Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Orwell Triumph

We assume you have all heard about the 475% increas in purchases of George Orwell's "1984"  since IRS intimidation, extortion and blackmail were uncoverd and the National Securioty Agency's dipping into all of our lives in search of "patriot" terrorists was "leaked:.

The White House and State Department lying about the Benghazi slaughter of four Americans to save Obama's electoral "bacon" also has been of some  import---the most horrendous lie and cover-up in the History of this nation.

You certainly remember that "NEWSPEAK"  was the  structural armature of the book, leading the artifices that bred  the mind control of all citizens by "Big Brother".

Now, in a Charlie Rose interview that nobody saw,  our Chief Magistrate literally  nearly busted a gut  to avoid using the term "American citizen".


The  AssPress stylebook, which informs ALL the media will be changed to require the use of "U.S. Persons" henceforth. Or maybe even "U-S-ians". (Pronounced "You-ESS-Yuns"

This is to differntiate us from Canadians and Brazilians, Argentines and Costa Ricans, ALL of whom are "Ameriucans".

In the name of International Political Correctness, we do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. (After 244 years of  completely comfortable application of   the name of the man who drew the first mao of this hemisphere (Amerigo Vespucci), we are now going to be browbeaten into USians on the anvil of Fascist  "NEWSPEAK" !!!!

The Brits, Germans, Russians and even Iranians and Chinese will have to tortuously (and gleefully ???) re-educate their masses. Up until now we have always been "(insert adhective, "bloody", "damned","greedy", etc)  Americans.

In 25 consecutive years, summering in Canada, I never heard citizens of The United States referred to any way but "You Bloody  Americans".

And the Canadians are, technically "Americans" of course !

I want to live long enough to see who salutes this white flag. Actually, it sounds and  feels pretty creepy....  USians, indeed !