Saturday, November 27, 2010

There is a Word For This...

There is a specific word Bill Buckley had for a person making a statement which contradicts the statement being made.

If anyone remembers it, please let me know.

Because the Providence Journal, in an apt editorial, The Man Obama Most Admires, dug up a revealing quote from a New Yorker interview with the president.

It just unsettled me to an extent that none of the blather in the two "intimate" memoir love letters to himself attributed to Barrack Obama never did.

Here’s the quote:

"I’ll tell you one thing: I am a much greater political director than my political director...."

Even considering the qualities of the pusillanimous Axelrod, those words PROVE he is NOT.

All records and efforts aside, would such an arrant, arrogant Wold Class Narcissist win a second term ?

Or would he ever even be trusted ?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In ALL Circumstances...

The younger one is, the more foreign the concept of "global gratitude" is.

Although I am certain that Roman Catholic communicants come in contact with the idea earlier in their worship, I can remember almost the exact DAY, a Methodist minister, Rev. Thrailkill, intoned the words:

"Give thanks in ALL circustances...." Reason I remember is because it comes from Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, and at age six, I was MUCH more interested in a Thessalonian than I was in "thanks".

Now, eighty years later, I am convinced that this admonition will stand us all in "good stead", so to say.

It is akin to the Saints' habit of "prayer without ceasing" that gives rise to my mantra: "Have Mercy on my soul, Have mercy on my Soul, Have Mercy...(For a hundred or a thousand times under my breath, to salve the momentous pain).

Therefore, today, when so many are dispossessed, forlorn of Faith, hopeless in material IS the time for Life-gratitude.

In the beginning, Moses' childern first, then the Desert Fathers prayed prayers of thanksgiving for the fact they could FEEL their hunger, their thirst and their fear. That they could still grasp life and a limitless hope was the kernel of Faith for them.

Therefore, in this season, whether the mystery of Gratitude "in all circumstances" attracts all of us or not, we can find more to be thankful for than a drumstick, a yam pie, or pudding dressing.

Let me isolate one thing that rose in stark contrast to most of what I see going on.

It is possible for the simple generosity of one person's words to change another's very Life. This happens to me with shocking frequency. It happened yesterday.

Of course, I was waiting for it, looking for it...maybe even petitioning for it.

That is a unique exrpression of Gratitude, also. And we should all be thankful for it.