Thursday, February 02, 2017

Nasty Screamer ? KEEP IT UP !!!

This may be our last contemplation. There is no real reward for composing thoughtful comment when language is mostly  dying.
It is true for everybody except us, but we haven't settled in well with the texting glossary:  "bec", "h8", and  "b4", y' know.

We were never weaned off of poetry.  The fact that universally accepted master poets,  novelists and essayists from other countries have chosen English for their masterpieces certainly counts for something---(Joseph Conrad, Vladimir Nabokov, Joseph Brodsky and Jorge Luis Borges are four such.)
With the possible exception of John Milton's  Areopagetica and Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, the most stiring paens to Liberty have been cobbled from personal experience and pain by black-and-white Americans from Frederick Douglass and Thomas Paine  to the Roosevelts and JFK (Ted Sorensen).

But an old friend has called me to monitor a video clip of a Seattle "protest" in which a woman who claims to be a "preschool" specialist educator  screams F-bombs and calls for mass murder including a presidential assassination.
And she does it with apparent impunity. 

We who retain a smidgen of sanity can of course, click this mierde off and make a stab at sanitizing our memories and souls.

But the fact is that knowing that multiples of this evil are abroad is instructive to our safety.
Let us  hope that this woman and everyone who shares her vehemence will continue to "protest" in like fashion, and with regularity.

According to surveys published before and after these indelicate events, our side (SANITY), gains adherents, even from her "side"  (the would-be murderers') as they  loses with every such profane, inhuman  "protest" !! 

Crying jags and   Pelosi  pleas  that a colleague misrepresent himself as a Muslim have no effect at all. Apparently decency still "rules" in our nation.  But decency alone will not save us from ignorant butchers.