Friday, October 19, 2012

Petraeus & CIA Strike Back

Even the largest circulation newspaper in the country, the Wall Street Journal  has become embroiled in the Benghazi covr-up.

It has become the ritual of the day to clobber the "intelligence community" for Bloody Benghazi that killed our ambassador and three other mericans.

But, finally a very good reporter has come up with the fact that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)  discovered and disseminated the fact that the attack was by al Qaeda terrorists and NOT by peeced protestors angry at an anti-Muslim video.

In less than 24 hours, the whole Obama administration knew this. GO HERE!

Still, the president and the state deopartment claimed the comic video caused the slaughter. For two weeks, before the United Nationa General Assembly even,  they claimed it was NOT a "terrorist" attack.

Why did they do this ?

Well, Obama HAD to do it to salvage the idea that he had destroyed al Qaeda when  the six U.S. Navy SEALS killed off  Osana bin Laden.

Of course, people who "keep up" with things KNOW that "al Qaeda means "The Base", that AlZwarhiri is still alive and working even harder than his late boss, and that along with Hamas and  Hezbollah,  the Brotherhood that promoted the Egyptian and Libyan "revolutions"  are evtensions of this "Base".

And Obama MUST deny all that.  He really believes he has done something important because six special forces specialists rooted out and killed oe man in Pakistan.

That, alng with the fact that our ambassador was mutilated post-mortem while the president appeared on a women's TV gaggle and anti-American comedy show.

But you just cannot hide from and bury stuff like that just like you could NEVER make up that kind of behavior by the chief magistrate.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Candy May Have Done IT

We have been waiting years for someone to come along and thrust a sacred spike through the heart of the whorish American "legacy" left biased media.

Now, with the performance of glutinous Candy Crowley of CNN disquised as a 'moderator" at the second presidential debate Tuesday night, we have the full-throated embarrassment that may attenuate  bias fpr a long while...if not permanently.

Joe Curl at the Washington Times has the  breath-by-breath account of her unembarrassed fulfilment of her promise (I aim't gone be no fly on the WALL !!!)

Read Curl's rundown HERE!

All the internat and  blogospere was achatter about La Crowley from the time she was tapped for moderator of the TownHall debate on Long Island.

She is a notorious Obam,aBot, having abbounced for publication when Governor Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his veep candidate thusly:

"This has got to the biggest DEATH WISH ticket in History !!!"

Well, she gave her Dream Zero ten more minutes of time Tuesday nighht than she did the GOP challenger, Romney.

She also cut Romney off repeatedly to gove 0 a chance to shuck and jive his flim flam way.

So, Now, we conservatives wish to thank you, Big Candy Arse for so blatantly embarrassing your media chums (who were, incidentally raucously drunken slobs at the debate venue)

Oh, and speaking of Death Wishes, Big Girl......