Friday, August 05, 2016

Two Whistle Blasts

On the same day that a blogger named  Gerard Perry asked the "Western" world what price it is willing to play for what its dizzy activists call "vibrant diversity"--- Milwaukee Sheriff  Richard Clarke and former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani stepped up and accused not just the present White House but the entire Democrat Party with being "pro-criminal" !

Let's look at those  two sociopolitical statements with the  understanding that life is not "fair" and that especially in the 21st century things do NOT  come out "even".
There are some exciting facts available if we turn over the rocks underneath the rocks that have been turned over haplessly.
We have been the beneficiaries of wisdom from "modern" American feminists now for about 50 years,   even though they lost sight of the suffragettes and the ax- wielding women of the WCTU who got alcoholic beverages outlawed in 1920. Our society is resplendent with an array of power shifted beyond the dreams of a mere  ERA militant.
Just one small--- but oh-so-important gauge of the shattered glass ceiling is the apparent total demise of the male news anchor... A revolution is swiftly gaining impetus at the Pentagon. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are definitely in the cross-hairs, so to speak..
Yet the supporters of this breathtaking liberating movement that juices up the economy and society apparently have no time to consider the inhuman and brutally bloody circumcision of little girls practiced by our imported (illegally and legally) "vibrantly diverse"  terrorist  refugees.
There is no raging outcry against the apparently sacred selling of prepubescent girls into sexual slavery. There is no widespread damning  of the butchering of one woman wearing a T-shirt and shorts by six Burqa- clad women from a mosque.  Where is the fire of a Betty Friedan or a gritty Germaine Greer ? Is rape by an Allah-chanting Islamic terrorist less nasty and more acceptable than rape by a white Yale sophomore ?
It's time someone asked.  And it's also time the print, TV, and Internet mass media outlets exposed the brutality toward women and old people being wrought by Somali and Syrian Islamic refugees in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany and much of Eastern Europe. Is it not troubling or important that many of these near-fatal stabbings are whitewashed or  "tolerated"  because they are named "religious" acts ?

It could not be that this generation of feminists is more interested in pushing politically correct dogma and race baiting than the banner of equal justice and equal treatment for women, could it ? 
Maybe  there are some clues, and Sheriff Clarke has found them.

The Democrat party is leading the demand that felons or former convicts  should have their voting rights restored.  Legalizing drugs is in the forefront of Democrat policy.  We have the drama of a political party that claims to represent half the population recurrently siding with scofflaws and thugs against professional law enforcement.
The rot is especially evident in Chicago where the city administration just steps out of the way and allows a portion of the citizenry on the South Side to kill each other at random every  weekend.
And in Baltimore, and irrational vengeful mayor and prosecutor tried to persecute a coterie of police officers in the wake of the death of a crack dealer.  But in all the police trials that were held the policemen were found not guilty of anything in the death of  the drug dealer in the paddywagon.  Spurious charges were dropped in cases of three.
It becomes obvious that Sheriff Clarke is on to something.  When any portion of the citizenry dances, laughs and celebrates in the aftermath of a law enforcement officer being gunned down, we don't just have a problem.  We apparently have a political feast for latter-day plantation overseer Democrat connivers.  Pretty soon now, it will be not a big deal, but yawn time.
After that, the Abyss.