Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pallid Presumptuous Polls

For a number of years, we were associated with an M.Deity who was usually very bright and charming and a first-rate physician, but he HAD to be  "right" all the time.
One day during a meeting I made some casual reference to the fact that then-Sen. Bob Graham of Florida was half-brother to the publisher of the Washington Post, close JFK  friend Philip Graham, who married  Katherine Meyer whose father, Eugene Meyer  built the paper from scraps.

"That's NOT  TRUE !" Our associate- in- charge shouted.

Of course it was so, and a  couple around the table knew that. But we let it go.

In the year 2016, the voting population of the United States of America is being similarly ill used by folks who make millions "surveying" opinions. But I have seen only one media outlet of   any importance that keeps tabs on the "public opinion"  polls and calls them out on their egregious sins against probity.

The American Thinker is the name of the thoughtful editorial site. They just did an excellent job of illustrating how biased all of the sampling of intention was in the run-up to the recent "Brexit" earthquake in the United Kingdom.SEE IT HERE

It was both surprising and satisfying to me to see how  even in the nation that for all intents and purposes invented every one of the several "kinds" of journalism, there exists a sort of   lockstep polling attitude presided over by the Guardian and the BBC that no amount of  Labour, Tory or  UKIP  brilliance can overcome.

We have become jaded in the United Sates with the experience of a Hive of scribblers and yakkers who hum and buzz only one note or chord and who scurry off to the stacks claiming to "fact check" and then come back and suborn their mischief  with a purposeful lying insult to our reason, as CNN and the New York Slimes have both done just within the past week.

And the polls are "skewed" when surveyors count only 39 Republican answers while including 53 Democrat answers. This is actually a 21% "gap" of disparity, you see.

Whether we like it or  not, we are saddled and bridled and the media is booted and spurred for us, and the so-called "polls" are no less propaganda than the  biased reporting and quoting relentlessly sprayed by these retromingents.

One of the most interesting "poll" facts is that the established United States public opinion samplers, dating from January of this year have popped up the job approval ratings of the president above 50%, while European and other offshore public opinion sources have not released him from the "forties" yet.
The journos and the pollsters are complicit in the whole theme:

If the square peg  doesn't fit their round hole (conventional wisdom narrative), it didn't happen or it isn't so !

And we'll just have to do like the Brits, and shock them to their toenails.

That'll be easy!