Thursday, February 18, 2010

America's Stubborn Enemy Slinks...

BULLETIN!!! This just in. Army CID finally admitted it had "been investigating for THREE months" allegations that Muslim "Arabic translators" conspired to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson, SC.
(Why the BIG RUSH TO JUDGMENT, Fellas ??!!)

America’s sickness is not racism or profligacy on the part of its main / majority population. The malady that threatens to melt the bulwarks of constitutional foundations is not necessarily despotism or corruption in high places.

All these things are corrosive.

But the unnecessary and unpurchased guilt and / or misplaced generosity of the American electorate sculpted into the behemoth of Political Correctness is the muriatic acid that gnaws away at the very truth of our history and our present existence in the name of “Fuzzy-Feel-Good”.

This was brightly illuminated this week when the woman who charged the whole Duke University Lacrosse team of raping her was jailed for attempted murder and arson, setting her boytopy afire in a bathtub, according to the AssPress.

When she made her charges, almost all the faculty at Duke, many TV anchors, analysts and columnists in the mainstream media cried out for every punishment short of crucifixion for the whole team....just because Ms. Crystal Magnum was of a racial minority.

When her girlfriend turned on her and her charges were exposed as fiction, there were STILL those who walked away mumbling....” whirr they’s smoke, they’s farrr!!!”...

Notice the similarity to the Sacred Faith of Manmade Global Warming. Passion and prejudice fill the truth vacuum with righteous fuzzy feel-goods.

Even old seasoned U.S. Army physicians, scared as Hell about their colleague’s jihadist diatribes never reported him as a “risk” until AFTER he went on a murderous rampage at Fort Hood, TX.

Our president and attorney general are black-belt PeeCee operatives. They read the Christmas Jihad boxers bomber his Miranda rights 50 minutes after he was detained, according to Atty. Gen. Eric Holder.

This same “Gubmint” tortured a four year old boy, making him remove leg braces for “close examination” in a TSA airport screening.

Treat EVVABUDDY the SAME !!!

THAT is the mirror image of PeeCee thinking. They made Joe Foss, all time air ace, Medal of Honor winner and former North Dakota governor hand over his Medal of Honor and strip while he was on his way to the annual Medal of Honor meeting in Washington. TSA agent did not know "whut the strange metal thang WUZ !!!”

That is the mirror-effect of PeeCee, punishing the obviously innocent to “even thangs out”.

That’s why the TSA made the most distinguished member of Congress, Democrat Rep. John Dingle (aged 90) remove HIS clothes and identify all his metallic hip and knee replacements. In the name of EQUALITY ???

In Texas, a Muslim lady who may, indeed, be off her rocker as her attorney hints, was given probation twice for having explosive devices and waving pipes and toy guns.

But last Wednesday (Feb 17) she collided with a tough federal judge who jailed her until further notice when she was found to have indeed, threatened motorists with one of three pipe bombs police found in her pickup.

Her probation two years ago was based on the same PeeCee fear-cum-generosity that allowed the Fort Hood assassin to execute his terrorist mission. She and her accomplice are Muslims and *(gasp)* we do not want to "profile" or “oppress” them, now, do we ? many scairdy-cat nol-prosses the mainstream media NEVER reports is probably astronomically shocking.

What’s killing our nation is...We will NEVER know until it is too late.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is this the Whimper ?

The great T.S. Eliot wrote, plaintively: "This is the way the World ends---not with a bang, but a whimper..."

An so it is with anthropogenic global warming. The mea culpas from the dirty little boys squirming in the hayloft are letting their side down.

Most brutal of all the stories was in the UK Daily Mail on Sunday, Feburary 14
I did not see where the AssPress "copied" it.

The Mail had content from BBC and other interviews with Dr. Phil Jones---the point man in "Climategate" at East Anglia University, where he canniballized himself by refusing several parliamentary and government demands unter the Freedom of Information Act.

As a result of his ducking his responsibilities, one of his colleagues "outed" him and his co-conspirators by sending thousands of their emails to media interests.

These emails, you remember, laid bare the fudging,
bending and making-up of data upon which the Algoreans and other "warmists" based their famous "hockey stick" graph indicating imminent "crisping" of humanity due to fossil fuel CO2 that made a Greenhouse of the Earth's atmosphere.

This was supposed to support a huge "cap and trade" movement under which the United States would pay something like "reparations" to the rest of the world for using so much gasoline and deisel fuel.

Now, Dr. Jones admits that "there has been no increase in global warming temperatutes since 1995 !"

Dr. Jones also admits now (and he would NOT heretofore) that Earth's temperatures were muich hotter in medevial decades than since--with no fossil fuels use or possible man made warming of the planet.

Yes, I admit to a preoccupation with this subject---maybe an obsession.

But, we are surrounded by shuck-and-jive Flim Flam men with walnut shells and peas and playing cards for three-card-Monte and a plethora of sleight of hand and sleight of mouth tricks. So, cap-snd-trade is what ? Extortion on a galactic scale.

Long as I'm around, you and I will share an occasional "Uh-Oh" like this, at the expense of the withering would-be wizards.