Monday, November 16, 2015

Blood and Dither

On Monday the 16th I'm sure we all felt like punching bags, having been  buffeted and battered by visions and voice-overs and contradictory "analyses" of the sanguinary scenes from Paris.

President Obama, who on the day that the ISIS thugs massacred 129 Parisians, announced that "we now have contained ISIS" , and still would not use   the word "terrorist" or the word "jihadist" , now weakly admitted to a "setback".  Some setback !!!

Pope Francis addressed all Christians with the considered divination that "the end of the world is near..."

Vladimir Putin, after being briefly buttonholed by Obama at the G 20 summit in Turkey, dismissed the US president as " a boy-baby...a child" and vowed to rejuvenate an alliance with the United Kingdom and invited everyone else interested to join in "eradicating" jihadi terrorism, beginning right now.

Remembering Col. Ralph Peters' words when he all but predicted the exact site of the bloody ISIS Paris attack, when he also prescribed a cure for the festering malignancy of the Islamic Sstate:

"Kill them... Kill them all... Search  them out to their last hiding hole and kill them..."

Obviously, Col. Peters has read both the Qu'ran and either a history of Islam or a good unexpurgated biography of the prophet Mohammed.

Things being as they are, if I were in New Orleans, I would get up a mob and force every vessel loaded with Middle Eastern "refugees" to turn around and head back out of the Delta... PLUS the  Gulf of Mexico.

My ancient old arse has hardened, "thhickened to dross" as Robinson Jeffers once wrote.
I do not intend to "turn the other cheek"  when the future of my seven great-grandchildren is being compromised and disolved by fools.

From a very close friend in the Fort Worth Texas area, I received a missive this same Monday morning, and it aroused me as much as it shocked me so I share it here, and hope that my friend sent it to his Senator Ted Cruz also.

       "We are constantly told by the damp-diaper  PeeCee folks  that there is just a small percentage of muslims who are radical, and that the rest are "peace- loving."  Obviously they have read no histories of Islam OR, in fact the Qr'an or Haditha.
         "Still, a "small percentage" of  1,600,000,000 (Billion)  of the world's Mohammedans  is a considerable number. Twenty  percent would be 320 million ! (The present popu;ation of the United States.)

        "So, as   far as the rest of the "peace loving" ones are concerned, their failure to condemn amd ostracize  the "small percentage" speaks hugely and loudly. One might be persuaded that thhe Qu'ran's  message will not permit the peace-lovers to contradict their cohorts.

       "The failure of the "many" to condemn pure evil  COUILD render  them complicit as the active assassins---and therefore subject to the same response required to  eliminate the metastasis of the  cancer...."

And there we might as well turn the page  and close the cover of this chapter of our lament.  Will anyone DO anything ?  Are there, anywhere the informed and eager souls akin to those who struggled between 1776 and 1788 on this very land ? Isn't it sad that no one knows the answer to that question ? And, SICK  that some, born and fed in America reacted to the blood flow in France  by  shouting and waving banners that said, in nastier four-letter  language:

"To HELL with Paris !!! My feelings are hurt..."