)

ISBN 0007181590

OCLC Number 56759026

If you go to, you can get a copy (Hardcover or mass-paperback) for as little as one cent ($0.01) if you shop the"Used" sellers.

It would be nice if we could send all of you a copy.

VERY few scientific tomes are more annotated and offer such bibliographical heft.

You will reallyenjoy the pathetic vapidity of the well intentioned boobs being schooled and disemboweled by the Harvard Law / M.I.T double-credentialed retrospect based on what we know now.

It is one of the best books ever. And I do not remember either Al Gore or Michael Moore even being mentioned. Enjoy !

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Water and Algae into Diesel Conquered

You all remember the fantasy of turning water into gasoline, don't you ?

That dream tops the still hard sell ghosts of energy freedom like windmills and solar panels, neither of which provide commercially efficient conversion yet.

But a company named Joule Unlimited now has perfected a method of converting algae-laden water into biodiesel fuel.

Joule has just been granted a patent on the method.

We found the details on a World Net Daily report on its BioFuel site.

Here is the rundown:

"Joule was formed not to improve upon existing biofuel processes, but to create a new and transformational process altogether," said Bill Sims, President and CEO of Joule.

"We have channeled photosynthesis, the most productive energy-capture process on earth, at efficiencies previously thought unattainable. At the same time we've eliminated dependence on biomass, the Achilles heel of biofuel production, and the prohibitive costs, processing and logistics it entails. The result is a new paradigm for renewable fuel production with unrivalled productivity targets that are fully supported by actual, measurable gains we've achieved at every layer - from photon capture through product synthesis, secretion, separation and collection."

You may Google Joule Unlimited, or Copy-and-Paste this URL for more facts:

One thing interesting and new is that the Joule method of transforming algaic biomass into biodiesel is 500 % more commercially efficient than any tests or methods tried so far, according to the patent information.

We offer this to brighten your view into a future when OPEC and rioting Arabs will not have a stranglehold on your future and that of your descendants.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nailing It Down

When we did the piece on the teachers' union general counsel's speech admitting that the NEA was "just all about POWER", there was no absolutely certain attribution available.

Now, However, Andrew Breitbart has provided a very good video.


If it fails to be "clickable", then PLEASE Copy & aste! You will be glad you did !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raw Truth On Teachers' Union "Ideals"

Seminal policy struggles always involve a lot of bullspit and heravy breathing about "ideals" and "goals and ambitions".

So it is with the struggle of those who hope to rein in the asphyxiating death of public education at the hands of public sector unions such as the NEA.

Wisconsin's popular mandate to pass de-fanging legislation has brought about an alarming alliance of opposition fed by the White House and foreign SEIU thugs.

Now, Indiana, Ohio and Florida are fighting back also with limiting legislation aimed at teachers' and other public sector unions.

Since less than 11% of workers in the private sector are now unionized, this is a turning point in states' policy toward their organized employees.

In light of all this, I offer here a quote from the last speech given by Bob Chanin, for forty-plus years the General Counsel of the NEA, that largest of the teachers' unions. Mull this over when you decide where you stand in this nation-shattering revolution by taxpayers :

In his farewell address to the NEA convention in 2010, Mr. Chanin said the following:

"Despite what some among us would like to believe it is not because of our creative ideas; it is not because of the merit of our positions; it is not because we care about children more.. and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child.

"The NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power. And we have power because there are more than 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of million of dollars in dues each year because they believe that we are the unions that can most effectively represent them; the union that can protect their rights and advance their interests as education employees."

So much for the apple on the desk. It's all extortion of the tax receipts, and loyalty to "education employment"...NOT "teaching" or "building citizenry".

I smelled this in a University of Florida post-graduate "education" course (in which I mad an 'A') classroom in 1981.

Now they've been found out by the "simpelton suckers", the taxpayers.

As an aside, these unionized teachers know the score: nearly 40% of them in Milwaukee send their offspring to PRIVATE, (non-union) schools.

Thanks to the people of Wisconsin and Governor Scott Walker, we are now ALL privy to the motivation of the teachers' unions: Raw Power.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Get Mail...

(We don't get a LOT of mail. But here is a sample backlog to christen 2011)

Q: My grandfather gave me your blog to read. Why should I pay any attention to it ? You’re just another shriveled up old white male...

A: Well, no particular reason other than (1) I am usually right, (2) I was immersed formal study of post-graduate History, Philosophy and Psychology and I have consumed a lot of biographical information you will never be exposed to. (3) If you ignore History, it will devastate your arse and your ambitions.

However, I can refer you to some old black men and women: Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Condoleeza Rice; and some younger ones, Congressman Allen West and entrepreneur Herman Cain.

Q: You are obsessed with Jews and what you call Jew-haters. What’s the Big Deal ?

A: My four score years have included pogroms in Poland, the Baltic states, Russia and the Holocaust in Germany Eastern Europe. Before that, religion based efforts to exterminate Jewry have been de rigeur sine Creation. None of it worked because it was all based on lies and envy.

Besides that, something VERY bad always happens to the foolish sheep.

Q: Wont you concede that a great deal of the opposition to a black president of the United States is racially based ?

A: Probably. But his popular vote was breathtaking evidence national elections are no longer racial brawls. According to the alphabet networks, the Big Print Media and the dying news magazines, only blacks who oppose a black president are suspect and irrelevant. I just differ. Presidents of whatever color are more trustworthy when they show allegiance to the United States in any and all circumstance, who believe in the preamble as well as the constitution and the bill of rights.

Q: Is this resurgence of States Rights and “nullification” a dangerous thing, threatening federal power ?

A: So far, the federal courts do not seem to believe it is. We are certainly going to find out.

It is a very startling and ironic fact of history that Thomas Jefferson spent half his life proclaiming that the Constitution (with which he had NOTHING to do in its birth throes—he was in Paris) was ratified by the States, not the people. Yet he stoutly vowed until his death that revolution “ every few years” was healthy for a national government.

Q: Are you gutsy enough to pick a favorite candidate for president in 2012 ?

A: Yes. John Bolton, former UN Ambassador, who not only predicted the Egyptian “revolution”, bit when interviewed on the first day of the protests, said:

“Whoever the Egyptian Army and military want to be head of state will be head of state. Egypt;’s military has been in charge since the fall of the king and the ascendance of Naguib and Nasser. They chose Mubarak and they will choose his successor...”

Thanks to all who took the trouble to email. We’ll do it again.