Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aha ! Dickens Lives !

One of the strangest episodes in my life occurred during a strategy session involving approaching a politician.

To one of the very closest friends and mentors I ever had, I suggested, brightly:

“We might be able to get some real inside track in Washington if we can get Senator (Bob) Graham interested....He’s Phil Graham’s half-brother, you know...the late husband of The Washington Post publisher, Kay Graham....”

“THAT’S NOT SO, “ was the immediate reply.

Well, I KNEW it was so, having delved into the lives of the half brothers through my interest in old “Cap” Graham, the Miami wheeler-dealer who sired them. Phil was born, however in South Dakota, Bob on Miami.

My friend was a bright professional man, an innovator and a risk taker. But he did not know what he did not know.

This country is at the mercy of people just like that right now.

The Great Charles Dickens, in “Little Dorrit”, caused quite a row in Parliament when he set up these people in the Department of Circumlocution.

They were all specialists in HOW NOT TO DO IT. (Finding out how to do it would have put them out of business.) And none of them know what they do not know.

Sound familiar ?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yo' Lyin Eyes ?

There is something very comforting about being convinced that it is okay to believe one’s own “Lyin’ Eyes” rather than some spastic knee-jerk scam from a jive Con.

There are a lot of them around, even teaching in gubmint schools and in academe.

This whole country has been hammered by a plethora of globaldygook for more than 16 years about the melting of the ice caps and subsequent inundation of Boston, New York, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego ALLEGEDLY attested to by “30,00 scientists” (some without a degree) whom no one can find or identify now that the ice caps are growing.

A young "college man" of 42 started to “uncover” something a CIA director had allegedly done; speechifying to me, but he did not know that the man he was about to “nail” served for only an event-less nine months more than 34 years ago. Whe HE was eight.

The worst disease our society—--our whole COMMUNITY, to use a revered term----is the bold pronunciamento with authority of something that is not true, is without foundation or reason, and the sheeplike acceptance of it and subsequent dissemination of it as “fact” by a lazy, whorish communication elite....the DriveBy Media.

Veritable fountains of WISDOM hold sway over us , who do not even BELIEVE in anything that happened before 1968----and would be shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to have to admit that it is Historical Fact that John Fitzgerald Kennedy sent the first 35,000 U.S. men into VietNam combat.

Well, I am sick of it.

As annoying as it may offensive as it appears to be, I will begin to isolate and bring to the attention of this page a succession of these travesties, for as long as I can.

The first one is that our president was never enrolled in an educational institution as “Barrack H. Obama” until he matriculated at Columbia University. All the records that I have been able to pry lose have him listed as “Barry Soetoro.”

Did you read that in your local fish wrapper?

Stay tuned.