Friday, July 01, 2011

ATF Quagmire Widening--Not Drying up !

An ABC network affiliate, Channel 15 inPhoenix will NOT allow the Justice Department / ATF scandal die away!

Instead, a team from the station has uncovered at least TWO instances in Glendale, Arizona and two in Phoenix where weapons "straw-walked" illegally from gun dealerts into Mexico have been used in criminal attacks. See the original story HERE.

ATF agents have testified that at least 1800 AK47 and other automatic firearms ar "out there" in Mexico, and now, in the American southwest.

Congressman Darrel Issa will probably delve fuirther into the scandal after the Fourth of July recess.

This latest facet of the scandal, which began when some of these illegal weapons were found atthe murder scene of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry in Arizona last December.

Minority democrats on Issa's oversight committee issued a "whitewash"
report last week which mentiond neither the illegality of ATF chaperoning of sales and smuggilg of illegal arms into Mexoco or the death of agent Terry.

These new revelations from the intrepid TV news team make the democrat report seem sad, silly and laughable.

Acting ATF director Ken Melson has been urged to resign, but he has refused and has signalled Congressman Issa he wants to testify.

There is, obviously, more coming soon.

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