Monday, March 30, 2015

Dumbing, Numbing Denial

The most dastardly and cunning enemy of the children and the next generation  of American citizens is the adult population-- or at leastthat portion who cannot learn from experience.

There are a lot of them and many are in powerful positions: TV anchors, "journalists", columnists, police and security authorities and elected representatives and executives.

Maybe even some preachers  and teachers are guilty. Good parents struggle against the PeeCee tide, which baptizes whole hunks of miscreants as never-to-be-maligned fellows.

When the two cross-dressers rammed the NSA gate Monday, the first dispatch quoted "federal officers" saying that  "this is definitely not a terrorist attack". 

They always say that the first thing, but if I were reporting it in the way I was taught a half century ago, the first thing I would make clear in my "lede" is that they weren't wearing burkas... or that they WERE v wearing burkas.

Political correctness has no place in law enforcement. No one cares about "hurting feelings" when slaughter is afoot or threatened.  So why pretend ?   Why Lie ?

Besides, a person's "feelings" can't be hurt without the person's participation in the process.

You can check this out, probably on YouTube video:

When the second plane was visible heading to the second World Trade Center tower, the ABC television anchor announced that he could allay all fears and announce that "this is NOT a terrorist attack".

That's been a decade and a half ago, and all the reporters, columnists, producers and headline writers have hardened it into a lockstep drill.  It's always "workplace enmity"  when an urban Muslim convert guns down a pizzeria full of innocents.

And the "tenor" of American harmony is very close to lady Astor's amiability in suffering the lower castes "to behave anyway they wish as long as they doo not frighten the horses..."

What is wrong with saying: "No one KNOWS if this is terrorism or not, but the attackers were  identified as______."

It's as if we were so AFRAID of fanatic Muslim assassins that we  kiss their backsides and pretend that they just came from a Pink Shirley Temple Birthday party and we must  TALK and REASON with them....

OH !  Wait !  Hold it right there....