Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baaaaad Move, Bozos !

It must be getting VERY uncomfortable in the ATF and the Justice Department, since the White House had to play "Ignorant" about the bureau's guns-to-Mexico deal blew up

Despite a warming from Congressman Darrell Issa to the DoJ and the BATF NOT to retaliate against agents and whistleblowers cooperating with Issa'sOversight Committee investigation, the retaliation has begun, according to the NATIONAL EXAMINER HERE.

They're playing "chicken" with Issa ?! Baaaad move, Bozos.

Agents and witnesses are spilling ATF secrets everywhere. The suckup media is being shamed into covering the scandal. Somebody must PAY ! So instead of the acting ATF director and the deputy director and DoJ bureaucrats, the courageous, corruption fighting agents are reportedly being terminated.

This cannot stay suppressed. Check TV and the Internet.

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