Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Candy May Have Done IT

We have been waiting years for someone to come along and thrust a sacred spike through the heart of the whorish American "legacy" left biased media.

Now, with the performance of glutinous Candy Crowley of CNN disquised as a 'moderator" at the second presidential debate Tuesday night, we have the full-throated embarrassment that may attenuate  bias fpr a long while...if not permanently.

Joe Curl at the Washington Times has the  breath-by-breath account of her unembarrassed fulfilment of her promise (I aim't gone be no fly on the WALL !!!)

Read Curl's rundown HERE!

All the internat and  blogospere was achatter about La Crowley from the time she was tapped for moderator of the TownHall debate on Long Island.

She is a notorious Obam,aBot, having abbounced for publication when Governor Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his veep candidate thusly:

"This has got to the biggest DEATH WISH ticket in History !!!"

Well, she gave her Dream Zero ten more minutes of time Tuesday nighht than she did the GOP challenger, Romney.

She also cut Romney off repeatedly to gove 0 a chance to shuck and jive his flim flam way.

So, Now, we conservatives wish to thank you, Big Candy Arse for so blatantly embarrassing your media chums (who were, incidentally raucously drunken slobs at the debate venue)

Oh, and speaking of Death Wishes, Big Girl......

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